On a planet made completely of metal that's called cybertron a mech that looked like part beast came rushing into a metal workshop .

"how was your day brother" asked solus prime

"Me and my mate morninglight, finally has a son from Primus that we have been praying for sister" onyx prime said in a hurry.

Solus replied "really when can you let me see him, when can you bring him home and what is his name." jumping up and down.

Onyx prime said "His name is going to be starlight and I will let you see him when I can bring him home but I don't know when.

"I'm going to make him a necklace for now we will see as he gets older if he's anything like his uncle he may like some weapons but that can't wait till later." solus prime said back

Onyx prime said "I think he will like that his colors are black and white, with dark and light blue and lastly grey." a little unsure the soon to be dad asked"What kind of weapons and how many?"

Solus replied "I'm just thinking about a couple of them one will be a shield, hammer and maybe a sword that only he can wield. so what do you think brother?"

Onyx prime said "I think he will like them but..."

Solus interrupted him and said "Don't worry the sword will not be as powerful as the star saber but starlight will be the only one that can wielded it."

"That's good for now, how is your sparkmate doing sister?" onyx said ( sparkmate's it's like marriage only for lifelong.)

"He's good, we're trying for a sparkling but time will tell." Solus said

Time skip three months later starlights coming home (cybertronians lives are really long so three months are like three days to us this is where Megatronus betrayed his brothers.

Onyx pov

After three months I finally got to bring my son home but in the months.

megatronus has started to get more violent I'm afraid that if he does something that I will have to send my son off world for his own safety, Megatronus has started getting jealous of starlight but I hope I'm wrong.

I walked into Solus's work shop carrying My little starlight, he was sleeping in my arms. He was so cute.

"Hey sister do you think you pull yourself away from your work for a little bit." I said.

Solus said "why, I have work to do?"

"Well I just thought you wanted to see your nephew but if you're busy i'll come back some other time." I said knowing the reaction I would get.



Wait for it.


"What! he's here already why didn't you tell me i just finished His gifts." Solus said with excitement in her voice.

"Sister be quite starlight is sleeping which is why i need a favor sister." I said

"Oh and what would that be?" Solus prime asked

"I need you to make me something for starlight." Onyx said.

"Oh what." Solus replied

"A pod that travel through space, i fear that megatronus has been getting more violent so just in case I want you to make him that. Onyx said

"Ok i will, oh and here is his necklace and it is simple a string of gold with gray and dark blue predacon symbol and with a black and light blue prime symbol on it and for starlights colors his hammer is mostly gray and black with a little bit of dark and little blue on his shield and sword looks the same." Solus said

The next day

We walked into solus's worked shop and Megatronus started destroying everything he was trying to find something and solus trying to fight him off

Solus saidv onyx get over here megatronus is trying to get starlights gifts.

"This is what I feared would happen where's starlights gifts i asked

Solus said "in starlight's pod."

"Where is his pod?" i asked

"Over there onyx!" solus yelled.

I had to get starlight into his pod and keep him away from Megatronus.

The last thing I said to him was "wherever you go I'll will always be close". I closed the pod with starlight still sleeping.

I watch as my little star pod went into space

Then I turned to fight the battle solus had been hurt and me and Megatronus got into a sword lock.

I asked "why did you go after my son's gifts."

Megatronus said "your son has powerful gifts and I must have it and when you die I will make your son kneel before me brother".

I replied "that is never going to happen starlight will stop you, you lost the right to call me brother when you came after my son and hurt your sparkmate from now on you are the fallen."

We broke the sword lock and Megatronus was a little bit faster and stabbed me in the side but before he killed me the another primes come and arrested him.

Solus died and become the well of allsparks

Normal pov

"Before we banish you to space is there anything you have to say" prima said

Megatronus said "yes Onyx I will find your son one day and I will never stop looking for him and he will kneel before me I will take his gifts than i kill him with them."

Scene change outer space.

Thanks to Vector prime time traveling powers Starlight's pod traveled to the 2000s to start his new life

Tell me what you think hopefully it's better than last time

edited this june 1 2021

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