Chapter 4 - The beginning of the Battle between the Orc Lord

Seeing as I was to follow Rimuru into battle I stayed behind everyone with Lycus. Hearing how we were going to meet up with Souei I nodded when Rimuru looked at me. I started to set up a frost around me in order to protect anyone who would have gotten hurt.

Arriving to see orc corpses all over the place I sighed a with a small smile at the fact that Souei must have dispatched them easily enough. Seeing Souei holding a Lizardman as my slime companion healed her with a healing potion, I smiled at the fact she was going to be okay. "Yuko, can you cover some of the healed wounds with your frost?"

"Very well." I stated and walked over. I held my hand at where she was previously wounded and let my snow cover the small area. Turning the frost to crystal I saw it turn from ice to gold to red, then break apart.

"That's good. My potion can heal the inside up to 100% however yours is like a final scan." The slime stated. I smiled and stood up as I went back to Lycus, feeling Souei looking at me now. I've come to wonder if he stared because I was a threat or if I was a friend he was worried about.

Hearing the information I wondered how idiotic would this Gabil could be. I walked over to him. I mean we had no space between us!


Rimuru when he waved me over. "Souei I'm ordering you to rescue the chieftain and the others, take Yuko with you for any injured."

I blinked and looked at the blue haired Oni. He looked at me as well before agreeing. I went over to him and soon we were on our way, though I could do without the hand holding me close to

Walking with Souei as we infiltrated the female we saved following as I stood in front of her as Souei defeated all the orc in the way. She hadn't really spoken to me in fact she almost seemed a little hostile towards me, but I didn't let that stop me from protecting her from anything that strayed too close.

Opening the gate I saw Souei nod towards me to use my frost. Waving the frost at their injuries , I saw them shiver as the frost turned once again from ice to gold then to red before breaking apart. As this happened I heard that skill voice in my head again. My scholar seemed to be quiet as this happened.

[Skill: Crystal Healing Acquired]

As the female Lizardman hugged her father I worked on getting them out of their chains. As we walked I saw something ahead of us. Souei nodded an okay for me to go check it out. As I did something shot into my side. Stumbling away I saw a monster with a mask on. I blinked as he pulled the arrow out of my side. Soon I felt like I was numb but awake. My legs collapsed to the ground as I heard Souei take care of the last of the orcs before he and Lizardmen came into view.

"Lady Yuko!"

I looked at the female Lizardmen as she called out, Souei's attention now caught on me. But before he could shadow step towards myself and whoever this was the area changed. Blinking I saw myself over top the battle field of Orcs and my companions. I still felt numb as the monster holding me held me over the land.

"You'll make a good leverage ice woman. My plan was going so well...but even if I fail at this he should be pleased with your involvement."

I could only glare up at him as I tried to find a way to contact Rimuru. But my mind was numb. My body was numb. Everything was numb.

Next chapter is going to be a doozy for sure.