AN: this is an excerpt from year four. Hope you like it.

Jason landed hard on the ground, he hit hard enough to make the air leave his lungs.

He looked up, he saw Harry on his back and Cedric Diggory offering his hand to help him up.

"Avada kedavra." A voice said.

Jason changed into his animagus form and crawled around to get to Harry. But when he got to Harry someone was already there and Jason slunk to the shadows and changed back.

Jason grabbed a blade from his utility belt and went to attack the stranger.

The stranger pulled his wand and pushed Jason and Harry against statues that moved their arms down locking them into place.

"There. That ought to hold you." The stranger said before looming over cedrics body.

"Don't touch him!" Harry yelled.

The stranger walked over to him and held a finger to his mouth. Then the stranger put a burlap bag that smelled like decayed flesh and vomit over Jason's head. It took all of Jason's willpower not to puke or pass out.

Jason heard what sounded like fire and a cauldron, along with some dropping into the cauldron. Was the stranger making soup?

Then he heard a knife leaving its sheath and Jason readied himself and when he heard the stranger come closer he kicked out just to have his legs hit down and they hit the statue hard. He gritted his teeth against the pain. Then he heard the knife cut flesh and Harry cry out in pain.

The stranger took the bag off his head and said. "You will be the first two people to witness Voldemort's rebirth."

Jason spit on the strangers face and the stranger took his mask off to reveal pasty white skin, green hair, scars on his face to reveal a cruel smile augmented by red face paint, and eyes that were so dark and cruel that they peered into Jason's very soul.

Jason began hyperventilating and the stranger who was a stranger no longer said. "You're Wayne's second boy, aren't ya?"

Then the joker pulled his wand out and touched it to his forearm where a tatoo of a snake slithering out of a skeletons mouth was.

In a matter of minutes two dozen death eaters were gathered around. And a pale white body crawled out of the cauldron and fell to the floor before standing again.

Jason got a full look at the person and didn't know whether to pity him or vomit.

Harry was groaning in pain and Jason held his hand out, and said. "Accio wand." Jasons wand came flying to his hand and he put it in Harry's mouth and said. "Bite down, it will help a little bit."

Harry bit down on Jason's wand and it gave him something to do rather than think about the pain.

"Look." Voldemort said. "The boy who lives needs a pain killer."

Laughter broke out among the death eaters and Jason said. "Hey look Harry. It's a bunch of jocks who feel that they need each other's company to remember the glory days."

For whatever reason that made Voldemort angry. "Crucio!" Voldemort said pointing his wand at Jason.

Jason felt like he was being hit with a crowbar all over again, then it mercifully stopped.

"Talk down to your betters again boy!" Voldemort snapped poison dripping from his words. "And I'll use the cruciatis curse on you until you are no better than the longbottoms."

That filled Jason with holy fire. "Screw you moldy warts!" Jason said daggers dripping from his voice. And he threw some hydrochloric acid pellets at him.

The joker stepped in between Voldemort and Jason and created a shield that the acid bounced off it and hit some of the death eaters who promptly fell on the ground and began burning from the acid.

"You dare use a muggle weapon against me!?!" Voldemort shouted.

"Screw you!" Jason shouted and threw some basilisk throwing knifes and the joker deflected them into some more death eaters, how died within seconds.

"That's more like it." Voldemort said. "Cursed objects."

"Basilisk throwing knifes, you two bit hooker!" Jason snarled.

"That's even better." Voldemort said. "If you weren't a mud blood I would recruit you. But since you are, I'm afraid that I will have to kill you."

Jason spit at Voldemort and joker deflected it into the face of another death eater, and said. "Crucio."

The pain was so intense that Jason blacked out until it stopped, and by then Harry was being forced to duel Voldemort.

Jason said. "Accio wand." He was so weak that even grabbing his wand was a chore.

Jason pointed it at the joker and said. "Avada kedavra."

Joker smacked the spell into an unsuspecting death eater and said. " your a fighter, I respect that." And he licked his lips. "But put your wand away and leave it put up. Next time I'll kill you."

Jason's arm dropped to his side and he admitted defeat. There was nothing he could do.

Then there was an explosion of magical energy and both Harry's and Voldemort's wands connected somehow.

Smoke pellets exploded and two figures dropped into the cloud.

The sounds of blows landing were heard then Jason was released from the statue and Harry grabbed hold of Jason and dragged him over to cedrics body before yelling. "Accio portkey."

They disappeared in a flash of blue light and the last thing Jason saw was Batman and dick covering their escape.

AN: so I may use this I may not. I liked the idea of this taking place and hopefully you like how I portrayed it.