Chapter 1: The rebirth of the Turbo toilet 2000.

One day outside a Laboratory in Megatron's fortress, Fishface, Rahzar, Tiger Claw, and plankton were waiting for professor poopypants to finish whatever he was doing.

Rahzar: "Aww, what's taking that stupid professor so long?"

Tiger claw: "Patience Bradford, you can't rush a professors work."

Plankton: "Oh whatever! My old computer wife Karen interrupted me all the time, but I was always able to finish my inventions."

Just then, professor poopypants stepped out of the slide opening doors of the laboratory.

Professor Poopypants: "Alright, you may step in now my fellow subjects."

Fishface: "Okay,(gets into his face) but this better not be some sick failure, or I will bite your head off!"

As they stepped inside, they saw a giant robot standing offline against the wall. It had giant metal arms and legs, it had spikes on it's round shoulders and it's eyes were closed like it was asleep. And most of all, it mostly looked like…..a giant toilet.

Professor poopypants: "I present to you…..Za turbo toilet 2000!"

Fishface, Rahzar, Tiger claw, and plankton stared at the metal giant in absolute silence….Then fishface, Rahzar, and plankton burst into laughter.

Fishface, Rahzar, and plankton: "BWA-HA-HA-HA!"

Rahzar:(Wipes away a tear) "He-he, You made a giant robot….out of a toilet!?"

Plankton: "Even I've never invented anything that crazy."

Professor poopypants and Tiger claw looked towards the 3 laughing goons with unamusement. Then professor poopypants decided to teach them a lesson.

Professor poopypants: "You wanna laugh, aye?"

Then he pulled out a little clicker and pressed a little purple button on it bringing the robot to life.

The eyes of the turbo toilet 2000 burst open with blood red veins. Fishface, Rahzar, and plankton surprisingly gasped while seeing this. Then the turbo toilet 2000 raised its giant metal foot, and pulled a hard kick at fishface sending him shooting like a baseball out of the lab.

Fishface:(calls from outside) "I'm okay!"

Professor poopypants, Rahzar, Tiger claw, and plankton looked back up at the turbo toilet 2000 with amazement. Even tiger claw seemed impressed by its actions.

Tiger claw: "Very impressive Professor P., we shall let you test this machine however you want."

Professor poopypants: "Indeed, and I shall use it to destroy those puny heroes ONCE AND FOR ALL!"

To be continued.