Cuts like a knife

SPN 100 drabble challenge, word: fuzz.

Summary: Sometimes all you need is someone who is looking behind the fuss – seeing you.

A/N: Happy new year, y'all – let's make the best of it :-) I started with changing the word count, but I promise to get back to a 100 next time.

As much as he's always enjoyed having the boys around, he's gotta admit that having two teenagers under his roof takes its toll on him. There's bickering and sulking and lots of door slamming and sometimes he just wants to grab them and shake them like puppies to make them shut up.

But when Dean comes down to breakfast with what looks like cuts from a clash with the nail scissors where there's been the peach fuzz he's been so proud of, Bobby remembers how it's been like. To feel like an alien – everything strange and new, even your own body and mind. Emotions, urges, questions bottled up like a Molotov cocktail ready to explode. And no one to help you through, cause Daddy's fighting his own demons.

He curses under his breath, suddenly wanting to punch friggin' fate in the face.

"Come on, jackass", he says grumpily, and he leads a wary Dean through the maze of bookshelves and gun lockers and glasses with dried herbs to a huge dresser and after some more cursing he finally finds the razor. His wife has given it to him. And now he gives it to Dean. And the surprised smile and giant hug he's getting in return is tearing at his heart.

Bloody idjit, he's getting soft!