I was woken up in the morning, as always. I eventually get off the bed and walk to the bathroom to relieve myself, then taking a relaxing shower for what felt like ages until my body craved for hunger. After putting on some brown yoga pants and a loose pink shirt, since nothing fits me anymore, I slowly walked down the stairs to the kitchen to ease my unending hunger. When I get there, I see my husband already cooking, turning around as he places the food on our plates. "Morning honey, how was your sleep?" He asked. "It was good actually, the first time I actually had a decent rest in months." I said as I slowly seated to the chair, "The food really smells good today, did you put something good in this?" I said jokingly as I took a bite. "Only if you count my love for you my dear." He said as he poured warm tea into my cup. "Only me?" I said as I placed my hand on my belly. "Why of course I would never forget our little one." He said as he placed his ear next to our child, "He's a real sleeper isn't he?" He said as he got up to refill my plate. "I guess so, he needs all the rest he can get." I said as I drank from my tea.

Three hours have passed since I ate breakfast, as I make my way to the living room and open a window to our garden to smell the air. I was always curious about the previous owners of this house as to why they would leave such a beautiful house. The only traces of those owners were the backyard garden they left behind, as their garden depicts a beautiful bed of flowers of a couple holding a child in their arms. I always imagine that the owners looked liked the image in their garden, however the person who sold us this house told us that no one has lived in this house for over fifty-six years. While I brushed off his info at first, I pondered on how the flowers were able to be taken care of if no one was around to take care of them for so long. This has always struck me as strange as I never really thought about it until my husband noticed that we never watered the flowers despite still looking healthy after moving in.

I decide to inspect the flower bed closer to come with an explanation on how the flowers were still thriving. I grab one of the flowers from each of the "people" and place them in a vase to bring them inside. I sat down on the sofa, placing the vase on the coffee table and pondering on how to figure out this mystery. As I grab one of the flowers to bring it closer, I hear a voice coming from the flower. "Mama..." It said. I jumped from my seat as I heard the whisper. "Mama..." It said again. "Hello." I said, "Who is this?" The flower spoke, "It is me mama..." I placed my hand on my belly as I felt a kick, "Are you... my son?" I said. "Yes mama, I can hear you inside here." He said as he kicked again. I cried as I heard my son's voice for the first time, "How can you talk?!" I said as tears fell from my cheeks. "The flowers are magical." He said, "They can let you hear my thoughts." Could this be the reason the flowers survived for so long? I pondered as my husband came inside the house.

"Hello honey, I'm back from the store. I couldn't buy any of those treats you loved as they ran out." He said as he placed the bags on the kitchen table. "Honey, you might not believe me, but I heard our son talk." I said as he looked surprised. "Really! How!" He said as he grabbed my hands. "Listen to this flower." I said as he placed his ear next to the flower. "Hello papa, it's me." Our son said. He placed his hand on our son and he kicked for him. He broke in tears and kissed my cheek. "How is this possible!" He said as he looked at the flower. "The garden is magical." I said.

We told our neighbors about the garden and word soon spread about our magical garden. News media came for interviews about the garden, people came to listen to their unborn children speak for the first time, scientist have studied the flowers and were baffled on how they worked. Soon the flowers were bred to be given to families across the world to experience the magic of the flowers. thirty-five years have passed since the discovery when our grandson found a box buried in the backyard. We opened the box and found a note:

"We never experienced the gift of life, so we spread this gift to those who can."