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Chapter 1


"Mal," called Fairy Godmother. "Come on in!"

Mal had been sitting outside Fairy Godmother's office for the past 15 minutes, waiting nervously to be called in. She wasn't sure why she was here, she only knew what Jane had told her when she came looking for her, that Fairy Godmother wanted to see her immediately. She had sat thinking about everything that had gone on in the past few weeks, and couldn't think of anything she had done that was really bad, bad enough to be called into Fairy Godmother's office for, anyway. Well, she had threatened to shave Audrey's head, and to beat up Chad, but that wasn't really anything out of the ordinary!

She walked into the office, and glanced around. "I swear; there's something new in this office every time I come in here!" she thought to herself.

Fairy Godmother's office suited her perfectly. Bright, baby-blue wallpaper, glass slippers engraved along the skirting board, the desk drawers, and the cupboard handles. All the furniture was a gorgeous shade of cream; the curtains were a darker shade of blue and pulled right back, letting the sun shine through, making the whole room look more open and spacious.

"Sit down, Mal," she said, indicating to her perfectly spotless sofa. Mal sat down and Fairy Godmother took a seat beside her.

"So, am I in trouble, cause, I wasn't actually going to shave Audrey's head, she was just being, well, Audrey, so I said that to shut her up, but I wasn't-"

"Mal," Fairy Godmother interrupted, trying not to laugh, "You're not in trouble! I didn't know that you threatened to shave Audrey's head, but we'll just pretend that I didn't hear that," she said, winking at Mal.

"Soooo, why am I here?" Mal questioned. "I was just getting to that!" she replied, still laughing.

"Now, Mal, this has been strictly confidential up until now, and before I elaborate, I am asking you to keep it that way until I announce it next week during assembly, okay?"

Mal studied her for a minute before replying. "Okaaay," she said warily.

"Now, some of the other children from the isle are going to be joining us in two weeks. And-"

"What?! Why?! Who?!"

"Now, Mal, please calm down. This was always going to happen, and because things were going to well with you, Evie, Carlos and Jay, we decided to speed it up a little. Don't you want more kids to get off that island?"

Mal sat quietly for a moment, picking at the pale pink nail varnish Jane had applied for her yesterday. "Mal?" Fairy Godmother prompted her gently, noticing the unshed tears in the corner of her eyes. "Are you okay, sweetheart?" Receiving no answer, she sat quietly for a moment, also. "Mal, you know you can talk to me if you need to get something off your chest. Are you alright?"

Mal looked up at her. "Yeah, I'm fine," she replied, in a small, quiet voice.

"Are you sure?"

Mal cleared her throat and sat up straight, rubbing at her eyes. "Yeah. I'm fine. So, you're bringing over some more VK's. Great. Where do I fit into this?"

If Fairy Godmother was shocked at the sudden change in her demeanour, she didn't show it. "Well, emm," She gave Mal another once-over, and cleared her throat, plastering that permanent smile back on her face. "Right, well, I want you to be in charge of looking after them!" She said, beaming at her. Mal sat there in shocked silence. "You'll be in charge of showing them around, helping them find their way around the school, helping with any questions or problems that they have, just really making sure they feel comfortable and welcome, okay?"

Mal blinked in surprise. "Emm, sure! But are you sure that you want me to do it? I mean, I'm not exactly the poster kid for "welcome" and "happy" and "friendly", am I? Wouldn't you be better off with Jane, or, I don't know, Lonnie?

Fairy Godmother was quick to reassure her, realizing she would have to convince Mal of her potential. It broke her heart to hear that Mal had no real confidence in herself whatsoever. "No, Mal, we're sure we want you. I mean, think about it, you're from the isle, so immediately, there's that, you know, real connection already, and, I personally think that you out of all the VK's have come the furthest from when you started, and I'm so proud of you, so we were always going to pick you!"

Mal took all this information in. "You're proud of me? Me? Seriously?"

"Yes, Mal! So, will you help us?"

"Yes! I mean, you seem to be counting on me, and, you know, the kids on the isle, they deserve so much better than what they have right now, and all of them deserve a second chance, so, yes, I will definitely help. How many kids are you bringing over this time?"

Fairy Godmother sat watching her. "Just two, for now. They'll arrive two weeks before school starts, so you'll have plenty of time to help them settle in. Next summer we're going to extend our dormitory building, so we will be able to bring more children across for the start of next years' classes."

"Sweet. So who are you bringing across?"

Fairy Godmother unlocked the top desk drawer and took out a rather thick file. She saw Mal eyeing it curiously. "We have to have a full background on them and a list of the offences they've committed, just for health and safety reasons. We don't use it against them, and no one here ever finds out about it. Once they're here, they have a completely clean slate."

"Hang on a minute!" she said, causing Fairy Godmother to look up at her. "That file has two kids' list of offences in it, and it's as thick as my science textbook. When you brought Jay, Evie, Carlos and I across, you brought across the most evil kids on the Isle, and me! So, how thick was our file?!"

"Ha! It was very, very, very thick! I had to get Mr Smee and Mr Ray to help me carry it!" Fairy Godmother said, chuckling. Mal laughed." I bet we caused everyone such a hassle," she muttered. "Anyway, what kids are coming over?"

"Ahh, here it is! So, we have Gil Gaston, son of Gaston, and Harry Hook, son of Captain Hook." When Mal heard that name, she almost collapsed. Everything started to swim in front of her and she was suddenly flooded with memories of her and Hook together back on the Isle. "Harry? Harry Hook is coming here?" she croaked.

"Yes? It is that a problem?" she asked kindly. "No! No, not at all!" she replied quickly. "So, umm, I'm gonna go now, cause I promised Evie I would meet her for lunch, so if you need to talk to me again, just, come find me!" She got up and practically ran out the room, leaving Fairy Godmother to wonder what on earth was going on.


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