The crowbar came down and struck him. It hurt, but not like the first ten times. The pain was beginning to dull, not by much though. The crowbar struck again. It was as if the madman was reading his thoughts and began hitting him harder.

Then the Joker hit him in the face. "WOW. That looked like it really hurt." Then the Joker hit him three more times and savored every hit like it was a cheese sample. "Whoa, now hold on. That looked like it hurt a lot more. So, let's try and clear it up shall we pumpkin. What hurts more? A?" The Joker hit him again. "Or B?" And he was hit a second time by the Joker. "Forehand?" The Joker hit him a third time. "Or backhand." The Joker hit him again and began laughing his sadistic laugh.

Jason murmured something. The Joker leaned down and said. "A little louder lamb chop. I think that one of your lungs is collapsed. That tends to always impede the oratory." Jason spit blood up at the Joker. The Joker returned the favor by slamming his face into the floor. "Now that was rude. The first boy blunder had manners." Jason smiled even though it hurt. The Joker wiped the blood off of his face. "I suppose that I'll have to teach you some manners. So that you can learn to follow in his footsteps better." The Joker contemplated that for a bit. Then said. "Nah... I think that I'll just keep hitting you with this crowbar." Then the Joker laughed as he hit Jason repeatedly with the crowbar. Jason closed his eyes and wished he were somewhere else.

After a while the Joker got tired of beating Jason with the crowbar he put on his overcoat and his hat. He looked at Jason and said. "Okay kiddo I have to go, but it was fun right?" Jason stayed silent. "Well maybe a bit more fun for me than you. I'm just making guesses since your being so quiet. Oh well. Be a good boy, get your homework done, and be in bed by nine. Oh, and if you see the big man tell him I said... hello. The Joker began laughing hysterically and left.

Jason opened his eyes and got to his knees. He slid his handcuffed hands under his legs so they were in front of him and he tried to stand but fell back down, he looked at the door and figured that it was locked. He crawled towards it and when he got to it was indeed locked. Jason closed his eyes, and he heard it a faint beeping. he looked to his left and saw a bomb. Of course, the Joker planted a bomb. Why wouldn't he? Jason saw it counting down and he knew that he didn't have long.

He crawled to a box he used all of his strength to stand only to fall back down he caught the box and it tipped over on him it was big enough for him to fit under. It was a freaking miracle. He fumbled with his utility belt and found a pellet. It had foam in it. He crushed it and he was enveloped in foam. A few seconds later, he felt the explosion.

As Batman searched the wreckage that was once a building, he found a limp body. He picked it up and wrapped it in his cape. "Jason." Batman said. That was the last thing Jason heard before he went to sleep not expecting to wake up.