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Rating: PG-13 Summary: Its not easy being the one nobody knew about until you came, that's what it is like for Paige. She is forever in the memory of Prue's shadow; She doesn't feel like one of them, A Charmed One. Its coming up to the three year anniversary of Prue's death and Paige is feeling particularly miserable, but she must put her misery aside because as always there are demons to vanquish and spells to write. It is not until something terrible happens to Paige that realises that she is indeed a Halliwell and She is one of them. Author: Queen-Misift-01

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Paige Matthews Sat at the breakfast bar trying to read the paper but her niece Patty get turning the pages when she had only just started at the top.

"Patty sweetie, why don't you go find Mommy?" Paige said trying not to get annoyed with the child.

"Nope", came Patty's reply.

"Ok How bout you go find Daddy", Paige tried. Patty shook her head, Her brown pigtails flying at the same time.

"Nu-huh". "Wyatt, Uncle Leo, Aunt Piper?" Paige asked slowly.

"Nopes, I wants to stay with you!" Patty cried. "Yay!" Paige said half heartedly scanning the job section of the paper.

"Whatcha doin?" Patty wondered.

"Reading", Paige told her.


"Because I am".

"Whys?" "Patty sweetie, Aunt Paige doesn't feel like playing the whys game today", Paige said to her.

Patty frowned, "Aunt Paige doesn't feel like ever playin, Aunt Paige sad", She said touching her aunt's face.

"Aw Sweetie no no I'm not, its just Aunt Paige is tired and she needs to rest that's all", Paige said as Phoebe and Piper came into the room.

"Mommy!!" Patty screeched throwing herself at Phoebe as if she hadn't seen her in days. "Hey Baby you having fun with your Aunt Paige?" Phoebe asked as Patty touched her earrings. "Nopes she is being borin", Patty declared.

Piper raised an eyebrow, "She is probably busy Patty that's all", She said glancing at her sister who was frantically writing something down.

"Patty why don't you go see Daddy, and ask him to take you, Wyatt and Uncle Leo for a ice-cream", Phoebe said placing Patty down onto the floor.

Patty's eyes widened " Really ice-cream, with sprinklies?" She wondered.

"Yes with sprinklies too, bring some back for me and your aunts", Phoebe called as a contented Patty ran off to her father.

Both Phoebe and Piper walked towards Paige, "Paige, hunny you got a sec?", Phoebe asked. Paige looked up, "Uh sure I do". "Good cause we need to talk", Piper said loudly.

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