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chapter 1: remix

setting: the entrance of maze castle

Yusuke Urameshi has just been assigned by Botan and Koenma to go to maze castle to stop the Makai insects, and of course followed by Kuwabara, *sigh *, b/c he wanted to "impress" Botan.the friggin' weirdo.onward now! ^_^

Yusuke: Whoa this place is pretty dreary. I guess the guy who live here has no sense of good taste at all.

Kuwabara: Stop the jokes Urameshi. I feel evil approaching.

{A WHOLE BUNCH OF EVIL SHADOW GHOULS POP OUTTA NO WHERE AND START ATTACKING OUR HEROES!!!!! THE HORROR!!! *looks around nervously * hehehe. sorry I got carried away }

Kuwabara: WHAT IS THIS CRAP!!!


{then two lights appear from above (sounds like gods coming from the heaven of something) and Kurama and Hiei appear and the shadow ghouls disappear b/c of the light}

Hiei: If the two were already having trouble with these weaklings then we're gonna have a lot of problems

Kurama: *smiles * (awwww I think I'm gonna faint *faints *)

(but hey ho' what is this!!! {two other lights come from above, this is de ja vu, and then 2 girls appear}) Kurama: And who are these young ladies?

Lady #1: HI!!! Name is Ayame (it means iris)

[Definitions!!!!! Iris- any of numerous plants of the genus Iris, having narrow sword-shaped leaves and showy, variously colored flowers]

Lady #2: And my name is Kimi (it means maple leaf, I think maple leaves are so pretty.)

Ayame: Koenma sir sent us here to help you guys ^_^

Kimi: And don't think us as weaklings just b/c we're girls ^_~

Kuwabara: Too late

Ayame: WHAT DID YOU SAY!!! *grabs him by the collar *

Kuwabara: HEY!!! *starts squirming around * get off of me!!!!

Kimi: You better stop Ayame. Koenma didn't send us here to cause trouble, just to help Yusuke and Kuwabara to defeat the stupid guy that has the stupid whistle.

Ayame: Yo! I never heard you say stupid before! Well there's always a first time

Yusuke: Do you guys mind and stop talking and lets get started already. Keiko is waiting for me

Hiei: This is going to be just like babysitting.

Kurama: Hmmm indeed

{they make their way into the castle and find this weird one eyed creature thingy majjigy with a REALLY high voice tells them to follow him, it, I don't know what the hell it is!!! But then the ceiling starts the fall down and the gang, that sounds so gay, has to escape!}

Kuwabara: You guys! I don't think I can hold out any longer!!!!!!!!

Kurama: Hiei! You're the fastest out of all of us!!! Can u try to flip the switch on the other side to stop the ceiling?!

Yusuke: I'll use most of my spirit energy to hold up the ceiling just for a little while longer!

Hiei: And what makes you think I'll escape with you guys dead? *smirks * I already promised myself that I'm going to get you back for defeating me.

Yusuke: But you're not the type to do that at this point now are you Hiei?

Hiei: *Smirks *{Hiei starts running but the little eye thingy. riiight is there and talks to him.}

Eye thingy: Why don't you let them die. at least ur alive, they're all worthless creatures compared to you.don't pull the switch.don't pull the switch.

{Hiei stops and turns around to see them, a.k.a Yusuke, Kurama, Kuwabara, Ayame, and Kimi}

Hiei: *Smirks * (okay, is it just me or does Hiei smirk a lil' too much?)

Eye thingy: Hehehe good, and the bolder would have hit u anyways.

{Hiei suddenly gets angry and flips the switch and a HUGE bolder come down and it looks like it hits Hiei.}

everyone: *gasp *

{but then we see hie alive and standing on top of the HUGE bolder and the eye thingy with a cut on his/her/its/thing.eye. Hiei: Tell ur master that we will ALL be coming to him soon

Ayame: *to Kimi * is it just me or do they just totally ignore us?

Kimi: *nods * I mean we could have stopped the ceiling from moving or flipped the switch right then and there.

Ayame: Yup. I feel so unloved.*sniff *

Kimi: -_-0 riiiiiiiiight

Kuwabara: *to Yusuke * hey do u think I'll ever get a girl?

Yusuke: Why are you asking me this? Don't tell me that you like those two girls over there *points behind him *

Kuwabara: Hey!!! I didn't even say that and ur already accusing me.but anyways back to the subject.

Yusuke: Look Kuwabara, just ask one of them out and stop being so corny, just be a gentleman like Kurama and be nice to a girl instead of trying to impress her. and don't u already like Botan? Man, u like too many girls.

Kuwabara: So, so do u!!!

Yusuke: *mumbling * at least I have one.


Hiei: Children, pleaz stop fighting, ur interrupting the adults.

Kuwabara and Yusuke: -_-;;;;;;;;;;;;; right. Kurama: *to Hiei * those ladies.they are extraordinary.I feel a strange power from them, not necessarily spirit energy but something else.

Hiei: Hmmm so you feel it to.

Ayame and Kimi are still rambling about how nobody notices them. o how wrong they are..

Kuwabara walks up to them.

Kuwabara: Ummmmm I was just.err. Ummmmm. wondering if one of you ladies would like to go on a date with me.

The two girls look at each other and then start laughing.. Hysterically


Ayame: Hey no offense but you don't ask ladies out if they're together.that's just totally impolite, maybe sluts are like that but we're not.

Kimi: And second, u treated us like crap back there at the entrance, what do u think we're gonna say?

Ayame: OMG! U said crap. I have to write this down in my notebook. *takes out a note book and starts writing *

Kimi: -_-;;;;;;;;;;;; *sigh *

Ayame: *Closes book * and anyways I have my eyes on someone else. *looks at Kurama and Kurama just o happens to look at Ayame * {they stare unblinking at each other but then kurama breaks it with his dead sexy gorgeous smile and Ayame blushes furiously}

Kimi: And I also have my eyes on someone else *looks at Hiei *

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