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Chapter 17

Truth Be Told


Sango slowly walked to the end of the hall and stood in front of the detention hall. She

could almost hear her teacher shouting with joy about Sango in detention. She heaved a sigh and

walked in the room. She looked over the class room. 'Okay, old teacher sleeping at desk, empty

seats, plain wall, Inuyasha whispering to me...INUYASHA!' Sango went towards her friend who

sat in the corner of the room.

"Why are you here?" Sango sat down at the closest desk.

"Remember when Naraku closed the door on me before school? Well I got revenge..." Sango cut

him off with a stern voice

"What did you do?"

"All I did was try to run him over in the middle of class." he gave her a smile and all she could

do was shake her head and laugh.

"Wheelchairs are not used for evil, Inuyasha." she tried to be serious but she fell into a fit of

giggles trying to imagine Naraku running from Inuyasha, while he was in a wheelchair.

"It wasn't evil, it was revenge." he crossed his arms over his chest and tried to hide a smile,

failing miserably. Sango began to laugh harder. They immediately shut up when they heard the

teacher shift in his chair. Inuyasha decided to have fun and draw on the teacher. He wheeled his

way up there with a permanent marker and started to draw on the teachers head. Unfortunately,

the teacher woke up and gave Inuyasha another day of detention.


Inuyasha glared at the teacher, who fell asleep again. Sango tried to get him to stop throwing

things at him, but gave up. She knew that Inuyasha wouldn't stop throwing things until he ran out

of supplies. Sango grabbed all of the objects off Inuyasha's desk before he could throw another


"Stop it! Every time you do that he snores louder. Pretty soon the building will fall on us!" Sango

made sure he couldn't get anymore things.

"Feh." Inuyasha started to take paper out of his binder, turn it into a ball, then threw it at the

teacher. Sango sigh,

"Your hopeless."

"You know you still like me." Inuyasha saw her look down into her lap.

"Sango, what's wrong. Did I say something to offend you?" Sango shook her head when

Inuyasha asked her.

"It's not that, its..... something else." Sango half mumbled, not sure if she could tell him.

"What is it? You can trust me if it's a secret." Inuyasha closed his binder and gave her his full

attention, something she didn't want at that moment.

"Its nothing really, it's actually something stupid!" Sango tried to sound cheery.

"Now tell me the truth. The only other time you acted like this was when your dad went to the

hospital after a car accident." Inuyasha pushed her to tell him.

"Inuyasha, I am fine really. It's nothing like that! I told you, it's stupid." She was getting irritated

at his persistence.

"Sango." He gave a warning growl. Sango looked out the window. Not talking for a long time,

just wishing she could get out of the situation she was in. She wouldn't make eye contact with

him, trying to change the subject. Nothing worked, when he wanted someone to tell him

something, they would tell him.

"Inuyasha, can we please talk about something else?" Sango was ready to beg, but he shook his

head no.

"Sango, tell me. What is wrong?" He tried to look her in the eye but she looked down again.

Sango prayed to be any where but in that room. She gave in, heaving a sigh, she finally mumbled


"What did you say?" Inuyasha's voice held curiosity.

"I said I like your brother!" Sango blushed a deep shade of red and felt like she stepped on her

best friends heart. He wouldn't look at her, he didn't talk to her. Sango felt terrible, the silence in

the room was unbearable.

"Inuyash...." her voice was drowned out by a bell, telling the late kids they could go home. She

sat there for a moment and watched her friend get out of the class room and away from her. She

slowly stood and followed him out. Hoping against hope that he would talk to her later that day.


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