The next morning, after Sona woke up from her pleasant dream (that involved Issei and Miyu as part of her Peerage, but she would not admit it to anyone), Sona found one of the Four Great Satan sleeping on her sofa.

Sona blinked and wonder if she was still dreaming.

Nope, she pinched herself to confirm that she was still dreaming and it hurt, meaning she was awake.

Ajuka Beelzebub was sleeping on her sofa! What in the name of Satan was he doing here?!

Sona tried to remember what happened last night after exiting the Mirror World.

Miyu and Issei went back to Hyoudou residence. She went back to her house with Ruby in tow and…

Oh yeah, Serafall decided to talk more with Ajuka and Gil in her living room. Well, technically this house was Sitri residence, so Serafall did not need her permission to use it. But… well, how come it led to Ajuka sleeping on her sofa?

Suddenly the sleeping Satan opened his eyes and woke up, surprising Sona.

"Oh, the Sitri Heiress. Good Morning."

"G-Good Morning, Beelzebub-sama. W-What are you doing here?"

"Since our talk last night ended up really late, when we went to her office and wanted to go back to Underworld, coincidentally the security guard we faced was a newbie who could not be convinced that a pink-frilly-dress-wearing Serafall is the CEO of the corporation that hired him. I did not blame him. If I don't know Serafall as I did, I would not be convinced too. Nevertheless, Serafall offered me to sleep in the guest room, so here I am."

Hold on. There was a jump of logic somewhere there. "She offered you to sleep in the guest room, you said. Why are you on the sofa, then, if you don't mind to explain."

"Really, Sitri Heiress. You are your sister's sister. You should realize already why I don't want to sleep in the same bed as her."

Ah, Sona understood.

Indeed, as Serafall's little sister, she understood what Ajuka meant by that. As a sleeper, Serafall was the type to grab the closest thing to her and gripped it to death. Sona experienced it firsthand when she was little and they slept together.

"If you do not mind me asking, Beelzebub-sama. When did you experience Onee-sama's sleeping death grip?"

"Back in the war."

"Ah," Sona nodded. So, she did it even back then, huh? "I'm sorry."

"No need. No doubt you have it worse as her sister."

There was an awkward silence after that exchange, mostly because Sona didn't know what to say to him. He was, after all, still the leader of her race. What would you say if you suddenly meet the prime minister or president of your country?

The awkward silence was broken by a groan coming from inside the guest room. Oddly enough, Sona knew it was not her sister's voice.

"Uuunggh, phantasmal creature, you are a sadist, aren't you? You knew what was going to happen so you offer me to sleep on the bed with her while you sleep on the sofa. I thought it was strange when you asked to sleep on the sofa and left the bed for me and the other one."

It was the golden Heroic Spirit Gil!

From the sound of it, Ajuka trapped Gil to sleep with Serafall.

"She's the one who insisted that the bed is enough for two people. Being a gentleman I am, I offered it to the woman and the child. What kind of gentleman if I take it for myself when there's someone else who needs it more than me?"

Ajuka said that but personally, Sona thought the small smile on his usually stoic face betrayed his intention.

"You can't lie to me, Old Man." Gil accused while rubbing his body all over trying to soothe the pain he no doubts felt after having all his bones crushed by Serafall.

"Sure, whatever you want to hear."

"Excuse me, Beelzebub-sama, Gil-san, but I am excusing myself because I have school. Please tell Onee-sama I'm sorry that I can't greet her."

Sona left the living room to avoid a potential verbal clash between the two powerful beings.

"So that's what happened this morning," Sona relayed what transpired this morning in her house to her two companions. They were currently on lunch break in school and as usual, the three of Miyu, Issei, and her were eating lunch together. They were eating a lunchbox meal made by Issei's mother (who kindly also made one for Sona even before her parents visited them).

"Y'know, Ajuka-san is so cool. The way he cooly handled Gil's Noble Phantasm is so cool!" There were stars in Issei's eyes. Dare she said it, Issei had found someone to idolize. "He's like the mysterious love interest in the magical girl anime! They also act so coolly!"

What was that comparison? Sona wondered what Ajuka would say if he heard he was compared to an anime character. "Beelzebub-sama is very cool, yes. However, Issei. Remember that he is one of the strongest beings in this world. Please do not bother him too much or else he would get annoyed."

"Do you think he would take me for an apprentice?"

Sona just looked at him flatly. "Where is the book about basic human magic that I lent you? Unless you finish that, I do not think Beelzebub-sama would even take an interest in you."

"Who's saying I'm gonna learn magic under him? No, I want to learn how to be cool on the battlefield like him!"

Sona sighed and looked at Miyu, who shared her look.

"Even if you ask me that, Beelzebub-sama will probably go back to the Underworld today, I think. Too late for you to ask that, Ise-san."

Issei frowned when he realized that she was right. "Last night was such a mess I didn't get to converse with Ajuka-san after the battle."

Sona nodded. Last night was a mess indeed. Fortunately, the end was not a mess thanks to Issei and his quick wit. "Ise-san, what do we need to prepare to face the people from Miyu-san and Gil-san's world?"

"The people who want the Holy Grail…" Issei trailed off after she changed the topic. "Ideally, we enter the training arc, but that kind of development is reserved for shonen anime. Usually, in a magical girl show, the training happened off-screen."

Miyu raised her hand, "What's wrong with training?"

"There's nothing wrong with training, but as I said, usually the training happened off-screen in magical girl show, like, suddenly after an eyecatch, there would be a big announcement saying 'one month later' and they're shown ready to face the strong mid-boss. Ruby, do you think you can also skip our training arc?"

"No can do, no can do. Skipping transformation is one thing. Skipping an entire arc is something else," Ruby replied from behind Sona's head, hidden in her hair.

Issei sighed, "I know right. It was just dumb wishful thinking."

"Why are we even talking about skipping time like it is something doable in real life? This is not a work of fiction, Ise," Miyu looked at Issei with a deadpan stare as she tried to comprehend Issei and Ruby's conversation. "Let's train after school, just like before."

"But where? The clearings we used before?" Sona asked the other two.

"Why don't we use the Mirror World created by Ajuka-san last night? That is, if he's still in your house, Sona-san."

"For one time only? Very well. However, I don't think he will cast the spell every day for us. He is a man of many responsibilities."

The bell rung as they decided to train after school. If Ajuka had gone back to the Underworld when they came home from school, they would use the clearings, otherwise, they would use the Mirror World and ask if he can teach Sona how to create the Mirror World. Between the three of them, Sona was the most magically-inclined, after all. And so, the three of them went back to their class with a clear plan to prepare themselves against the otherworldly invader.

Inside the Dimensional Gap, there was silence. So much silence. No noise. All there was empty space. It was boring. But it was fine, she liked boring. She liked silence. She hated the noise. To be back inside the Dimensional Gap without that idiotic noisy punk red dragon was heaven for Ophis.

Indeed. This was the place she wanted to take back at all costs from Great Red, and yet for some reason, that idiot red gave her her place back.

She was standing between all the passersby who walked around her. Some even stared at her. She did not understand why the human stared at her with such disgust. This was a perfectly reasonable disguise. Oh well, that was not her problem.

She walked towards a park where there was a bench for her to sit. Inside the park, she saw other kids with a similar age to the body shape she had chosen playing in the sandboxes. They had such an expressive face. Some are laughing, some are frowning. Anger, sadness, cry, laugh, fear, courage, those all are expressions Ophis saw as she observed the people in the park. Ophis touched her own human face. Those kinds of expressions… she could not do that as a Dragon. Here she was using her human form, but she found no reason why she should make those kinds of expressions.

Perhaps, she felt anger. Anger towards Great Red for taking her rightful place inside the Dimensional Gap. Anger towards herself for losing to Great Red. Anger towards everyone else because no one was stronger than Great Red and force him out of the Gap so that she could be back there.

And yet, she found none of the muscles on her human face moved.

Perhaps the human disguise she formed was faulty.

Suddenly she felt a familiar power. Familiar scent. Familiar aura. Her face turned towards the source of those familiar feelings, who was approaching her.

For the first time in this human disguise, Ophis found herself frowning in anger.


"Second rate," the one who occupied the Dimensional Gap currently was facing her, also in human disguise. Indeed, despite using a human form whose appearance matched a biker gang with spiky red hair, Ophis would always know that this was Great Red.

"You can use the Dimensional Gap. I'm having fun somewhere else."

To be honest with herself, Ophis was confused. This aura unmistakably was Great Red, however, the Great Red she knew would never leave the Dimensional Gap and conceded it to her out of his own volition. But she would not waste this chance that presented itself.

"You, shall not take it back without force."

"That's fine. After all, if I want to take it back, I can just defeat you again," the human form of Great Red said with a shark-like grin.

For some reason, she found herself feeling annoyed by that cocky statement.

"That' s all. See ya," the punk left Ophis and went back to his bike. With a roar, the bike left the park, leaving her alone with her thought.

In another time, in another place, the Ouroboros Dragon, Ophis would find herself meeting a boy untainted with the supernatural. She would find herself attracted to the sincerity and honesty of the boy, that she ended up feeling. That feeling she felt was care, and it was the first of many things she would feel after she grew close with the boy. But that place was not here and the time was not now.

After that, Ophis went back to the Dimensional Gap only to find it empty of Great Red, just as he promised. So, she took it for herself just like what Great Red said to her.

It had been several days since she came back, and she really cherished the silence she took for granted before.

Yes. Silence is peace.

Her ears picked up something.

"Honestly Angelica, this place is so big, why don't we just skip straight to the dimension where it resides and called it quits?"

"Beatrice. How to traverse this dimension took ages using our Magecraft to achieve. Julian-sama held back from researching other important things just because we have to get the Holy Grail. It is better to not leave any bad feelings between our world and the resident of this place. Julian-sama said he saw the Wizard Marshall and a big red dragon fighting when he took a small peek. We have to keep our relationship cordial."

Two figures. Ophis saw two figures floating inside a spatial sphere that protected them from the Dimensional Gap.

Ophis frowned. Here she was basking in the silence, and two figures were skulking in her territory. Was it why that idiotic red dragon was leaving it to her? Next time they meet, she would pound his head hard.

"Noisy," she muttered. But her mutter was enough for the two figures to take notice of her.

"Oi, what big red dragon, Angelica? This little girl?"

"Shut up, Beatrice." The human referred to as Angelica then spoke to her politely. "Greetings, we are sorry to intrude, but we have the intention to cross to your world. May you grant us passage?"

Ophis looked at the two of them. One was certainly polite, while the other did not know her place. She did not miss the way the short one dismissed her presence and compared it to that idiot red dragon.


"That's not-"


With a single name-call, the polite one shut the short one up.

"We wish to regain our possession that was lost and thrown into your world. We promised you we won't ever bother you again if we get what we wanted now."

"I, see. You, may."

The polite one nodded as Ophis opened a portal to exit the Dimensional Gap.

"Come on, Angelica. Let's not waste any time."

"You, may not."

That statement made the two froze.

"What did you just say?" The short one asked with a hint of anger if what Ophis observed from the human was correct.

"The other one, may. You, may not."

"You little-"

Whatever she wanted to say, she was cut off as Ophis looked straight at the short one and release a small part of her power.

"What, little?" Ophis asked as she tilted her head in confusion.

The short one didn't answer.

"Very well, Beatrice. You wait here, or you go back, it is up to you. I shall get her alone."

As the polite one's form disappear after entering the portal, Ophis was left with the short one in the Dimensional Gap.


The short one flinched when Ophis opened her mouth. Despite the flat tone, it was obvious what the word's intention was.

She was not welcomed here any longer.

And so the short one left, and once again, Ophis was the only one left in the quiet Dimensional Gap.


Wait. Did I just create a singular flashback for two of my fics? When I wrote Ophis looking around in a park, that's an image I've had for quite a long time in my mind as it is a backstory for another of my fic. But since i never write it before I ended up using it for this fic lol!