Well, this is it. The last chapter, this surely took forever to do. However, before we continue, let me answer a few questions.

-To vincentberkan (Chapter 5): Clever eye ya got there. Indeed the kid that slapped the Marra was a reference to Your Own Massive Nightmare. Heck if you want to, you can tell birby6 that I referenced his story.

-To Marius Wales (Chapter 1): Yes, this is indeed based off of the whole werewolf scenario.

-To Guest (Chapter 4): Would the idea work? I'm not so sure. It might work as an episode for the show but we'll have to wait until 2020 to find out. As for it being in the comics, that's sorta unlikely given that Pearson is working on a new book.

And with all those questions answered, enjoy Hilda and the Deerfox Curse Chapter 6: The Last Night.

Chapter 6

The Last Night

The morning sun had already passed, and Hilda having already returned to her neutral state is simply looking out the window while breathing a short sigh.

"You seem to be up early." said a tiny voice

"Alfur, you're back. How is the cure going?" Hilda asked, hoping the elf had some good news.

"Well the cure is going well. Although I had to go through town in order to perform it," the elf stated, "Luckily, it's almost complete and should be ready before sunset."

"That's great to hear. And thanks for helping." said Hilda

"Anytime Hilda, to be honest I don't think any of us were expecting to deal with a situation like this. Except this is you that we're talking about and we know how adventurous you are." Alfur replied

Before continuing, a yawn was heard that caught the two's attention. Noticing that it was Twig, Hilda began to pet his head which left the deerfox in a satisfied mood.

"Guess this'll be the last day you'll be able to understand what I'm saying huh." the creature said

"It seems that way Twig, it was fun while it lasted though. Even if we didn't speak that much."

Twig nodded in reply as both knew that he was right, with the curse and looking for a cure, not that much conversations seemed to happen between the two. But as Hilda was about to get going, her mother soon came out of her room.

*Yawn* "Good morning." said Johanna, with a tired look still showing on her face.

"Morning mum. Alfur said that he was able to make a cure and that it's almost complete." said Hilda

"That's great to hear." Her mother replied while making a cup of coffee before beginning to take a sip.

However, before she could take a sip a sudden rang was heard from the nearby phone. Hilda quickly went over to pick up as nobody was expecting a call.

"Hello?" she quietly asked

"Hilda? Is that you?" replied the revealing voice that was David

"Oh, hi David. Why exactly are you calling me?" the girl questioned

"Well me and Frida just were wondering if you wanted to do anything before you're cured tonight." David responded.

"Sure. I'll be bringing Alfur with me as he said that he has the cure almost ready."

"That's great to hear, we'll be there in a few minutes. said another voice revealing to be Frida

The other line soon disconnected, once putting the phone back Alfur seemed to have everything ready as Hilda noticed that he was in her hair already.

"Looks like we can head out now." she said to which the elf nodded in response.

A few minutes later, the two exit out of the house and begin their little walk. A few minutes were able to be spared as Frida and David didn't exactly arrive at her house yet.

"Alfur, where exactly is this cure?" Hilda asked

"Well I'd say that it isn't exactly far from here. We just have to walk for a little and we'll be there before you know it."

"I see." the girl replied

"Hilda." Two voices shouted from behind

Hilda noticed that Frida and David managed to arrive. Deciding not to question what took so long, they all decided to continue walking with Alfur leading the three to where he was working on the cure. After walking for what felt like an hour, the group made it to what appeared to be the library. However they weren't going inside as Alfur pointed the three to a nearby corner that was next to the building. In said corner, a little cauldron could be seen with a blue aura coming from the inside.

"Hold on, this is the cure?" Frida had questioned

"Why yes, it is the cure indeed." Alfur responded

The elf despite not having any hands grabbed a nearby bottle and poured the substance from the cauldron into it. When finished, he gave it a couple of shakes before putting it in a bag that he was carrying.

"The cure may be finished but you'll have to wait until sunset in order to use it. Because if you drink it now, then it won't take effect." the elf stated

Eventually, the group soon left the place but weren't sure as to what they should do given that the sun is still shining. However, they were interrupted by a short *ahem* which turned out to be a certain someone from the other night.

"I have a few questions about what happened the other day." said the voice revealing to be Trevor.

"Trevor, what are you doing here? Aren't you usually with your group of friends?" Hilda had asked.

"Usually I am, however my friends are currently busy at the moment." the boy responded.

"Should we tell him?" Frida whispered in David's ear

"Well he did say that he has some questions about what happened last night." David whispered back.

After explaining to Trevor for nearly twenty minutes of everything that has happened for the past couple of says, he seemed to have understand what exactly Hilda was going through.

"And now you're waiting for the sun to set so that you can be cured?"

"Indeed. Also you're not going to tell anyone else about this are you?" Hilda replied before asking with a look of concern.

"Not really. I was mostly the only one that was suspicious while the others weren't." Trevor replied

He would then leave the group to go somewhere else while giving them a thumbs up meaning their secret was safe with him. Eventually, the group while still unsure as to what they should soon do before they decided to just head to a nearby hill and simply rest for a while.

*A few moments later*

Having slept for nearly two hours, no one seemed to realize that it was already the afternoon more specifically it was two in the afternoon.

"Hmm, guess we still have to wait for a while longer…" said Alfur as he began to stretch his arms.

"Well, what should we do to pass the time?" Frida asked

"Maybe we could go looking for bugs. Oh wait, more would simply get in my hair." said David

"What do you think Hilda?" Alfur had asked only to notice that she was doing something else.

When asking Hilda as to what they should do, she seemed to be interested into something else as she had begun to sniff something out which would soon involve her going into the city. Hoping that nobody else gets suspicious, her friends quickly take pursuit and hope their friend is safe.

Back in town once again, Hilda seemed to have caught some sort of smell and wouldn't seem to stop until she had found it.

"Fresh bread, get your fresh bread. Straight from the oven!" said a local baker.

He soon noticed our wandering adventurer and was unsure as to what she was doing.

"Why hello there little girl. Would you care for some bread? Only three dollars per slice."

Hilda didn't exactly respond, instead she just continued to sniff. Eventually she left while taking a slice and putting it in her mouth. What the baker had noticed was that her eyes were closed and probably didn't notice what she was doing.

"Um, little girl, you didn't pay for your-" he stated before being interrupted by Hilda growling at him before running off.

Elsewhere in town, Frida, David, and Alfur were having trouble as to where their friend could possibly be so when they asked if anyone in town knew where Hilda went, they got responses that they didn't exactly expect to hear.

"There was this girl, and she scared off the pigeons when I was simply trying to feed them." Said an old women.

"This girl caused a scratch on my house." Said an angered middle aged man.

"My Great Raven sculpture is scratched and is in ruins! Now what am I going to do!?" Said a little boy before he began to start crying.

Frida and David were starting to worry as to what Hilda could be possibly doing. With it being the last night that she'd change and revert everything back to normal, nobody seemed to expect her to act like this. So they continued their search for their cursed friend with Alfur joining them as he rested on top of Frida earlier.

After spending two more hours of searching, the three eventually found themselves within the woods before noticing Hilda on top of a hill while sitting on a rock, adding a face of sadness as well.

"Hilda? What are you doing up here?" asked Alfur who popped out of Frida's hair.

"More importantly, what happened back in town and why would you do such a thing?" Frida stated shortly after hearing the elf's question.

"I figured you guys would find me eventually. As to why I caused trouble in town, I'm not so sure. My guess is that the effects that I've had just decided to kick in and probably aren't ready to be cured. Sorry if I had you all worried." she said before putting her head down.

"Aw cheer up, we're not worried about anything. The important thing is that you're going to cure this curse and everything will be back to normal." Alfur had stated.

Hilda would soon feel her friends giving her a hug behind the back. She began to feel pleased before joining in on said hug.

"Hey guys, I hate to break up this hug but it seems that the sun might begin setting soon." David stated while pointing his finger towards the sun which alerted the others attention

His friends had taken notice and quickly began to run with David who despite having just gotten up, was doing the best he could to catch up.

After running for what felt like an eternity, they eventually made it back to Hilda's home. And in quick time to as the sun was beginning to disappear. Meanwhile inside, Johanna was sitting on the couch with Twig on her lap as both were waiting for Hilda to come back.

"Hilda, you're back. You didn't happen to have drank the cure yet did you?" she had asked once her daughter had made it inside.

"Sorry mum, we haven't done that yet." Hilda replied.

As Alfur was taking the cure out of his bag and giving it to Hilda, a sudden slap caused her to let it slip out of her hands. Thankfully, Twig managed to grab it in time before it collapsed onto the ground. Turning to see who caused the slap, it revealed to be the Twin Tailed Marra from yesterday and she wasn't exactly pleased.

"You know you can't escape a Marra that easily you know." she said as a smug began to form.

"Uh oh." Said Hilda before she was pushed into the wall.

"Hey, you can't do that to my daughter." Johanna said in anger.

The Marra ignored the mother's response and did the same thing but placing her next to the blue haired girl. Frida and David weren't exactly able to do anything as they were pushed into the wall as well.

"Now give me exactly one good reason why I shouldn't be haunting you in your dreams tonight." she said as her eyes began to glow green.

"Look, our friend here needed a piece of coal for something and we weren't sure how we were going to get it without getting your attention." David explained, while worried that she'd do something to him

"What kind of thing? Was it that transformed state that my group noticed yesterday?"

"Yes actually. If you couldn't notice, I need it for a cure to this curse that I received a few days ago." said Hilda who began to notice that the moon was beginning to rise.

After changing in a field of purple smoke, Hilda was now stuck in her deerfox state.

"And now that me and my friends were able to make a cure, we have until midnight to drink the cure or else I'm stuck like this forever. That's why you shouldn't be haunting me or David here in our dreams tonight." The transformed girl had explained.

The Marra began to wonder as to what exactly she should do. However that thought would soon be thought of as she would let go of everyone, allowing them to get back up.

"Alright kid, you can drink that cure of yours. But don't think I'll haunt your friend here again. I've done it to you and him and I don't mind doing it again." She said before disappearing in a green puff of smoke while leaving a short cackle for a few seconds.

With everyone getting back up, Alfur noticed that the clock was almost a few minutes before midnight meaning that Hilda didn't have much time left.

"Hilda! It's almost midnight, you better drink the cure now before it's too late." he warned.

Hilda, having the cure in hand popped it open and swallowed it whole. Her body instantly became covered in blue smoke and after a sudden flash of light which covered the entire house, her mother and friends noticed that she was now back to her original state with the bite mark from before now gone.

"The curse has been cured." the girl said triumphantly.

Hilda soon found herself bombarded with hugs as her friends and mother had all surrounded her. The only one that wasn't there was Twig as she seemed to notice that he was looking down with a sad look.

"Hey boy, there's no reason to be sad. Even if I can't hear you speak anymore, you're still the same Twig that I know." She said attempting to cheer up the deerfox.

Twig, having recovered from feeling saddened went up to his owner and licked her on the cheek meaning that he was alright with this. However, as Hilda was getting back up, Alfur had something to share.

"Uh Hilda?" he whispered in her ear

"Yes Alfur?" Hilda whispered back

"Look." he whispered once again pointing towards something that his friend hasn't seen.

The elf seemed to have been pointing towards what seemed to be a blue like spirit. Upon closer inspection, Hilda noticed that this spirit was actually the deerfox version of herself. She wasn't exactly sure as to why this was happening.

"Hi Hilda." said the spirit

"Oh, it's my transformed self. How exactly did this happen because I thought once I took the cure, wouldn't everything go back to normal?" she asked with a confused look.

"Well, let me explain. When you took the cure, I, your transformed and cursed state, had begun to exit out of your body. If you recall, this curse was caused by both Twig biting your arm and the Saffrander. My form that you're seeing, had taken the effects left by the flower, mixed with Twig's bite, as well as the blue liquid from the cure that you and your friends created. Now that you're cured, I have no purpose in this world and I shall be heading to the spirit realm." the spirit stated

"I see, but will you and I be able to speak to one another?" Hilda had questioned

"Oh don't worry, we can still speak to each other. Just up in here." the Deerfox Hilda spirit stated by pointing to her head or meaning within her mind.

"Hmm, that makes sense." she said in response

"Now, I must get going. Until we speak once again Hilda." said the spirit

"Until we speak again." Hilda replied back while waving a goodbye.

With the transformed spirit flying towards the sky, it would soon disappear with a blue firework meaning that everything truly has returned back to normal. However, as Hilda and her friends and mother decided to rest for the night, someone else seemed to be watching from the distance inside of the town's library.

"The curse has been cured." said the voice revealing to be the town's librarian.

"But now, a new adventure approaches. One that may involve something else." the women had stated before heading back inside the building.

But while inside, within the corner lied a dusty, and dirty looking mirror. And the mirror itself, shined a flash of light before suddenly disappearing. And then, the lights turned off.

Hey everyone, it's Jt. Hope you enjoyed reading Hilda and the Deerfox Curse, I certainly had a fun time working on it. Though, this series of Hilda stories isn't exactly over just yet. Though I wonder what that ending might've meant. Hmm...