Blood-Riddled Author Explanation

Hello, everyone. *waves* First of all, I'd like to thank you all for reviewing my story. Second, because some people were requesting an explanation, I'd like to give them some semblance of one. Keep in mind, however, that this story sort of wrote itself, so it's all open to interpretation. These are just my thoughts on the subject.

And, of course, I'd love to hear what everyone else thought about it.


1. First of all, this hasn't got anything to do with what did or didn't happen in the story, but-- notice, that if you copy the whole story and paste it again at the end of itself, it reads fluently. Basically, the story loops in on itself. It is never-ending. ^.^

2. Okay, for the real 'clues', if you will: The first was that Shizuka's stomach exploded from the inside out. Forensics didn't mention anything about drugs or poison or anything of the like, so how could something like that happen?

3. Next, we skip to Otogi: he sees himself as Shizuka's boyfriend, even though nothing was 'official', if you will. He mentioned that Shizuka was spending a lot of time with Honda, which is definite cause for a 'boyfriend' to get jealous, ne?

4. Third: Otogi was interested in black magic, and the mixing of rather incompatible magic.

5. Fourth: Otogi was obsessed with Shizuka's eyes, and Yami told Seto that Shizuka's eyes had been carved out during the murder.

"So, you're saying that Otogi did it?" you ask. "But Otogi-kun had an alibi!"

Yes, he did. ^.^ He was with a girl, doing... stuff. Yes, stuff. Mreh. Stay with me here, I'll get to it.

6. Jounouchi loved his sister; why would he kill her? Well...

7. When Jou touched Otogi, he saw something that had to do with, and I quote; --obsession fear heart beating in his chest shouting cursing pain blood--. Otogi explained the blood away as him biting that fangirl of his during... *ahem*... But why the 'obsession'?

8. The fangirl that Otogi 'did stuff' with had red hair and green eyes.

9. In the flashback that Jou has right before he says "It was me, Seto," what does he see, hear, feel, smell? He feels --obsession fear heart beating in his chest shouting cursing pain blood-- and also --a slight smoky smell that tickled his nose, but he couldn't reach up to scratch it, he couldn't seem to do anything but walk forward--.

10. Otogi practiced a warped form of Voodoo, which is controlling or affecting the body of someone else.

11. From the way that Jounouchi was thinking during that last flash back, he seemed to be controlled.

The Bottom Line? Otogi did it, with the help of a bit of magic and that fangirl of his, who shared some of Shizuka's physical traits, but he used Jounouchi-kun's body to actually commit the crime. Jounouchi's innocent, though any lawyer would be hard pressed to convince a reality-based jury of that fact.


My explanation is rather simple, isn't it? *sweatdrop* I would have added more layers to this piece if I had been able to, but as it is it's still about two hundred words too long. ^.^;

So... what did everyone else think happened? I'd really like to know.