Chapter 2

Odysseus' POV

It was a minute before we entered the boss room on floor 75 when I noticed that Kirito and Asuna were her so I asked em' where the little girl was. Then she started to tear up a little bit so naturally I knew something bad happened so I said "Never mind its not worth the pain I know is in your heart at this moment."

"Thanks man I appreciate you not digging into it." Said Kirito.

"Hey man I know emotional pain when i see it and your wife needs you now more than ever." I told him.

"Alright lets go." I hered Heathcliff say. Even though I'm fighting alongside him there's still something that rubs me the wrong way about him. Its as if the game wont allow much harm to come to him, but hey I've been wrong before.


Finally that damn Skull Reaper is dead!

"So how many did we lose." asked Aggil

"14" replied Kilen.

"Fuck that's 14 too many in my book." I say along side many other replies. Wait a minute why is Heathcliff's healthbar still green hell I'm right next to Kirito when it comes to strength and the two of us are considered to some of the strongest players in Aincrad. That's when I hered Kirito call him out on being Kyaba. Then that no good son of a bitch Kyaba goes around and paralyzes everyone but Kirito and himself.

Finally after a heated match between the two they and Asuna are all cut down and the game ends.


6 months later I run into this fine ass chick named Kalawarner and boy is she hot. I think I might get me a date with her later tonight so right as I was about to ask she does it for me so I say. "Sure why not I aint got anything planned."

So as I'm walking to my home in Kuoh Japan this wierd girl in some sort of gothic Lolita dress comes up to me and hands me a flyer that your wish will be granted. Once again wierd but okay.

So I get home to my two bed two bath house that my adopted parents left me when they died, may Hades grant them a peacfull rest, I got ready for my date tonight. I called my parents adopted because they found on their doorstep, like with Harry Potter, except they treated me like their own, but anyways I know who my real parents are and they are Artemis and Ares the Greek goddes of the moon and hunt and the Greek god of war. So I went to meat up with my date.

"Hello my lady." I greet her as I meat up with her at the park near my house.

"Well aren't you quite the charmer." She says back and we leave to have our date in town starting with shoping then moving to eating in a dinner then ending in the park at the fountain ( I know that was from the show but i couldn't think of any thing so please dont be mad at me) where she skewers me through the chest with a spear of light then flys off laghing her ass off. Ooooooooh I'm going to kill that bitch! I just wish I saw this coming.

"I see your the one who summoned me here i can help you if you join me." A seductive and beautiful voice said from outside of my feild vision.

"I'll do what ever it takes to make that bitch pay for stabing me in the chest." I say barely conscious from pain. But she mistook me for a dieing mortal boy oooh boy shes in for a big surprise when she finds out I'm the son of the virgin goddess and the god of war. Not to mention that I have my own sacred gear that i my self made called the quintupler you see it's kind of like the the boosted gear except it quintuples your curent power level every 20 seconds.