Here's the moment, you all have been waiting for... the ending of the story.

Rocky and Ginger soon emerged from the door outside and raised their wings as if to say 'we did it!'

The crowd cheered loudly, Nooth's wrath was over.

Bobnar smiled proudly of the duo's success.

But then, Ginger realized something and turned back to the open doorway.

She stretched out her wing and then felt a paw touching it. She then pulled Spike out into the light, causing the crowd to grow silent upon seeing the rat.

Spike twitched nervously. He wasn't sure what to expect from them.

Soon, a little girl named Gwen Hines ('Arthur Christmas') emerged from the crowd and walked up the cathedral steps.

She stared at Spike for a second, unsure. And then, she did something unexpectedly... she lightly touched him.

Surprised, Spike let Gwen continue to pet him and then she hugged him.

"Awww..." cooed the crowd.

Gwen placed Spike on her shoulder and then brought him into the crowd, placing him on the ground.

"Three cheers for Spike the rat of Notre Dame!" shouted Bonejangles.

The crowd broke into loud cheering once more!

"Hooray! Hooray! HOORAY!"

And then, Bonejangles started singing.


Here is a riddle you can guess

Sing the bells of Notre Dame

What makes a monster, and what makes a man?

Sing the bells, bells, bells, bells...

Up in the bell tower, Mrs. Potts smiled, proud of Spike.

Timmy licked Rocky, accepting him as he and Ginger watched Spike get thrown into the air by the crowd (despite his small size).

"Whatever their pitch, you can hear them bewitch you

The rich and the ritual knells

Of the bells of Notre Dame!

Like a football (or baseball) champion, Spike was carried on upon their shoulders.

Sure, he didn't get the girl, but Spike knew one thing was true; he had new friends and how they helped him make his dreams of being accepted by everyone else come true.

Normally, he liked unhappy endings with lots of violence, but Spike truly did had a happy ending with everyone he knew and the city he loved.