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Legolas is poisoned after following Aragorn who had ran away in the wood. When they received word from somebody saying that it must be Aragorn alone that goes to find the antidote, Aragorn leave, not caring if it's a trap or not. Then Aragorn disappears, and to have him back Elrond must give his most precious possession.....Vilya.

This is the fifth installment of my series Following an Oath.



The feast of the previous day had been a grand one, for it had been in Estel's honor. The boy had turn 20 that day and today will be an important day for him, for Elrond would tell him his true lineage. The only persons that knew were the twins, Glorfindel, Erestor and a few trusted rangers.

Elrond knew that the news would be a shock to his youngest son and also to Legolas for the prince didn't know either. Not because of mistrust, more because they had sworn when they took Estel in that they would never tell anyone who he really was and also for Legolas' own good because not everybody believed that Aragorn had died with his parents and dark forces

were always trying to find him. Having Legolas know could have sent them against him.


Estel had a great time at his birthday celebration. There had been so many people at it, and even Raniean and Trelan had come along with Legolas. The two had been sorry that they could only stay until the feast but Estel had been happy that they had come anyway, even if it would have been for an hour. Elrond had even presented him to a few rangers who had come, because Estel had decided to become one and they would teach him their ways.

Estel was now heading to his father's study with Legolas, because he had something that he needed to say to them. Both were wondering whats it was, for they knew that they had not caused trouble in the last weeks. They finally arrived at it and when they entered, Elrond motioned them to sit.

"My son, I have called you hear because I have something important to tell you and I would like Legolas to hear it too." Elrond's face was grave and serious so Estel and Legolas were a little worried about what was to come.

"Estel, you always wanted to know who your parents were." When Estel nodded Elrond continued. "First of all your name is not Estel, it's Aragorn, son of Arathorn. And you my son are the last descendant of Isildur which makes you the heir of the throne of Gondor." Legolas' mouth dropped open, while Estel's face showed signs of confusion, hurt and betrayal.

He stayed that way even when Elrond gave him the ring of Barahir, an heirloom of his house. When Aragorn finally spoke, he asked, "Those rangers knew didn't they?"

"Yes, they were the only ones, for since the fall of Isildur, your line went in exile and they became the Chief of the Dunedain, the last remnant of the numemorien. When your parents were killed, your brothers told everyone that you had died too, for your protection. A few of them knew, for it to be easier for yourself when you decide to take what is rightly yours." After Elrond had finished, Aragorn got up, and left without a word, heading for the forest.

Elrond knew that he would need time to accept the news but, he asked Legolas to follow him, not to talk, only to keep an eye on him.


Aragorn was leaning against his favorite oak, thinking. Thoughts of betrayal were running through his mind. After seeing dark for about half an hour, Aragorn finally understood. They only had done that for his protection, because they cared! He should be grateful, for they took him in, without giving a second though about the danger that he could bring them. He should not have runaway from his father, in fact, he was going back to apologize right now.


Legolas has been silently watching Estel all that time. The young boy had gone to the oak were Legolas had first met him all those years ago. Legolas had always known that there was something about Estel, but he never would have guessed that his best friend was the heir of Isildur! This news only made his oath have more importance; he was now more determined then ever to stay by his side. He was deep in thought, when an arrow embeds itself in his stomach. The attack was so sudden that he didn't even have the time to cry out to Aragorn, who had gotten up to leave, before falling into the shadows.

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