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Chapter 6 ~ … and cats

He had been ready to die. Ready to see the sunrise one last time and to welcome his true death. But now he could not find adequate words to describe the experience of being inside this small, extremely agile and – admittedly – fluffy and absolutely cute body of a cat!

That he was cute had been shown to him by the behavior of the women he had met in his new shape so far. Eric's Pamela of course knew who he was but still had not been able to resist stroking him under his soft chin which had made him purr automatically. Ginger... well, Ginger could not really relate to cats, he had felt. But she would do anything for Eric and so she had developed a forced friendliness to him that was not based on honesty. He had of course tried to make the arrangement as pleasant as possible for them both and after a few days of cuddling this strange woman she had gotten used to his presence in her apartment and also enjoyed it when he warmed her lap after a long day at work. Then she always told him stories about his owner Eric. Of course, this had been a stroke of luck for Godric – he had been able to learn all kind of things about his progeny and grand progeny that he had missed over the last years and decades. He especially liked the story about the chair Pam had sold Eric as a throne when they had turned their video store into a bar. He had literally seen Eric in front of his inner eyes walking around this throne, his fingers thoughtfully stroking the backrest and then slowly sitting down with a subtle smirk, while his hands rested relaxed on the armrests. His warrior... his Viking...

But nothing was more admirable than sitting on the lap of this young woman Lilia. Or on her shoulder... Or cuddling with her... Or watching her shower... Whenever he had escaped from Ginger's apartment, he had let his mind wander and had enjoyed letting the animal instincts work, which had become apparent very quickly. All those smells and noises he had heard and smelled no better than a vampire, but with his new cat senses and changed sensations he had processed them differently. Sometimes he had simply wandered for hours as if on autopilot through gardens, streets, front gardens and over walls and had not thought at all, had simply enjoyed the wind in his fur and the newfound freedom to do so unhindered, free from all obligations. And most of all, he had bathed in the warmth of the sun…

The more often he had been outside, he had felt like a real cat on his wanderings. He had even managed to catch a careless mouse. Feeling something to chew on in his mouth other than the liquid lifeblood on his tongue had been like exploding fireworks for his taste buds. But at the same time that experience had also made him think. For as much as his cat's body had thanked him with a rush of endorphins over this self-extracted meal, his mind had responded with an outcry that he had sworn long ago not to take any more lives! When he came to his senses again and felt that he had already half-eaten the mouse, he had become sick and choked out the pieces he had already swallowed. The sight of the bloody chewed flesh and little bones had caused a second wave of sickness and he had ran away in panic. Since that day he had half-heartedly eaten the canned cat food that Ginger had bought him. It was okay – squashed standard mash, but edible. If only there was not a soft, angry voice in his mind that kept whispering to him that it was like TruBlood – it feeds you, but does not taste of life

Yesterday he had wandered around without a destination and had not paid attention to his surroundings because he had sunk too deep into his centuries-old thoughts. That had been the moment when those children had surprised him. That was a disadvantage of being himself in this otherwise wonderful agile cat body – if he let his new animal instincts run free too much, his mind shut down. On the one hand this was beneficial, as it allowed him to relax for the first time in over two thousand years and to recover his mind from all the memories and constant brooding that had tormented him for almost two hundred years now and what finally got him up on that rooftop in Dallas, willing to enjoy the burning of the sunrise... But it was a fine line between relaxing and getting completely lost in the animal! If he was honest with himself, he had to admit that he was afraid of losing himself completely. But even if he used his mind, he was not immune to an attack, as he painfully found out. Because, yes, he then could still glamour humans who were open to the compulsion – and Lilia was very open to his mind but he could not decide yet, if he found that good or bad – but in this state he literally had no access to his instincts and inner warning radars! These last weeks had shown him impressively that he still had a lot to learn if he wanted to survive successfully in this new body.

But he was not really angry about the attack of the children anymore. He just let himself be tickled by the young woman who turned out to be a descendant of the young witch who had cast a spell on him so long ago without asking him. She had been more than lucky back then, him being not the man he was nowadays. Oh, Godric had known she was a witch from the moment he saw the magic in her eyes glow when Eric had taken her. If he had felt even the slightest bit of her magic on himself, he would have killed her on the spot. Quick and painless because of her brutal husband, but she would still have been dead. He would have shown no mercy, because his Eric was too valuable to him to put him in danger for an ordinary meal.

Nowadays he thought differently. Much had changed in this world since that time and he had evolved with it. It was almost as if he had developed a strong empathy that made it impossible for him to take a life. Oh, there were exceptions. He would never have let Gabe anywhere near Lilia. Back then in the basement of the church, he had been able to repress for a long time what this creature had felt for most of his fellow human being around him. But it did not matter now. Godric had stopped him in time, when Gabe had wanted to live out his extremely aggressive negativity on the young woman his Eric had sent to find him and now that pig of a man was no more.

What he would have to concentrate on now was that Lilia did not become even more suspicious of him. Playing her game, he released her tongue again and let himself fall on his back. Maybe he should not have glamoured her so often? Definitely. But it was as if it had happened automatically without his willful doing! He could only explain it to himself in such a way that he wanted to spare her negative feelings and see her happy... Well, what was done was clearly done and he had no idea what to do to dissuade her from her plans to see through him. Godric had a hunch she suspected he was a were. Her unfinished sentence had been all too clear! If only he knew how real cats behaved, when they usually slept, how and what they played with... He honestly had no idea about these animals. A long time ago Eric and he once met a small cat in Egypt and had a staring contest with it. At some point the animal yawned, turned its back on him and left. But an impertinent cat with a Bastet soul was certainly not something he should take as a role model. Hmm, maybe he could research it when Lilia was taking a shower? Surely he could still use his paws to operate the keyboard of her laptop? But he would have to wait until he found out if she had protected her device with a password. Or he could unobtrusively look over her shoulder when she was typing it in.

Actually, he did not care if she thought he was a were or not. She already expected it and still had not thrown him out of her apartment. As long as she did not express her suspicions to her brother, everything was fine. Because Godric assumed that this Leo would definitely throw him out. Just the thought of no longer feeling her soft skin, hearing her laughter and tasting her tears made his stomach queasy. Her sad eyes appeared in front of his inner eye from when she had talked to him about giving him back to his owner. Did he even want it? Did he want to go back to Eric? His progeny knew where he was and Godric could call him anytime. Their bond was still amazingly strong and he was able to shield his thoughts and feelings from his progeny like before. This was very important to him because this way he could make sure that he did not accidentally wake Eric up during the day and put him in danger. But how could he make Eric understand that he enjoyed his new freedom too much to be locked up with Ginger any longer? Their last conversation had not exactly been ideal, and he had been very... possessive when Eric threatened Lilia. But why? Why had his painstakingly built patience been suddenly torn apart? Why-

Oooooooooh he whispered softly to himself while let the young woman hear a pleasant meowing from him. Apparently, her teasing him for catching her tongue was over and Lilia had started to gently stroke him with her fingers across his chest and belly. Suddenly his head was empty of all the wild flying thoughts and he quickly wrapped his tail around Lilia's wrist as she tried to pull her hand away. He could not help it, he looked at her with pleading eyes and knew that she understood him. Because she smiled down at him with her beautiful lips slightly open and bent over so she could put her left arm on the bed and rest her head on the palm of her hand. She took up a comfortable position! Yes! She would... ooooooooooooooooooooh, yes, she continued stroking him with her right hand on the best spots! This was heaven…

An extremely satisfied purr started deep within himself and became louder and louder until Lilia could certainly feel the resulting vibration right into her hand. Provocatively, he stretched all four paws away from his body and thus enlarged the area she could stroke. Purring, he looked at her and saw a knowing smile on her fine face.

"You know, whoever or whatever you are, you do me good. Thanks for that. And for that you can get lots of caresses from me."

She let deeds follow her words and for the next few minutes Godric closed his eyes comfortably. He could feel the goose bumps spreading under the cat fur. It was a gentle caress, a sliding of her fingertips with just the right strength that electrified each of his nerve endings. How wonderful it would feel to have his old form back right now. His enhanced vampire senses would definitely enjoy the pleasure of feeling her touches even more...

At that thought, his eyes tore open abruptly. Where did this thinking suddenly come from? Thoughtfully, he focused his feelings into himself and tried to get to the bottom of it. Did he suddenly miss his vampire existence? Did he crave for Lilia's blood? With a slow movement he stretched his head more in her direction so that his whiskers touched her bare arm. With deep breaths he sniffed at her and even licked the skin on her left arm once with his rough tongue, which made her laugh. Oh yes, she smelled good... Still a bit drowsy from the night, but she had a soft, though strangely more sweetish scent than yesterday. Again he took a deep breath and closed his eyes for a short moment. Attracted he was, yes, but he definitely did not feel hunger while scenting her. Had it been possible for him, he would have sighed with relief.

Out of curiosity he licked over Lilia's arm once more while she was now rubbing his back. When had he turned on his side? Strange... But somehow he lacked the motivation to think about it further. Because he had sneaked up to her hip with a quick movement and licked over a patch of naked skin there, too, when he slipped her top up with his paw as if by chance. Leaning his head diagonally, he stared at her navel as well and suddenly there was a knowledge within him that was as ancient as the life beings on this world – Lilia was fertile. A deep possessive purr left his throat and without thinking about it, he started rubbing himself against Lilia. Her arms, legs and especially her belly – everywhere he spread his scent and marked her as his. How good it felt...

But then she picked him up and held him so that he could not continue his work. A small part of his brain shouted to him that he was really acting like a tomcat in heat, but he didn't care. After all, he currently was a male cat and her female pheromones were just threatening to drive him out of his mind! Another small part of him was even glad that he was lying in her arms as an animal, because if he were a vampire right then and there, she would have had no chance against his advances... In this moment Godric realized how good it was that vampires had no reproductive instinct. The thought that he would take her against her will gave him a bad stomach ache and that sobered him up so quickly that he just restricted himself to purring and otherwise kept still when Lilia carried him to her laptop.

Should this be his chance to do some research on cats, as he had planned? But there was something expectant in her voice and that made him suspicious. After being reminded of this encounter with the half-eaten mouse he looked at the fish, which seemed absolutely boring compared to her company, and then listened to her steps and noticed that she left the door to her room open. On purpose? Well, she had threatened that she would find out what his secret was. And if she suspected that he had a human consciousness, she would certainly assume that he would try to use her laptop in other ways than just looking at these fish like a cat would do.

He was almost tempted to try anyway, even though he didn't know how long she would stay in the bathroom. But when he tried pressing the keys with his paws he soon realized that it would take an enormous amount of time. And even if he managed to close any other pages in time before she could catch him, he hardly believed that the time would be enough to manipulate the browsing history accordingly. And Godric was sure that Lilia would look there in any case.

Sighing inwardly, he suddenly felt a pressure within his lower body, which he recognized as the need to urinate. The first week as an animal had been difficult for him to pay attention to all the needs of his new body. Once Eric almost tore Ginger's head off when she had to confess that she had to take him to the vet because he was completely dehydrated. Afterwards, he had not forgotten anymore to drink water because of his feelings of guilt towards this woman. And that Pamela had almost lost her fangs because she had snarled at him still hurt Godric. After all, it had not been her fault that Godric had accidentally peed on her sinfully expensive skirt from some well-known fashion brand because he could not hold it anymore. But Eric had always been extreme when it came to Godric's safety. The fact that he was now in a small fragile body only made things worse!

And so he turned his back on the fish, jumped to the floor and followed Lilia to the bathroom. But she had closed the door and he had no other choice as to sit down next to it and wait. It did not take long for the door to open though, but the young woman did not notice him and amusedly Godric watched her as she slowly peeked through the open gap into her room. So he had been right – she had intended to convict him! With a proud feeling of not having fallen into her trap, he went into the bathroom and jumped nimbly onto the toilet seat.

Having finished his business he left the bathroom but paused for a moment when he saw Lilia standing not far from him in the living room with a panicky expression on her face, clearly tense muscles and wide eyes. Immediately Godric had a guilty conscience that he had apparently scared her, but then she laughed – admittedly it sounded a little hysterical, but to his ears it was still a lovely sound – and let herself sink onto the couch. Without thinking he set himself in motion and jumped onto her lap.

"Oh you. Don't scare me like that again, okay? You're my responsibility for now, you know?"

He would have loved to apologize to her verbally, but that was not possible for him. A wave of sadness flooded through his body and almost paralyzed him. Again, his thoughts wandered towards the hypothetical question of what would happen if he were now with her not as an animal but as a vampire. He would take her in his arms and comfort her with words. His hands would gently caress her hair and he could whisper into her ear that everything was okay. But he could do neither of these things. He could only let her feel the vibration of his purring to show her how much he appreciated her presence and loving nature. He looked at her gently and realized that, amazingly, this was already helping her. So he did not have to glamour her at all? Despite the short time they had known each other, had she opened up to him to the extent that she really trusted him so unconditionally?

Yes... A soft voice whispered in his subconscious and he realized that he felt the same way. For whatever reason because he wasn't usually so trusting of strangers. But there was something about this young woman that drew him to her. He was fascinated by her, felt a pleasant tingling every time he touched her or she touched him, and if he was honest with himself, he did not want to leave her. His thoughts were so heavy that he listened only half-heartedly to her words. Only when she spoke the name Eric did he startle.

Had she already found out what the E. in E. N. stood for? Immediately, he called himself a fool – of course she did. Because she was not only compassionate and beautiful, but also damn clever! But what would she do with her knowledge? Would she really give him away again if she should actually find Eric? For a moment he threatened to panic, but then he looked for her eyes and was as certain as he had been only once in his long previous life that he wanted to share his secret with her. Yes, he wanted her to know him. Wanted her to accept him. A deep longing spread from his beating heart when his thoughts inevitably wandered back to his life of privation. And then he just like that was trapped in her soft gaze – her blue eyes were like the small lakes in the grove of the gods of his homeland, to which his father had taken him to prepare him for his destiny. But instead of becoming the link between the gods and his people, he had experienced enslavement, loneliness, endless pain, blood and finally death. But death had not been the end, nor the worst. For after that, hunger had come. Insatiable hunger and even more blood. Year after year, century after century, more and more blood ran through his hands, until he himself no longer knew who he really was.

A tear that slid down Lilia's cheek tore him from his memories and, fascinated, he realized she was clearly seeing his memories at that very moment! He felt it with every fiber of his body while looking at her. But how could this be possible? Could they have entered a mental connection? But how? And if it was true, did she also have a connection to Eric? But no, that was more than unlikely, since she did not have Eric's blood in her.

Give her your blood... a seductive voice whispered deep inside him and he knew it was his vampire consciousness. Immediately, he retreated from that voice – he would never want Lilia to be manipulated in her judgment by the tantalizing blood of a vampire! She should like him of her own free will and not because his blood in her attracted her to him. But that would only be possible if he was human. And he was not, was even no longer a man anymore, only a cat.

He pushed the sadness that wanted to spread in his mind at these thoughts back with all his strength, because at this moment Lilia pressed him protectively against her chest to save him from her brother's harsh words and he realized that thanks to his many sins he should be glad to have found such a loving soul in this last part of his life and that she wanted to take care of him. And he would have to be satisfied to be near her just as a small animal. Because, yes, he at least could be close to her and even lie with her in her bed. Feel her loving and gentle hands on him… Yes, in time he would come to terms with that. What else could he do?

For now, it was enough he told himself and acted like a thirsty cat drinking his water.