AN: here is an idea for about four years after the battle of hogwarts. Enjoy.

Dick opened the door to Jason's flat and said. "Come on bro, we are going to get so drunk that we pass out and wake up somewhere we don't know, probably get into a fight and regret ever going out."

Dick didn't hear anything. "Jason?!" He asked alarmed.

He began looking around Jason's flat and found his younger brother on the floor with a empty potion bottle a few inches from his hand.

"JASON!" Dick yelled. "Someone! Help!"

A woman came into Jason's flat. "Oh no." She said. "What's happened?"

"I don't know." Dick said. "We were supposed to go get drinks tonight, but I found him like this. He's my brother, please help."

The woman called the hospital and they sent an ambulance.

"Has anything been out of the ordinary?" Dick asked.

"He's had terrible nightmares lately." The woman said. "He told me that it was nothing, but I'm a counselor, and something is very wrong. You have to see some stuff or go through some stuff to get nightmares that bad."

"Anything in particular?" Dick asked.

"He has been shouting names." The woman said.

"What are they?" Dick asked.

"Uh Fred, padma, Parvati, serious, lupin, Tonks. Those are the ones that I heard. Lately he's been shouting Fred." The woman said. "I'm Tina by the way."

"I'm dick." Dick said. "You can call me rick or Richard if you want.

By that time the ambulance got there and the paramedics came in and put Jason on the stretcher.

When they were at the hospital duck called Bruce.

Wayne manor: England.

Alfred picked up the phone and said. "Wayne manor, may I ask who's calling?"

"Alfred." Dick said. "It's dick."

"Ah, Master dick..." Alfred began.

"Alfred." Dick said. "I'm sorry to be disrespectful but it's Jason."

"What's wrong with master Jason?" Alfred asked startled.

"He tried to commit suicide." Dick said.

"We'll be right over." Alfred said and hung up the phone.

At the hospital.

Bruce and Alfred found dick. "What happened!" Bruce demanded.

"I'm not sure." Dick said. "His neighbor said that he was having nightmares."

The nurse came out to them and said. "Todd."

Alfred, bruce, And dick walked to the nurse and Bruce said. "What is it doctor?"

"He's stabilized." The nurse said. "Have you seen the scars on his body?"

They looked at each other and back at her.

"No." The trio said in unison.

"Is it from physical activity?" Dick asked.

"Not unless he carved the words 'worthless' And 'useless' into himself." The nurse replied.

The trio pushed passed the nurse and went into Jason's room.

"Close the door." Bruce told dick.

Dick closed the door, and Bruce walked over to Jason's bed and grabbed his chart.

"It says that he has scars on the majority of his torso." Bruce read.

Alfred pulled the covers back and pulled Jason's shirt up.

"There are cuts, Burns, and actual chunks missing from his torso." Alfred said.

"And his hands?" Dick asked.

"They Indeed have the words 'worthless' and 'useless' carved into them." Alfred said white hot fury overcoming him.

Jason opened his eyes. And Alfred said. "Good morning."

Bruce walked over to him and said. "Are you okay?"

Jason nodded, he was lying, he was so far from okay.

"Good, now what were you thinking!?!" Bruce scolded. "Why were you trying to kill yourself, what is wrong with you."

A floodgate of emotion broke through Jason's defenses and Jason yelled. "I'm sorry that my mom left me at the age of three! I'm sorry that my stepmom died and my dad left at age six! I'm sorry that I was abandoned and left to die at age six! I'm sorry that I nearly starved for three years! I'm sorry that the guy who was supposed to protect me on the street was an evil jerk! I'm sorry that I tried stealing your wheels to sell for food! I'm sorry that I went to hogwarts at age eleven! I'm sorry that I I almost died at age twelve! I'm sorry that I was put in Azkaban at age thirteen! I'm sorry that I was beaten within an inch of my life at age fourteen! I'm sorry that I was tortured and expelled for doing the right thing at age fifteen! I'm sorry that I tortured and killed Delores umbridge at age sixteen! I'm sorry that I saved hundreds of witches, wizards, and muggles at age seventeen! I'm sorry that I fought in a war at age seventeen! Im sorry that My friends died in that war! I'm sorry that I wasn't there to protect my girlfriend when she needed me there to do so! And most of all, I'm sorry that I am such a failure to your name!"

Alfred And dick grabbed Bruce and dragged him out of the room.

Out in the hall.

"How dare you!" Alfred yelled. "How dare you yell at your son he's been in the deepest depths of hell for his entire life! The last thing that he needs is to ty think that his father finds him a failure! Now get back in there and apologize to him before I kick your arse back to Gotham city.

Bruce hung his head in shame, and walked back into the room.

Back in the room.

"Jason." Bruce said. "I'm so sorry. I had no idea what had really happened to you. I knew what had happened to you, but I didn't realize the till that it took. I don't deserve your forgiveness, but I'll ask for it anyway."

Jason looked at him and said. "It's okay dad."

Bruce felt tears roll down his face.

AN: I may or may not use this. I don't know if everything that Jason apologized for will happen, but there is only one way to find out.