I enjoyed a peaceful sleep when I was woken up by a sharp pain coming from my stomach area. "Ow!" I said as I uncovered the bed sheets when I saw something that should not be possible, "Wait, I'm pregnant again!" My sudden surprise woke up my husband and adjusted himself to speak to me. "Honey, what's with the surprise? Did the baby keep you up all night?" I tried to process what he said when I saw his face was somehow young again. "Wait right here." I said as I quickly ran to the bathroom to look into the mirror. What I saw confirmed my suspicion, I somehow resembled my younger self before I gave birth to Harvey. "Honey, what's going on! Why are we young again! Why am I pregnant again!" I said as i panicked around the room in my underwear. "Honey what are you talking about?" He said as he went to calm me down, "You probably just had a bad dream."

I eventually managed to calm down and explain everything that had happened in my life. "Wait, so you're saying the flowers in the garden allow people to read the thoughts of babies!" He said as I shook my head furiously, "We need to find out." He said as he grabbed my hand and ran downstairs into the garden without us even getting dressed. "Okay, which flowers are magical." "All of them." I said as he plucked out a flower carefully and we ran back inside. "So how does this work?" He said as the flower started activating. "Hello mama and papa." Our son said as we both gasped in shock. "This must be a dream." He said as we both sat down, "This is not a dream, this is a nightmare. Both of you are trapped in your minds and you have to get out" Out son said as we tried to process what he said.

We both sat there in a stupor feeling for several minutes as we listened to his voice with our senses still heightened by everything. I was still shaken and frightened. "How about we try to wake each other up from this nightmare?" My husband said, "Let's just try to wake up before it gets too bad." He looked around for some idea of what to do, "Alright, let's get ready for our first task." We began getting ready before our son told us that someone was outside our door. A voice came from behind the door and knocked. "Who are you!" I said. "Hello. Please let me in." My son said to not trust her as she approached the door. My husband didn't wait for her hand to make contact as he opened the door with a pole in his hand.

"You rang?" He said. She walked passed him as she put both of her hands on my stomach. "Hello little one, are your mommy and daddy here?" "Yes." Our son answered, "They are here." She was dressed almost like a woman as I could tell her to be. She stood before me wearing a white dress, a dress like no other I have seen in my life at least. She was pretty and yet disturbing at the same time. She walked closer, looking like she was watching me, yet not taking her eyes off my stomach. She gave a smile as she took her hands off me. "Thank you so much little one." She said, and I felt a warm hand against my cheek. She whispered in my ear. "You should start waking up..." I stood still, registering what she had just said. Her voice was calm, teasing, warm, and I couldn't help but feel disgusted at that. She turned her head to look at Oliver. "If you feel like sleeping, then do so." She turned to me, looking at me intently. I looked at Oliver. He was looking at me, expressionless. Before he could say anything, The woman struck me with a fist and I blacked out. "Wake up." Was all I herd before falling unconscious.