Title: Dilemma

Author: Karine

Rating: R

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Summary: Legolas is poisoned after following Aragorn who had ran away in the wood. When they received word from somebody saying that it must be Aragorn alone that goes to find the antidote, Aragorn leave, not caring if it's a trap or not. Then Aragorn disappears, and to have him back Elrond must give his most precious possession.....Vilya.

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The Stand Off

The few hours that followed were a blur to everyone, each of them acting on habit more than anything. Elrond and Gandalf were spending all that time searching which poison Elladan had been given, for they knew it was one. Raniean and Trelan were showing their support to the younger twin, all the while keeping him from going mad with worry and guilt. But Glorfindel had the saddest task of them all; he had to tell the news of Ranio's death to his parents.

As Elrond was treating his older son, thoughts of the one he may just have lost were passing through his mind. But he pushed them to the back of his mind, for he knew, deep inside of him, that Aragorn yet lived. Relief passed through him when Gandalf finally found the antidote to the poison and gave it to Elladan. Now the older twin was sleeping peacefully, deep into an elven healing sleep that was supposed to last around half a day.

Raniean and Trelan thought that Elrohir was in a bad emotional shape, but they had not seen Thranduil. In fact, no one saw him; when he learned of his son's disappearance he "barricaded" himself in Legolas' room. At first, glass and furniture alike could be heard crashing on the walls, then nothing. Thranduil had always hidden his emotions very well, but now he could not help being worried sick. For although he knew that his son could take care of himself just fine, the sick feeling that had made him leave Mirkwood in the first place had not left him; in fact, they was only getting worse.


Falieth had just finished tying two messages on the foot of his crow when the captain of his orcs came back into the cave.

"What news do you bring Glackort?" The dark elf asked.

"We killed another, Master, that is the third one so far, just as you had predicted Master." Glackort sneered.

"Good, all is falling into place, my plan his working perfectly. Now, be ready, we leave for Rivendell in a few hours." Falieth commended as he watch his black crow fly toward Rivendell.

Then, he walked to the back of the cave, and kicked the boy in the ribs.

"Here that boy, you'll die in your home." Falieth said in a taunting voice as Aragorn let out a soft whimper.


There was an eerie feeling floating around Rivendell, for although it was dinner time, no voices could be heard, and no one were even actually eating in the dinning room. After making sure that Elladan would be well, Elrond locked himself in his study with Gandalf. Elrohir was staying at his twin's side, with Raniean and Trelan. Thranduil had not left Legolas' room and Glorfindel was currently sitting near the door, trying to get the King to exit the room.

Elrond and Gandalf were in deep conversation with Galadriel about the day's event when they were abruptly interrupted by something "knocking" at the window. It turn out that it was the black crow that had brought the first letter. Without giving it a second thought, Elrond snatched the message from the crow's foot and read it. Had his chair not been near him he would have fallen on the floor, but he managed to make it to it and drop down on it, shock, disbelief and a hint of fear crossing the half- elf's eyes. Gandalf took the letter from him and read it.

Dear Elrond,

I'm sure you already knew it but your son lives. But, now you know what I am capable of, and that I am going to kill the boy if you do not give me what I want. Give me Vilya and the boy will be returned to you. Keep the ring, and the boy die. As soon as the sun sets, I will come into your pitiful home's courtyard.


Both never saw the crow leave the room, and no one saw it going straight for someone who had been waiting for instructions for a long time.

I got your last message, the Prince left already, I am impressed. But I am not in the case of the older twin. But as soon as he still sleeps, we won't have trouble with both and there is also the fact that few know that the antidote must be given five hours after the first dose, if not, then the patient dies. You did your job well my spy, I have to admit that poisoning the elder of that half-breed without him or the younger one noticing was a great accomplishment. As the sun sets, I will be in Rivendell's courtyard and I want you to be near it but inside.


Elrond stood, his head high and his jaw set, as he waited for Falieth to make his appearance. He was not alone in his waiting in front of the front gate, Glorfindel stood at his side, looking every bit of the mighty warrior he is. A little ways off to Elrond's left stood Thranduil, flanked by Raniean and Trelan. Behind them were a few of their best warriors.

Then they came; at least twenty orcs passed through the gate followed by Falieth and a bigger orc holding Aragorn; well, half-dragging, half-leading Aragorn was a more exact description.

The first one to break the silence was Aragorn; it was not words that passed his lips, but a groan of pain. And as that happened, Falieth backhanded him with enough force to make his head spin. That made everyone's anger flare and Glorfindel had to put a restraining hand on Elrond's shoulder to prevent him from jumping at Falieth's throat and ripping the other elf's head off.

"Elrond, give it to me now, and he will live, if not..." He unsheathed a dagger and handed it to the orc holding Aragorn.

The said orc, who turned out to be Glackort, took the dagger and pointed it on Aragorn's back, directly where the man's heart was. Just to make sure that his point was getting through, Falieth nodded to Glackort and the beast pressed the dagger against Aragorn's back and that elicited a deep yell of pain from the man. Then Glackort showed the dagger to the others, blood with a mix of black were dripping from the tip; it was poisoned.

That did it, Elrond removed the ring from his finger and began advancing on Falieth. At the same moment, Glackort was slowly releasing Aragorn. The Elrond stopped when he was about a foot from Falieth and said,

"Release him and I shall give it to you." He hissed.

The events that followed happened so fast that even those who were there didn't really understand what had happened. For it seemed that Elrond extended his hand a little too fast and that Falieth managed to snatch the ring from the half-elf's hands without having to release Aragorn. Before dashing in the woods, he nodded one last time to Glackort who stabbed Aragorn in the back. The man fell to his knees then flat on his face. Elrond fell to his knees at the side of his youngest and as he turned the boy around. Aragorn open his mouth to speak but Glackort did so before him.

"NOW!!" The beast yelled before following his master.

A volley of arrows were released on those in the courtyard, hitting two elves from the courtyard. A stray arrow then made his way into the twins' room, hitting Elrohir straight in the chest. The younger twin stumbled a little then fell backward. Elladan, still in his deep healing sleep, never knew anything was wrong.

But, Elrond was oblivious to what was happening, for he still had his son in his arms, and the boy now held little chance to survive, but Elrond would do anything possible to save him.

"Ada, what have you done" Aragorn croaked before falling into oblivion.

One of them would not make it to see daylight again.





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