**Buzz- Buzz- Buzz**

Pacey slowly opens his eyes as the buzzing from his phone shakes him out of his sleep-induced haze. Without bothering to check who it is, he groggily reaches for the phone, pressing it to his ear and closing his eyes.

"This better be good." he mutters.

"I'm getting married, little brother!" Doug's level of excitement and, frankly, very loud voice causes Pacey to open his eyes again and perk up a little. "Wait a minute Dougie", he says. "You mean to tell me you're gay?!" He chuckles as he hears his big brothers' annoyance and rubs his eyes.

"Ha. Ha. Very funny little bro." says Doug. "I asked Jack last night and he said yes. I'm getting married."

Pacey smiles and begins to get out of bed. "Congratulations Doug." He listens to Doug explain how the proposal went and looks at the clock. It's 8:26 AM on a Saturday in October, 2012. As he opens his blinds, he feels the (very) bright Florida sun on his face and looks at the docks below. Ever since he moved into his condo just minutes away from Miami Beach six months ago, he never took his view for granted.

Doug chuckles over the phone. "As you can imagine, Jack's already posted it on Facebook, which you would know if…"

Pacey sighs and interrupts him. "Dougie, please don't get into the whole spiel about how I should get Facebook so I can keep in touch with the wonderful things that are going on in everyone's lives. After a few years of your groveling, it gets old."

"Dad has Facebook for God's sake." says Doug. "Wait, hold on, Jack wants to talk to you."

Pacey hears Jack take the phone. "Future brother in law, what's happening?"

Pacey smiles. "Congratulations Jack. It's about time my idiot brother asked you. I'm happy for both of you." He can hear the smile in Jack's voice. "Thank you, thank you. Happiest night of my life. First person I told was Andie, she freaked out of course."

Pacey smiles at the mention of her name. "And how is our lady Mcphee doing these days?"

"She's great. She's officially a doctor. She's working at a physician's office in Boston now. She loves it. Which you would know if you kept in touch once in a while, with everyone. You don't have to be such a lone wolf, you know."

Pacey scoffs and heads to the kitchen to prepare a cup of coffee. "Jack Mcphee, I am offended. We've seen each other a few holidays. I happily upgraded from my can of cranberry sauce and contributed a very tasty green bean casserole last Thanksgiving. Your lack of remembrance pains me."

Jack chuckles. "You're on speaker with me & Doug. And you know what I mean. You're there one night and gone by the next. Few and far between."

Pacey nods slowly, feeling guilty. "I know." he says. Admittedly, he'd been keeping to himself the last three of the four years since Jen's death. His relationship with Joey, along with their New York living arrangement, ended a year after they all reunited in Capeside. After that happened, he sought the sun. He booked a one-way flight to Miami, FL, rented a room for a few months and began working on boats again in a shop by the Miami Beach docks. As his credibility and his referrals grew, he decided to become his own boss and open up his own boat repair shop. He called it "Pacey's." The success of that helped him buy his first condo and here he was now, 30 years old, single, enjoying the Florida sunshine and, most notedly, the women. But he could admit to himself, he could do a much better job of keeping in touch and checking in more often. And for that, he feels guilty.

"So, Pacey," says Doug. "I think now would be the perfect time to ask this very important question." He hears Amy yell "Uncle Pacey!" in the background.

Pacey smirks. "The suspense is killing me Dougie, just spit it out will ya?"

Doug takes a breath. "Will you be my best man?"

Pacey laughs. "Big brother, it would be an honor."

He hears laughter and excited talks of planning the date and decorations and engagement parties and he starts to wonder just what he's gotten himself into here just as Doug says "Pace yourself little brother, my wedding is going to be a fun ride."