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Rayna was in one of the towers looking out at the black lake.

A Death Eater walked up to her, there was a bulge in his robes...

"Rayna?" Ron asked pulling her from her thoughts.

Rayna jumped back panting and gasping for breath.

"Rayna? What's wrong?"

"I'm scared Ronald." Rayna said before she held him tightly and put her head over his shoulder. "I'm so scared."

"I'd say you were mental if you weren't." Ron said hugging her tightly. "You went through something that not many people can relate too."

"A Death Eater wanted to rape me Ronald. He wanted to use me to satisfy his own lustful urges." She began crying. "I don't want to think about what would have happened if Jason hadn't been there."

Ron held Rayna while she cried. He was so glad Jason had been there.

Fleur was in a room with her other Teammates.

They were all working on their own projects in silence when Donny, Ginny, and Gabrielle came into the room.

The three looked up with a start before they seemed to calm down.

"Are you guys okay?" Donny asked.

Celine pressed a hand to her head. "Yeah." She said with a shaky voice. "We are all just a little on edge."

"Well." Ginny said. "Why not come relax at the party?"

"What party?" Florian asked.

"The farewell party." Ginny supplied. "We are throwing a farewell party for you guys before you leave."

"Will there be flashing lights or loud noise?" Fleur asked.

"No. Just a quiet get together."

"Good." Fleur said sounding much calmer. "I don't know if we could handle that."

"Yeah. No. We know. We are just going to have a nice calm party to send you guys away."

"When is it?" Celine asked.

"Friday night in the room of Requirements. It goes from 8:00 to whenever we decide we've had enough, and if Jason has to break out the tents then he is willing too."

"Thank you." Florian said.

"You're welcome."

Viktor was on the Quidditch Pitch pushing his Firebolt as fast as it would go.

This feeling, the feeling of freedom.

"Crucio!" A Death Eater snarled.

Viktor jolted nearly falling from his broom.

Two pairs of hands grabbed him allowing him to keep his balance.

"You okay?" Cedric asked.

"Not really. I keep having flashbacks to that night. They always come at the worst times."

"I know what you mean. I get them more at night just before I get to sleep, and when I finally get to sleep, I wake up in a cold sweat."

Harry stayed quiet. His Scar didn't burn as badly since he'd finished creating his dreamscape, but some nights were worse than others, but he often woke to nightmares as well.

The three Seekers flew around the Quidditch Pitch letting the wind blow through their hair and catching the others if they fell.

"Did you guys hear about the party on Friday?" Harry asked.

"No." The other two Seekers said.

"We're doing a farewell party on Friday. Nothing big or anything, but we are going to have Butterbeer and snacks to wish the other schools a farewell."

"Who's invited?" Viktor asked.

"The champions and their friends."

"Sounds good." Cedric said.

The three Seekers flew around the Pitch a few minutes longer just feeling the freedom.

Chris was sitting at a desk when he felt someone touch his shoulder.

He jumped up and grabbed his wand before pointing it at... "Zach." He panted. "The hell are you doing sneaking up on me?"

"I didn't sneak up on you. Though I am sorry for startling you."

Chris sat down and took in a deep breath. "It's all right. I'm sorry."

"It is perfectly all right. We all went through a traumatic event, but you, Harry, and Jason got, how does it go, the short end of the stick?"

"Yeah, but still. I'm jumping at everything. Every sound, every touch, just everything."

"Well, perhaps you need a vacation of sorts. There is a party on Friday night, and all the Champions and their friends have been invited."

"Maybe. Where's Leonard?"

"He is with Joan. His big brother tendencies have increased since we got back, and I fear that she might be ready to snap."

"Then let's go save her from her overprotective big brother." Chris said before leaving.

Parvati walked into Jason's workshop where she saw Jason sparring against Neville, Luna, and the Twins.

Neville punched at the back of Jason's head, but missed as Jason ducked and spun hitting Neville in the stomach and George in the leg before rolling out of the way of a kick from Luna and to his feet before catching a kick from Fred and twisting his foot before Fred rolled out of Jason's grip.

Jason stood up and taunted the others.

Luna ran at him and jumped before wrapping her arm around Jason's neck and pulling back with more strength than seemed possible.

Jason changed into his Animagus form to get out of her hold and landed on her before changing back and rolling off her and to his feet. The twins grabbed his arms , but he jumped and spun in midair using their momentum against them. He landed on his feet and taunted Neville.

Neville ran at Jason and began throwing a series of punches which Jason blocked.

Neville soon had Jason on the defensive and was holding his own before Jason punched at him and he caught Jason's arm and pushed against his elbow. "Yield." Neville panted.

Jason spun around Neville and grabbed his throat, but Neville tucked in an threw Jason over his back before chopping him in the chest and putting his hand on Jason's throat. "Yield." He panted again.

Jason poked something at Neville's stomach causing the boy to look down.

Jason had a knife pointed at Neville's stomach.

"Fine." Neville said catching his breath. "You win this round too."

Jason got to his feet and began wiping himself off with a towel from his workbench.

"That was amazing." Fred said to Neville.

"How you are able to keep up with Jason is beyond me." Fred said.

"It's because he's Jason's second in command." Luna said proudly.

Neville blushed at that. "No, I'm not." He spoke.

"Actually, you are." Jason said drinking from a water bottle that hadn't been there a second ago. "Harry has too much on his plate, politically speaking, and is famous. People look at you and don't see the confident person that we know you are. They see a coward."

Neville bowed his head.

"But you aren't a coward." Jason said. "You are the kid who stood up to three people that he classified as friends in your first year. You have slowly but surely shown that you are capable of showing great courage and leadership skills."

"I went after Lupin last year." Neville reminded him.

"There is a fine line between bravery and stupidity." Jason said. "And I'll admit that you crossed it then, but don't worry about it. How stupid is it for four first years to go take on a dark lord? How stupid is it for three second years to take on a Basilisk? How stupid is it for a kid to run around a school dressed up as a bat or a vigilante? We all do stupid things in life, but how we handle them is what defines us. Your Animagus is a lion! How much more Gryffindor do you have to be for that?"

"I suppose so, but why me?"

Jason jumped and brought his leg down on Neville.

Neville crossed his arms over his head and caught Jason's kick before pushing Jason away.

Jason flipped and landed before looking at Neville with a smile. "I've been training you to take my place in case something happens to me."

"Well, that's not cryptic at all." Fred said.

"Am I interrupting anything?" Parvati asked.

"Not at all." Jason said holding his hand out to her.

She walked over and took his hand. "Let's go for a walk." She spoke.

"Okay." Jason said before turning to the others. "See you guys later."

Jason and Parvati walked around the castle.

"So?" Parvati asked. "How are you doing?"

"Not good." Jason said surprising Parvati.

Parvati looked at him in shock.

"What?" Jason asked.

"It's just... you've never told anyone that you weren't doing good. You've always lied about how you were feeling."

"I talked to Mary, and as long as I'm with my friends, and only my friends, I'll tell the truth."

Parvati hugged Jason. "I'm glad."

Jason wrapped his arm around her shoulders, and they continued walking.

They saw some ministry people pulling on ropes and saw them pulling on what looked like a lion, or maybe a leopard, with spines around its head instead of a mane. It was probably six feet long, and a muzzle around its face that was keeping some black mist contained.

"Hey!" Jason yelled. "What the hell are you doing?"

"Stay back kid." A man said in a not unfriendly, but stern voice. "That is a Nundu cub. It was brought in as part of the third task but wasn't used at the last second because of how dangerous it is."

"What are you going to do with it?" Parvati asked.

"Unfortunately, we have to put it down. It's a shame too. They are magnificent creatures."

"Why do you have to kill it?" Jason asked harshly.

"It's too dangerous. I'm sorry, but unless you know someone who is immune to it there's nothing I can do."

"I do know someone." Jason said. "How old is it?"

"About two years, and if you know someone who can raise it, and give it a proper home."

"I do." Jason said before looking at Parvati with a, 'Can I keep it?' Look, on his face.

Parvati looked at him, and she saw pain in his eyes. A pain that she had never seen before. "How are we going to keep it?" She asked.

"We can ask Hagrid to look after him until we get back."

"But where will we keep him?"

"I'm sure we can find a place."

"I need to know in the next ten minutes." The guy said.

"If you can find a place for him then sure."

Jason walked forward placatingly. "Hey there little guy. It's all right." Jason took out a pair of dragonhide gloves and put his hand in front of the Nundu's face. He cast a bubblehead charm and took the muzzle off.

"What are you doing!" The guy snapped.

Jason held his hand up and let the Nundu lick the glove before he pet the Nundu with the other hand.

Jason used the next ten minutes to let the Nundu get used to him.

Parvati watched as Jason played with the Nundu and pet him.

After an hour Jason took the ropes and led the Nundu towards the back of the castle.

When he got there, he disappeared into a shadow and reappeared inside His workshop.

Parvati had followed Jason into his workshop and saw him with the Nundu standing in the center.

"I require a room to keep a Nundu."

The room changed to an African sub-Saharan environment that seemed endless.

"Wow." Parvati said. "I never knew the Room of Requirements could do this."

"Neither did I." Jason said untying the rope around the Nundu.

The Nundu looked around and ran out into the environment.

"Should we follow?" Parvati asked.

"I'm going to." Jason said.

The two ran into the environment and after the Nundu.

They found the Nundu at a watering hole.

"Wow. This place has everything." Jason said before walking up to the Nundu and pet it.

The Nundu leaned into Jason.

"I think it's scenting you." Parvati said.

"I think that's a good thing."

The two spent the rest of the day playing with the Nundu.

When it was time to leave Jason assured it that he would be back.

"That was fun." Parvati said taking Jason's hand.

"It was rather enjoyable. I'm going to bring Hagrid tomorrow."

Are you sure that's a good idea?"

"I'm going to need someone to take care of him while we are on break."

"Hagrid, or the Nundu?"


Parvati laughed.

They walked to the common room and sat on an empty couch.

"What are your plans for the summer?" Parvati asked after a while.

"I'm going to travel for a bit."

Are Bruce and Mrs. Weasley okay with that?"

"It will be fine."

"I don't like that, but keep in touch, and be back by your Birthday."

"We need to keep track of everyone's Birthdays and celebrate next year."

"Sounds like a plan."

"Glad you approve."

They sat in companionable silence for a while.

"Want to talk about the third task?"

"Not particularly."

"You said that you would tell the truth."

"I did. I really don't want to talk about the third task."

"I think it would help you."

"Fine." Jason said taking her hand and leading her to a shadow and into the workshop.

When they got to the workshop Jason walked over to his workbench.

They stood in silence for a while.

Parvati was about to say something when Jason started talking.

"I prepared for the eventuality that we would get transported away, but when we got there, I was completely useless to help our friends. I had weapons, skills, magic, and I was taken down like I was a complete novice. When Voldemort came back, I was completely powerless as he took Harry. I was completely powerless when the Death Eaters started to come after our friends, I was barely able to do anything, and was taken down easily. If it weren't for Bruce, Dick, and Barbara... I'd be dead."

Parvati walked up to Jason and hugged him. "I had no idea what you were going through."

Jason broke down and started crying. "What if I can't protect them next time?"

Parvati tilted Jason's face, so he had to look at her. Seeing his tear-filled eyes broke her heart. "I don't have the answers, but I know that next time you'll be prepared for whatever is thrown at you."

They sat down on the floor and Jason laid his head on her shoulder.

Parvati laid her head on his, and they sat like that for a what seemed like hours.

Aleksander was walking around when he saw Ludo Bagman talking to one of the men who had tortured them the night before. "Stay where you are!" He shouted drawing his wand and pointing it at the man.

"Ludo." The man said. "Please kill this nuisance."

Ludo grabbed his wand and pointed it at Aleksander.

"Please." Aleksander said. "Mr. Bagman. Please put your wand down."

"Avada Kedavra!" Ludo Bagman shouted.

Aleksander was thrown back into the wall by the curse's intensity.

"Thank you, Ludo." The man said before taking out a flask and drinking the contents. "Avada Kedavra." He said as he finished changing into Sirius Black and picked up Aleksander's wand.

Ludo Bagman fell to the floor dead.

The man posing as Sirius put Aleksander's wand in back in his hand and cast a few spells with his own wand to make sure his wand had no traces of the killing curse. "Reducto!" He yelled at Bagman before running up to Aleksander. "HELP!" He shouted. "I NEED HELP!"

Students and teachers came running into the hall.

"What happened!" Minerva asked.

"I was walking towards the great hall when I saw Ludo point his wand at Mr. Dragonov and hit him with the killing curse. I cast Reducto too late to save Mr. Dragonov."

McGonagall picked up Aleksander's wand and scanned it. "Aleksander cast the killing curse as well."

"What?" A Durmstrang student asked. "Why would he do that?"

"I don't know." The man posing as Sirius said. "Maybe Ludo did or said something to make him?"

"There will need to be a full investigation."

The man posing as Sirius got up shakily.

"Sirius." McGonagall said. "Go back to your office. You don't look at all well."

"Thank you, Minerva." He said walking through the crowd of children.

Once he was sure he was safe he made his way back to the cupboard he'd hidden the real Sirius in. "You should feel honored." The man said. "I made you a hero... Which is more than you deserve... Traitor."

Sirius glared at the man with bloodlust and hatred.

The man's disguise fell to reveal James Gordon Jr. "Surprise." He said before pointing his wand at Sirius. "Obliviate."

Remus and Harry were walking through the halls looking for Sirius when they saw a broom cupboard slightly open.

They looked inside and saw Sirius tied up and unconscious.

"Sirius!" They yelled pulling the man out.

Sirius blinked awake. "Harry!" Sirius said cheerfully before looking a Lupin. "Remus!" He looked down. "Why am I tied up? I'll have you know that While I'm not against the idea of Bond..."

"SIRIUS!" Remus shouted.

"Oh. Right. Quite right. I shouldn't say things like that in front of Harry."

"What happened?" Harry asked.

"I was heading to see you two, and I woke up like this. Did you two tie me up? It's not even my birthday."

"Sirius!" Remus said exasperated.


"I think he was obliviated." Harry said.

"I think you're right." Remus said.

"Unless I got sloshed." Sirius said.

"which wouldn't surprise me." Remus said. "If we were back in London."

"And we aren't in London, so I'm obviously not sloshed."

Remus wiped his face.

"Remus." Harry said. "We have to get him to the Hospital Wing."

Remus untied Remus and picked him up under one arm, and Harry grabbed the other arm.

The two carried Sirius to the Hospital Wing but were stopped by a crowd.

"What's going on?" Harry asked.

"Someone was killed." A shaky voice said in front of them.

"What do you mean?" Remus asked concerned.

"A student was killed." McGonagall said pushing through the group and saw Sirius. "Sirius. What's wrong?"

"Oh, hi Minnie!" Sirius said.

"What happened to you?"

"I got tied up." Sirius said.

"Please be serious."

"I am Sirius."

Minerva rubbed her temples. "This is serious."

"I am Sirius."

"Remus. Please take him to the Hospital Wing and meet in Albus' office."

"Of course, Minerva."

Harry and Remus took Sirius through the crowd towards the Hospital Wing.

After Remus made sure that Sirius was taken care of, he left towards Dumbledore's office.

When he got to Dumbledore's office, he saw the headmasters of the other schools, the heads of the houses, and Dumbledore.

"What happened?" He asked.

"Aleksander was killed!" Karkaroff yelled. "In this school! Where it was supposed to be safe!"

"Oh, come off it Karkaroff!" Snape said. "After what happened during the three tasks, how can you possibly think this school is safe after that?"

"The students are traumatized." Agilbert said slamming his fist on his arm rest. "And the death of poor Aleksander won't help much."

"I'm afraid not." Albus said. "I am also afraid that the Dark Lord is going to start making some very drastic moves."

"What do you mean Albus?" McGonagall asked.

"I'm afraid that we must make a drastic first step if we want to stop the Dark Lord. We need a champion."

"What about the Potter boy?" Karkaroff asked.

"As if you care!" Remus yelled. "Had Voldemort won you wouldn't have batted an eye, but since he lost you turned yourself in, in the hopes of being protected from the Dementors!"

"I'm afraid that Harry is prophesied to kill the Dark Lord, but this newest threat he is not equipped to handle."

"Albus!" McGonagall said harshly. "You don't mean..."

"I'm afraid that I do. We will not get help from the Ministry so we will have to get help from another source."

"Whom do you mean Headmaster?" Snape asked.

Jason walked into the Great Hall on Friday morning and saw the black banners. He wasn't an idiot; he'd heard about Aleksander's death.

"Jason." Rayna said walking up to him.

"I'm so sorry." He spoke.

"There was nothing we could have done."

"I can't accept that."

"The truth is difficult to accept."

"The truth is that I wasn't strong enough, but next year that's going to change."

Rayna walked towards Ron.

"How are you doing?" Ron asked.

"Not great." Rayna said rubbing her arm.

"What's wrong?"




Professor Dumbledore stood up. "Could you all sit down please?"

Everyone sat down.

"This year... this year we have felt terrible tragedy. During the First task we saw our champions get hurt. During the First Task our Champions were injured."

The Great Hall nodded in unison.

"The Second Task was sabotaged, and several students almost paid the price with their lives."

Leonard looked at Joan while Luna, Mary, and Parvati looked at Jason.

"The Third Task endangered the lives of the Champions."

Everyone looked at the Champions. Who looked away?

"But the very worst thing to happen this year was the murder of one of the Champions. Aleksander Dragonov... was murdered."

The Great Hall stayed quiet as Dumbledore said this.

"The Ministry of Magic has asked that we keep this quiet, but... I feel that you have the right to know. The Dark Lord, Lord Voldemort, has returned."

The Great Hall with the exception of the Champions, their friends, and quite a few Slytherins gasped in horror.

"I do not tell you this to worry you, but to inform you. There are dark times ahead of us, but as I have said before. 'Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one remembers to turn on the light.' I implore you to be the light this world so desperately needs."

Dumbledore walked through the group and left the Great Hall.

The students began talking amongst each other.

The Champions, and their friends made their way outside the Great Hall.

It took them almost an hour to get out of the Great Hall because the students and teachers would stop them to talk.

When they finally got out of the Great Hall, they made their way to the Room of Requirements.

"Hey!" Blaise yelled.

The group turned around to see Blaise, Millicent, Crabbe, and Goyle.

"What are you doing?" Luna asked.

Millicent looked at Jason. "What happened Todd? I thought you could save everyone! Why didn't you save Aleksander? I guess you aren't as good as you thought you were."

Rayna and Viktor drew their wands.

"I do not know why you are acting like this, but you will not stop!" Rayna said.

"Or what?" Blaise asked.

"ENOUGH!" Neville roared. "How pathetic do you have to be to act like this? You treat others the way you do because of your massive inferiority complexes and go cry to the teachers when you get attacked. You lot are pathetic and aren't worth our time."

The others turned their backs and walked away.

"Don't turn your backs on us!" Millicent yelled.

"TODD!" Blaise roared.

"Cruc..." Blaise and Millicent yelled before they fell to the floor.

"Stupefy!" Malfoy and Clara yelled.

The champions and their friends looked back to see Malfoy and Clara pointing their wands at Crabbe and Goyle.

"Get out of here." Malfoy said.

Jason nodded his head towards them, and they returned the nod.

The Champions walked back to the Room of Requirements and walked inside.

After they were all inside, they relaxed.

"That was scary." Ron said.

"I guess we owe Malfoy one." Harry added.

Ron shuddered at the thought.

The Champions and their friends mingled, and relaxed, and one by one they left or drifted off.

Luna, Mary, Neville, and Parvati walked through a shadow and found Jason in his Workshop.

"Whatcha doin'?" Mary asked.

Jason turned around loading his utility belt. "When we get to Kings Cross, I'll be heading out. I have to do something."

"What!" Parvati demanded. "You're leaving?"

"Yeah. I have something that I need to take care of."

"There's nothing we can do to stop you is there?"


"If I can't do anything to convince you not to then I'm coming with you."

"Absolutely not."

"And why not?"

"Because. Where I'm going..."

"Is too dangerous?"

"No, but..."

"But what?"

Jason grabbed Parvati and disappeared into a shadow and reappeared in the Sub-Saharan room with the Nundu.

"Do you really want to know where I'm going?"


"Fine. I'm going to the states."

"As in the United States?"



"I need to go talk to someone."

Parvati was quiet for a minute. "It's Mary's father, isn't it?"


"Fine. I won't follow you, but don't you dare die."

"I won't. I also have to pick up a few other things."

"Like what?"

"That would spoil the surprise."

"Fine." Parvati said leaving the room.

Jason created a bubblehead charm and walked around to find the Nundu.

The next day.

Hogwarts saw the other three schools off before they made their way to Hogsmeade station.

The trip to Kings Cross was silent with everyone contemplating the year.

They got dressed in their muggle attire twenty minutes before they made it to Kings Cross.

When they got to Kings Cross Harry, Hermione, Ron, Ginny, Luna, Neville, the twins, Padma, and Parvati went one way while Jason and Mary went another way.

Jason told Talon to take a letter to the Mrs. Weasley, and stay there until he got back, and went with the Williams.

The Williams drove home, and Helena walked Jason into the study.

She put some Floo Powder in the fireplace. "Bertinelli Manor, Gotham City." She said into the fireplace.

The fireplace lit up with green flames and Helena looked at Jason. "Last chance to back out."

Jason took out the pistol from his jacket and put the magazine in and gun before loading it.

"I'll take that as a no."

Jason stepped through the portal and was gone.

Helena closed the Floo connection. "Good luck." She said before leaving.

AN: Here's a Spoiler for Year five.

Bruce ran though the castle trying to get to the Room of Requirements before it was too late. He didn't hear the others running behind him.

An he ran through the castle he had a bad feeling come over him. He begged whatever Deity was listening that it was just his imagination.

The group made it to the Room of Requirements and disappeared into a shadow bypassing the door.

When they got into the room they saw the blood.

"JASON!" Bruce yelled.

Jason looked up at Bruce with killing intent in his eyes.

Bruce looked at the bloodied Crowbar in his hands before looking down at the person on the floor. The once pink outfit was torn and bloody. "Jason. What did you do?"

Jason dropped the Crowbar with a loud *Clang*. "I did what you were too afraid to do Bruce! Because of you she's dead."

"I'm not the one who killed Umbridge."


"Then who are you talking about?"

Jason's hate filled eyes ripped into Bruce. "Screw you Bruce." He said before disappearing into the shadows.