AN: hey guys so I've been thinking about doing a Harry Potter and red hood crossover. This is an excerpt from fourth year. If you guys like it then I'll start working on it as soon as I can.

Jason was on lunch break in the courtyard he was just listening to the sounds of nature, when he heard someone having difficulty breathing. He opened his eyes and saw padma coming towards him. "Oh my gosh padma what happened?" He asked feeling fear rise up inside him.

what happened to Parvati? How did padma end up in this condition? Before he had a chance to ask her, padma said. "Parvati and I were walking when some slytherin jumped us and took us to the shrieking shack." She tried to hide her arms. She didn't want to look weak in front of Jason. He was her sisters boyfriend and didn't like it when his family or friends were hurt.

Jason grabbed her arms and she winced in pain . Jason looked and saw burns and cuts on her arms. "Come with me." He said. He took her to the gryffindor common room then went upstairs to the boys dorm. Seamus came down and saw padma and said. "How did you get in here?" "I let her in." Jason said failing to hide his anger. "If you have a problem with that let me know. I'll be glad to kick you out." Seamus left, probably the smartest thing for him to do. Jason turned back to padma and had some cloth and a red box in his hand . He put the red box on a table and sat padma down in a chair and began putting ointment on her arms. Then he began wrapping them with the bandages.

How could someone who can be so violent when necessary, be so nice without even trying. After he'd wrapped her arms up in the cloth he said. "It will probably be a good idea to go and see madam pomfrey when you get the chance." Then he said "follow me." He led her to the roof. When he got there he dusted off a suit of armor pulled some vines off of it and pushed a panel on its back. The suit of armor opened up and Jason walked inside and the suit closed up on him. He stepped back from the edge and shook any remaining debris off the suit. Then two spikes popped up from his head and he pulled something from his his side. He opened it up and it was a red bat insignia. He put it into a hole on the suits chest and twisted it till it locked into place.

"OH MY GOSH!" Padma yelled. "YOU'RE BATMAN!" "Sshhh." Jason said in a metallic voice. "But don't go telling people." "I won't." She promised. Jason walked to the edge of the roof and said. "Now go see madam pomfrey." And he jumped of the edge.

Parvati was tied to a chair in the shrieking shack. She prayed that Jason didn't find out she hoped that the slytherin guys that took her just got bored and left. She hoped that padma went to madam pomfrey and not Jason like the slytherin had told her to. Then there was a knock on the door. "Oh no." She said. "Who is it?" A slytherin asked. The door shattered off the hinges and she heard a metallic voice say: "pain."

Jason walked into the shrieking shack and saw Parvati in the middle of re room tied to a chair. Her eyes were puffy like she'd been crying. Jason spin kicked and sent a slytherin outside via the back wall. Then he began to deliver many brutal punches and kicks to the remaining slytherin. After he was done he counted all of them. "New personal best." He said out loud. "20 to one odds. I like em." He untied Parvati and walked her back to the school."

AN: like I said this is just a snippet. If you like it let me know and I'll get started on it.