Before I begin I have a note.

Jack's last name is Hall because his surename was never mentioned in the movie.

I don't own Mary Poppins Returns or any of it's characters.

Chapter One

A few months after Mary Poppins left the Banks' house for the second time, Jack and Jane got married. The next year they welcomed Melody Kate Hall into their lives. Melody was told stories about the magical nanny Mary Poppins. For all of her ten years, Melody yerned to meet her.

Jane still protested for the working class of London. Jack continued his work as a lamplighter. Neither of them could guess what would happen.

Jane was at another rally, when a crowed of (probably drunk) men came running into the scene. They started to attack the protesters. Jane and Jack were among them. But Jane and Jack were separated.

A man grabbed Jane and stated beating her with a stick. Jane screamed at the pain, but refused to go down without a fight. But before she could give the man a back eye, he threw her agisted a brick building. There was an awful cracking noise. When Jane looked down she found her leg was bent in a strange way. She hated the sight. She started to feel dizzy and faint. Jane cringed when she looked up to see the man with his stick poised to strick her.

"No!" Jack screamed running towards the man.

He knock the man over. The man seemed to be unconscious. Jack knelt by his wife.

"Are you alright, Jane?" Jack questioned.

Jane could only groan in reply. Jack scopped her up and carried her to the nearby hospital. He brought her to a nurse. After Jane was taken away to be examined, Jack took to pancing in the waiting room.

Jack could only hope.

"Uncle Mike, when do you think Mummy and Daddy will be home?" Melody asked her uncle.

It had been almost two hours since the protest. Melody wasn't patient. She had been sitting at the table, taping her figures on the table and sighing. Michael was at the table reading the paper. Annabel, John and Georgie were around the Parlor, doing other various things.

"I don't know anymore, Ellie," Michael answered, "And, for the last time, please don't call me Mike."

"They should of been home hours ago!" John exclaimed.

Melody sighed. "I know Johnny! Maybe they've decited to abandon me and run away to Russia!"

There was a frantic knock at the door. Annabel got up to answer it, while Melody followed her. Annabel opened the door.

"Daddy!" Melody exclaimed, running into his arms for a quick hug.

"Ellie... Mummy... " Jack panted, "Mummy... Got hurt..."

"What! " shouted Melody.

"Would you like to sit down Uncle Jack?" Annabel wondered.

Jack shook his head. "Tell your father Jane got attacked at the rally. I'd better be at the hospital." He turned to leave.

"Daddy? " Melody whispered.

He turned around. "Yeah, Bubby?"

"Will Mummy be okay? " she asked.

"Your Mummy' s a strong woman. She'll be fine," Jack assured her.

On the way to the hospital, Jack wondered if Jane was going to be okay.

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