My 3rd crossover.

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The Hunchback of Notre Dame belongs to Victor Hugo and Disney.

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As we all know, the city of Paris awakens every morning to the ringing of the bells of Notre Dame.

In the city's twisting lanes, families have their morning meals while horses pull carriages and wagons of buy and trade to market. The bakers bake, the blacksmith beat out tools and fire. Even little boys chase each other on their way to school... And all of this happens outside the cathedral of Notre Dame, which Archdeacon Bobnar calls home.

Notre Dame stood (and it still stands to this day) at the very heart of Paris and every living thing takes place within the shadows.

In the village square, a large-jawed skeleton puppet master who went by the name of Bonejangles was entertaining children with a tale they've never heard before.

"Listen to that" said the skeleton. "They're beautiful, no?"

The children were amazed as they heard the bells ring.

"So many colors of sound, changing moods" continued Bonejangles. "Because you know, they don't ring all by themselves."

"They- They don't?" stammered a nervous girl.

"No, dear child."

Then with a boney finger, Bonejangles pointed towards the bell tower of Notre Dame.

"Up there, high, high in the dark bell tower, lives the mysterious bell ringer."

The children stared at each other. Bell ringer? Mysterious?

They had so many questions and as if reading the children's minds, Bonejangles smiled.

"How it come to be there you ask?" he said. "What a story it is Bonejangles will tell you. A tale of a man... and a monster..."

It was a dark night and a band of gypsies were sliding through the waters of the Seine.

The rat gypsy gently held her baby as it started to cry.

"Oh, shut him up, will you!" begged her husband.

"We'll be spotted!" snapped Sid.

"Shh, shh, shh... Hush, little one" whispered the mother.

Once they docked the boat, Fetcher and his partner, Nick waited patiently for their pay.

"Four gilders for safe passage into Paris" said Nick.

But then, guards arrived and trapped the rat gypsies.

They screamed as a iron cage landed in the snow, then they gazed up at a figure whose hands were hard as bronze.

"Judge Claude Nooth!" cried the father gypsy.

Riding on his horse, Nightmare Moon, North glared at the gypsies. For you see, he saw corruption everywhere expect within himself and longed to rid the world of vice and sin.

"Hmm... Bring these gypsy vermin to the Palace of Justice" said Judge Nooth.

The guards took most of the rats away, but the mother rat escaped from the cage, only to be caught by a guard.

"Oi! You there!" shouted a guard, gripping her by the tail. "What on earth are you hiding?!"

The mother kicked and squirmed as she held the bundle close to her.

"Must be stolen goods, no doubt" scoffed Nooth. "Take them from her!"

She ran!

The gypsy ran through the streets of Paris, but Nooth gave chase on horseback as Nightmare Moon thundered after the little rat through the ice and snow.

Finally, the gypsy climbed through the bars of a fence and jumped into the snow, losing Nooth.

Reaching Notre Dame, the gypsy pounded on the cathedral door.

"Help us! Sanctuary! Please give us sanctuary!" she cried.

But then, she noticed that Nooth has caught up to her and tried to run off the courtyard, only for Nightmare Moon's hooves block her path.

Nooth jumped off the horse and snatched the covered bundle from the gypsy's arms.

"Thank you, gypsy" he sneered, kicking her away.

"No!" screamed the gypsy as she tried to race to Nooth, only to slip on the ice and hit her head on the cement steps.

As Nooth was about to jump back on Nightmare Moon's back, he felt the tiny bundle move and "it" began to cry.

"Huh? A baby?" frowned Nooth, uncovering the baby's head.

He recoiled in shock.

"A monster!"

He searched around the courtyard, finding a way to dispose the baby where no one else could see. Then, he had an idea.

Approaching a well, Nooth raised a large brick over the baby. He was about to lower the brick and kill the infant when...


It was Bobnar, the archdeacon.

"He is an demon!" protested Nooth. "I am sending him back where it belongs!"

But, Bobnar had picked up the dead gypsy mother from the cement steps.

"Do you see the innocent blood you have spilt on the steps of Notre Dame?" said Bobnar, gesturing the dead rat.

"I am guiltless, caveman- she ran, I pursued" argued Nooth. "So, my conscience is clear!"

"Don't be blind! You can lie to yourself and your minions, you can claim that you haven't a qualm. But you can't run or hide what you have done from the very eyes of Notre Dame!"

Nooth turned his head to see the statues of Virgin Mary, Saint Anne and all the lives of former saints. He felt fear as if the stone statues were real live people glaring at him.

"Oh, what must I do?" gasped Nooth, with fear in his voice.

"Care for the child" replied Bobnar. "And raise it as your own."

"What? You tell me I am to be saddle with this puny, misshapen- Hmm... Very well, let him live with you, in your church."

"Here? Live here? But where exactly?"

"Anywhere, so he's kept locked away where no one can see his face."

Then, Nooth's attention turned towards the bell tower with a creepy smile.

And who knows this foul creature may perhaps prove one day to be of use to me he thought to himself.

And so, Nooth raised the child in the bell tower of Notre Dame and gave him a cruel name.


To be continued...