Life Goes On

Chapter 1: The Meeting

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A/N: This is a definite AU piece. Ashes to Ashes happened, Last Knight happened but things didn't turn out quite the way they did in the show. Oh yeah, Fleur never died. Well she did but… you'll see. Also let me say that this is a slightly more Fleur/Lacroix-centric story though the Nick/Natalie aspect is important.


Fleur sat in the darkened hallway. Upstairs the heavy industrial music pounded. She could feel the crowd, mortals mostly, mortals and very young vampires. The Raven had really gone down the drain in the past 5 years. The majority of elder vampires had fled the city. They said if Lucien Lacroix left the city so quickly something must be wrong. Of course all of this happened, as she was just moving in. She never really thought about it, though. She just wished the vintage the club served were better. Fleur jumped as the door in front of her opened. A grim faced woman stepped out of the dark room.

"They'll see you now." Even her voice dripped contempt.

Fleur sighed and walked past her, the train of her red velvet dress rustling on the floor. Just inside the she stopped and turned back to the woman " You know, my dear, you should have a bit more respect for your elders. You never know when disrespect may catch up to you. Perhaps rather violently."

"You're just making idle threats. You wouldn't harm me."

She smiled her eyes taking a yellow tint "Of course not. But then I never make threats." Her smile widened exposing her white fangs. "Never…Idle threats."

"Ladies, that will be enough." A well dressed, older gentleman stepped out into the light "Kendra, you should know better than to show such obvious contempt for vampires as well respected and powerful as our guest." he addressed the blonde woman. "And you, Fleur, should not give such obvious signs of aggression. You never know if there are mortals about to inadvertently witness your displays of strength. Honestly, now I know Lacroix taught you better"

Fleur's eyes cast down. "Of course Aristotle."

"No need to feel chastised by me dear. I'm sure he'll punish you soon enough. Now come." Aristotle held out a hand to her.

She reached out and took it but inside she cringed. She had been hoping he and the enforcers had not known about her master sending her to Toronto four years earlier on a little errand that she had yet to complete.

He led her to a chair in the middle of the room. At the far end a long table was set up. Behind it sat the vampires she knew to be the leaders of the enforcers. These were the men, none under 2000 years old, who wrote and upheld the laws of their kind.

"Oh crap." she whispered under her breath.

He laughed a bit as he walked around her. "I take it that means you know why we've brought you here."

"I have a feeling."

"Your brother has left our kind in quite a predicament. Do you know where he is?"

"No. I don't know where my brother in his, oh so infinite wisdom, has decided to run away to hide and flog himself this decade." Her voice was short.

"The others said as much." He said to the men at the table then turned back to her. "I have known your master since he was but a young boy. If it were not for that fact we would have destroyed your brother's unfed infant years ago. We also would have destroyed you for failing to take her to him." He stopped. "What is so funny Fleur?"

She stopped giggling suddenly. "I… It's… It's just the thought of Lacroix as a child. I just have trouble imagining that."

He smiled as he crouched down at her level. "Remember that amusing thought, Fleur De Brabant, when he is punishing you for failing to follow his commands. After, you take your brother's child to him. Now, go Fleur. Be gone before the end of tomorrow night." He pointed to the door.

She stood and left the room. Outside she leaned against the door. "Why couldn't they just have killed me?"


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