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Chapter 1 Meeting the demon at home

Sango tapped the pencil on the desk she was occupying. Once again

the whole group was at Inuyasha's house doing homework. Inuyasha on his

bed reading a magazine (A/n: he isn't big on homework), Miroku leaned

against the end of the bed reading, and Kagome was

laying on the floor doing a report. Sango was at Inuyasha's desk trying

to do a paper on Chinese history. Every one tried to do work but couldn't,

Sesshoumaru was playing his music so loud Inuyasha's walls were vibrating.

"All right, which one of us is going to tell him to go turn his fucking

music down?" Inuyasha dropped his magazine on the floor.

"You go do it, he is your brother." Sango retorted.

"Why can't we try to ignore it?" Kagome, the peacemaker, suggested

"Feh, he will just turn it up louder. Now who is going to do it?" Inuyasha's

eyes scanned the room for a volunteer. "No takers, eh? Well, then we'll do it

the normal way then."

Everyone made a four-person circle and did rock paper scissor shoot.

The first person to lose had to do the evil task. Sango put up paper when

every one else put up scissors. "Why am I the one who has to go face

certain doom?" she asked herself silently. She mumbled something along

the lines of hating Inuyasha's way of solving things and quickly went to the

door of the room next to Inuyasha's. Sesshoumaru had extremely good

hearing so she didn't have to knock too loudly. A white-haired junior who

attended their high school opened the door. 'Wow, he is HOT!' Was the

first thing that came to Sango's head. Sesshoumaru watched her with his

usual unemotional mask on.

"Inuyasha wants." a door slammed in her face and the music just got

louder. 'That went well,' she thought as she made her way back to

Inuyasha's room. Sango opened the door and was greeted by

a growl and an angry Inuyasha pushing her out of the way. A few

moments later they all heard Inuyasha nearly bashing down Sesshoumaru's

door, "Damn you, turn down your fucking music before I break down this

damn door and turn that music down my own fucking way!"

They all heard Sesshoumaru's door open and some one get punched

and the door get shut and locked. Inuyasha came in a moment later nursing a

now black eye. "Well now what do we do?" Miroku stopped reading his

book and looked up. " Sango or Kagome go, he doesn't strike girls."

Inuyasha took his hand away to see that Sesshoumaru had made him bleed.

Kagome backed away and looked sorry " Well, it looks like Sango is going

to talk to Sesshoumaru. Sorry Sango, but every woman for herself when it

comes to that guy. All in favor of Sango going, raise your hand." Three

hands went straight up and Sango looked angry,

"I already went! Kagome, it's your turn." Sango argued

"Too late for arguments." Kagome pushed her out the door and locked it

when Sango was in the hall.

" Kagome when I get back in there Inuyasha isn't the only one who will

have a black eye!" Sango banged on the door a couple times before she

timidly went to Sesshoumaru's door and knocked.

"Sesshoumaru?" Was he choosing to ignore her or did he finally

become deaf from his music? Her answer was the door unlocking and that

was it. She knocked a little louder this time "Are you going to turn your

music down or not?" still no reply. Sango had little patience and it was

getting shorter. She knew she was risking her life but she did it anyway

"Turn the music down or I will myself!" 'Yup, I am suicidal!' The door

opened and she expected to be killed but instead he opened the door and

said, "What do you want?" He was shirtless, annoyed, and was holding an

unsheathed katana. It was obvious he had been practicing his martial arts.

"Look boy, I don't have time for your attitude, now turn down your damn

music!" In one swift movement he was holding her by the shirt collar with

one hand and had the katana to her throat with the other.

"Go away." He said in a low voice (A/n: not very talkative is he.)

"You wouldn't dare." Sango wasn't afraid of Sesshoumaru just because he

had a sword.

"I don't have time for your insolence," he spat, annoyance flashing across

his face. With that he took the katana away from her neck, pushed her away,

and shut his door.

As Sango was heading back towards Inuyasha's room, she noticed he did

turn down his music. Sango went in Inuyasha's room as if nothing happened

and went back to her paper on Chinese history, thankful not to have the wall

she was next to vibrate. "How the hell did you make him do it?" Inuyasha

didn't look up from his magazine.

"I didn't back down and I wasn't scared of him" she wrote something down

on her report, 'even though he held a sword to my throat' she added mutely.

"DAMN!" she remembered something important about Sesshoumaru's

katana. Every one looked at her as if she had lost her mind, Sango blushed

and made up a quick lie "Ah, I mixed something up on my paper, give me a

break!" With that they went back to what they were doing. 'Crap! I have

katana lessons after school starting tomorrow and the katana Sesshoumaru

had was the same type (A/N: Or brand, not sure what you would say for a

sword type, anyone know?) the school uses. Maybe it's all just a

coincidence--- yeah that's right, it's a coincidence.' She picked up her

books and said "I have to go home, bye".

She once again got no answer from her friends. She raced out of

Inuyasha's home and ran down the street to her own house.