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"All might"

Chapter 7


Saturday morning.

Izuku wakes up earlier than normal to get some extra training in. He may have a date… or whatever this was later, but he cannot slack on his training. He has priorities, afterall. All Might visited him halfway through his training session that morning to check on him.

"Young Midoriya!" All Might booms in his transformed state.

Izuku turns around while setting down the broken washer into the pickup truck. He dusts off his hands on his sweatpants looking towards All Might as he comes down the stairs to the beach wearing a plain white shirt and blue jeans.

'Very… American'. Izuku concludes as he approaches All Might.

"Hey All Might. What's up?" Izuku asks as he wipes the sweat from his forehead with his All Might T shirt. Fanboy at its finest.

"I was just in the neighborhood and I wanted to check on your progress! I'm very impressed with how swiftly you are working. You should be ready to inherit One For All in a couple months". All Might explains looking towards the sky letting out a bolstering laugh to the high heavens.

"Thanks, All Might. I'm still honored that you picked me as a successor. There had to be better candidates than myself". Izuku sighs. He may be more confident as he grew up, but being picked by All Might himself, you can't help but feel somewhat inadequate for such a privilege.

"Nonsense, my boy! I saw the potential in you because you have the heart and spirit of a true hero. I couldn't have found anyone better. Quirk or not. I believe in you". All Might rests his hand on Midoriya's shoulder.

Izuku starts crying after hearing his kind words of encouragement.

'You can become a hero, young Midoriya'.

All Might's words echoing within his head back to where his training all started. He has come so far in just a few weeks. Izuku couldn't be happier becoming the legacy that All Might will leave behind, but also it's a daunting task. A lot of pressure to be put on an early teen. Will that deter him? Most likely not.

"Enough crying, young Midoriya! We can't get much done if you can't see correctly. Let's start with that pile over there". All Might points over Midoriya's shoulder on the left side of the beach.

Izuku wipes off the tears using his forearm and walks behind All Might.

"Right!" Izuku exclaims with a determined look in his eyes.

Some hours later.

"I want to die". Izuku groans face first in the sand of the beach park. Utter exhaustion is plaguing every inch of his body.

"You can't die yet, Midoriya, but that will be enough for today. Good workout, Midoriya! You can head home for the day". All Might concludes helping Izuku out of the sand by picking him up by the shirt and plopping him up on his legs. He wobbles a bit, but he is overall fine now.

"Yeah. That would be nice". Izuku smiles, but then something hits him mentally and it is something that has been bothering him.

All Might sees that look and asks.

"Are you alright?" He asks.

"Since I'd be the ninth bearer and you're the eighth, who gave you One For All?" Izuku asks. There has been information gaps that he has noticed and it has been bugging him to no end.

All Might stiffens at his question. It is still a sore subject for the number one hero. He was unable to save the person who gave him everything, Nana Shimura.

"Her name was Nana Shimura. She was the one who gave me One For All and passed down the torch to me". All Might answers albeit begrudgingly.

"Was? What happened to her? You don't have to answer that". Izuku asks. He can see the pain in All Might's eyes and he doesn't want to overstep.

"No, it's alright. She died quite a long time ago. On the last year of my high school studies, she was killed by a villain". All Might sounding distraught.

"I'm sorry. I wish that I could meet her. That must not have been an ordinary villain since she was a bearer of One For All". Izuku slumps his shoulders. All Might's teacher and predecessor had to be one hell of a role model to mold a hero like All Might.

'All For One… Should I tell him about him about what he may have to face if he somehow resurfaces again? No. Not yet'. All Might concludes his thought.

"You're right. It was no ordinary villain, but that is a story for another time. I will try and meet you here in about a week or two. I will be quite busy, but I believe that you will be just fine on your own until you inherit One For All. Until then, young Midoriya!" All Might waves as he exits the beach.

"See ya. I won't let you down!" Izuku exclaims in excitement earning him a thumbs up from the symbol of peace.

'Wow. I am beat'. Izuku suddenly remembers his exhaustion pulling out his phone to check what time it is.

"Oh shit. I gotta get ready to meet Momo later". Izuku hurries as he stuffs his phone back into his pocket and sprints out of the beach park on his already sore legs.

Izuku runs up the stairs to his apartment complex and opens the front door to be greeted by his mother while taking off his shoes.

"Oh you're back, Izuku? I have lunch ready in half an hour". Inko calls from the kitchen.

"Alright! I'm just gonna take a shower and head into my room". Izuku answers walking into the bathroom and turning on the showerhead letting the water heat up a bit. He turns back and locks the door.

He strips off his shirt in front of the mirror seeing how his progress is coming along so far.

His six-pack abs are more defined and protruding more than it was two weeks ago which is a good sign along with his chest and arm muscles growing in size a bit as well. The picture he took before All Might started training him is definitely serving its purpose as a motivator.

What really surprised Izuku is that his back is showing the most improvement from all the heavy lifting. His back prior to All Might's training was nothing to laugh at, but now it is much more noticeable to the naked eye. You could see more muscle, but it can still be worked on. Overall, Izuku is happy with how his results are coming. Two weeks of training was basically nothing if you were expecting significant results, but with All Might's training plan, he was flourishing.

Feeling content, Izuku takes off his sweatpants and boxers to examine his legs. He notices that his quads haven't changed a whole lot, but he does notice that his inner thigh muscles (I really do not want to research the exact name of the muscle group) have gotten more visible. He can't see his calves in the mirror so he looks down and is surprised to see that they have gotten somewhat bigger. Probably from all the running and exercise in the sand making his legs work against the resistance. He smiles and reaches his hand towards the running water and he feels that it's hot enough so he unlocks the door to the bathroom and steps inside the shower closing the curtain.

So… two things. One, he didn't want to check out his glutes because he thought it would be a little strange to be checking out his own ass in the mirror a before he'd be meeting up with a girl. Yeah… no. Two, why unlock the door to the bathroom? Well his mother tends to walk in sometimes either to use the facilities or grab an item from the cabinets behind the mirror. It was a three panel mirror that opens up, so there's that. Also there was only one bathroom and Izuku wasn't about to make her wait just to take a shower.

Back with Izuku.

He is in the middle of scrubbing himself clean from the intense workout earlier. All the dirt and grime from the junk on the beach all fading away from his body. Now for the hard hitting thoughts inside his head.

'Hanging out with Momo will definitely be interesting. I don't know if she'll be comfortable with me calling her by her given name, so Yaoyorozu will be good. I don't want to blow my chances. Ugh, what am I saying? I just had a sexual encounter with Ochako, so that's different by calling her by her given name. Why should I be concerned with my changes with Yaoyorozu? I should be more dedicated to Ochako. She clearly likes me from what I can tell. I shouldn't just act like some playboy trying to be the king of harems. Should I? No. This isn't some fictional fan service anime. This is real. God, I just hope this goes well'. Izuku ends his thoughts by turning off the showerhead and stepping out of the shower since he cleaned practically every inch of his sore body.

Looking at his phone, he can see that he got a text message. Izuku dries himself off and wraps a towel around his body picking up his phone to see a message from Yaoyorozu.

Momo: Hey. I sent you my address. Could you also bring study material? I have some exams coming up and it could also benefit you since you're taking the entrance exam.

Izuku smiled since now it wouldn't be super awkward to find something to do at her house.

Izuku: Sure. I'll bring some things over. I'm going to pack up and I'll head over there.

Momo: Sounds great! See you then!

Izuku walks out the bathroom and into his room to get dressed. He didn't want to look underdressed or overdressed. This wasn't a date… maybe, probably not.

He decides on a green T shirt and a black jacket along with some black jeans, but he sports his iconic red boots with the outfit.

'I don't look like a douche right? Hopefully not'. Izuku abandons that thought as his mother calls him in for lunch.

After lunch, he takes a look at the time and it was 2:30pm. He quickly runs back to his room and packs a bunch of notebooks and a few class textbooks into his red bag. He owns a few bookbags: Yellow, Blue and red. No doubt imitating All Might's golden age costume.

What he doesn't notice is that he also packed his sketchbook by accident.

"I gotta go mom. Meeting Yaoyorozu today!" Izuku putting his bag on about to exit the apartment.

"Okay, Izuku! Just don't get her pregnant!" Inko teases.

"Mom!" Izuku flusters.

"I'm just messing with you, baby. Have fun!" Inko says.

"Okay, bye!" Izuku exiting the apartment rather quickly.

'Geez. Now. About that address'. Izuku says pulling up her address into the map app and makes his way there. It's about a 10-20 minute walk up north.

"Uh. She never said she was rich". Izuku deadpans to the huge mansion in front of him after getting passed the front gate intercom.

Before he could knock on the door, it opened revealing none other than Yaoyorozu.

She is wearing a shortcut dress going halfway down her thighs and revealing a moderate amount of cleavage along with black flats.

Izuku is in awe and is speechless at the sight before him and his face heats up a bright red color. He quickly composes himself to avoid looking like a creep.

"You look very beautiful, Yaoyorozu-san". Izuku compliments.

Yaoyorozu blushes at his greeting. "You look great too, Midoriya-san, here come in. I have everything set up in the study room".

"Right". Izuku responds stepping inside the huge house, if you could call it that and follows her.

"So are you still stealing trash on the beach?" Yaoyorozu turns and smiles stiffening a giggle.

Izuku heartbeat increases slightly. "Oh haha. Very funny. I have still been cleaning it". He responds.

"Well I think it is honorable what you're doing. Community work is greatly admirable". Yaoyorozu shyly says as they enter the huge room filled with bookshelves, a few tables and chairs (If you want a visual, it's similar to the bunker's library in supernatural).

"Yeah. I heard it was a beautiful place before it was littered with trash, so restoring it will definitely add more attraction to the area. It's also a huge help in training for the exam". Izuku explains sitting down pulling out his textbooks and notebooks.

"Well I'd like to see it when you finish. Oh, I forgot to ask on the beach, but what is your quirk?" Yaoyorozu asks pulling out some of her own books.

Izuku sweats a little bit. "It's a strength amplification quirk. Nothing too flashy". He nervously laughs.

"Well If it gets the job done then it doesn't really need to be flashy now does it? Maybe you could show me it sometime and we should start on chemistry by the way". Yaoyorozu smiles and opening her textbook.

"Y-Yeah definitely". Izuku spreads his notebooks out to find his more scientific journal since it isn't really specific to a certain kind of science.

"Hey what's that? Is that a sketchbook? I didn't know you were an artist". Yaoyorozu reaching for it, but Izuku snatches it quickly.

"N-No it's n-not. J-Just a normal n-notebook". Izuku stutters and blushing. There's not way he can show her what he draws. Most of the sketches are tame, but a few are quite sexual and even straight pornographic.

"Oh come on. I promise I won't judge". Yaoyorozu slightly pouts.

'Oh now that's just cute'. Izuku thought before slapping himself mentally.

"Maybe another time. I haven't shown anyone my work". Izuku shyly says.

"Only if you draw something for me on the spot". Yaoyorozu slightly smirks.

"W-Why would you want me to do t-that? Izuku asks.

"It's only fair getting me excited to see your artistic abilities". Yaoyorozu says triumphantly.

"Fine, but you have to show me one of your hobbies too". Izuku smirks.

"B-But I'm not really good at anything in relation to hobbies". Yaoyorozu meekly states doing a complete 180 on her personality.

"Oh come on. I bet there's something that you're talented at". Izuku smiles at her.

She stares at him. "I can play the piano a bit". She shyly says.

'Wow she really is getting shy about this'. Izuku starts to feel a bit bad.

"It's okay. If you're uncomfortable you don't have to". Izuku assures her.

"N-No it's okay. It's only fair Midoriya-san". Yaoyorozu smiles at him gaining a bit more confidence.

"Well that aside, let's get started". Izuku opens a similar textbook to her's.

"Yeah. Let's". She smiles at begins to study.

1 Hour Later

Izuku yawns stretching his limbs.

"That was quite productive. I'm feeling a bit better about how all these bonds form and connect(I'm not a chemistry junkie. I fell asleep in class most of my 2nd semester. Don't judge me). I kinda forgot about it over the school year". Izuku laughs.

"It's only natural since it's not really talked about anymore, but it'll probably be on the exam". Yaoyorozu states.

"Since we are done, do you want me to draw you something? Anything you have in mind?" Izuku asks getting out his sketchbook.

"Um. Could you draw me?" Yaoyorozu timidly requests.

Izuku's whole face flushes red and she quickly changes her meaning.

"N-Nothing s-s-sexual. Just a p-portrait or something". Yaoyorozu blushes.

"R-Right. Could you p-pose or something?" Izuku stutters. 'Did I really just ask her that?'

"P-P-Pose?!" Yaoyorozu blushes a darker red at his request. She'd be too embarrassed to pose like some model.

"O-Or just stay still so it's accurate, sorry". Izuku quietly asks.

"I-I can do that". She responds sitting up and staying still.

"Yeah that's good". Izuku starts drawing.

Yaoyorozu sits there awkwardly and seeing Midoriya look up studying her face. She blushes under his gaze at the attention.

A few minutes go by and izuku drops his pencil.

"O-Okay. It's done for the most part. It was a quick sketch. J-Just don't laugh at it". Izuku hands her the notebook.

Yaoyorozu looks at it and is incredibly impressed. It was incredibly good for a quick sketch. The shape and curves of her face are accurate along with her hair being drawn beautifully. She is smiling slightly in the sketch which causes her to smile back at it.

"It's really good Midoriya-san". Yaoyorozu compliments.

"T-Thanks. I was hoping that you would like it". Izuku exhales deeply at the weight on his chest being lifted.

"I do. Can I keep it?" Yaoyorozu asks.

"Y-Yes. Of course". Izuku immediately replies.

"Thank you. Here come this way. A deal is a deal". Yaoyorozu sits up and walks up the staircase towards the northern exit of the library.

"Hey, I just noticed that I haven't seen your parents anywhere". Izuku states.

"Yeah they had a last minute meeting in Tokyo. They're gone until monday night". Yaoyorozu answers walking down the upstairs hallway.

"S-So You're home a-alone?" Izuku asks nervously.

"Yeah. The house staff have weekends off, but I have you here to keep me company". Yaoyorozu smiles back at him coyly.

"R-R-Right". Izuku laughs.

"Here is my room". Yaoyorozu introduces as she opens the door.

"Y-Y-You're room?!" Izuku starts sweating. 'This isn't happening. Is she coming onto me? Is this like what Ochako did?! I'm not ready for this'.

"Yes. Don't be so nervous. My piano is in here". Yaoyorozu steps inside her 'room' as does Izuku.

'Her room is as big as my apartment!' Izuku shouts internally.

Her room is painted a bright red with white curtains covering two large windows. A full grand piano sitting against the wall across from her queen sized bed. Her bed… definitely sticks to the red and white theme with red pillows and a large white blanket along with matching sheets. There is some normal personal items and a large dresser along with a door in the corner of the room which could be a walk-in closet. Izuku wasn't about to check.

Yaoyorozu walks towards the piano and sits on the bench motioning for Izuku to come closer. He did just that and is to her left.

"I haven't played in a while, but I learned a new song during that time". Yaoyorozu getting a little nervous.

"It's okay Yaoyorozu-san. I bet you'll be great". Izuku reassures her and she smiles back at him as she starts playing.

And boy does she play. I'll leave the song name at the end of the chapter.

She finishes the song and looks up at Izuku somewhat timidly.

"Wow. That was incredible Yaoyorozu-san. You're extremely talented at playing the piano". Izuku smiles brightly at her.

"T-Thank you Midoriya-san". Yaoyorozu thanks brushing her right arm standing up.

"Hey. No need to be nervous. That was a very beautiful song it actually fits perfectly". Izuku trying to ease her nervousness.

"What do you mean?" Yaoyorozu asks.

"Well since you're beautiful and you played a beautiful song that it f-" Izuku realizing what he just said with wide eyes and she blushes. "I-I… That just slipped out".

He nervously rubs the back of his head and Yaoyorozu looks up at him and her blush disappears.

They just stare at each other for several seconds when they start to slowly lean in to each other closing their eyes as their lips tou-

A phone interrupts them as someone is calling Izuku's cell and they both jerk backwards blushing. Izuku nearly fell on his ass. He looks at his phone to see that his mother is calling.

'Thanks mom'. Izuku grumbles internally.

"Hey mom. What's up?" Izuku answers.

"You still at Yaoyorozu's house? Dinner is almost ready". Inko replies.

"Yeah. I can come home". Izuku responds.

"Okay. I'll see you soon. Bye! I hope I'm not a grandmother yet!" Inko teases once again.

"Bye!" Izuku blushes and quickly hangs up.

"I have to go. My mom wants me home for dinner". Izuku says somewhat disappointedly.

"R-Right. I'll walk you out". Yaoyorozu responds walking all the way to the front door of the house. The walk was silent and awkward at their failed kiss attempt.

'I can't believe we were about to kiss. It… would have been my first". Izuku dismisses the thought, but unknown to him that she was thinking the same thing.

They were both standing by the front door inside the main entrance when they stopped and faced each other. Izuku was first to speak.

"I had a great time Yaoyorozu-san. I would like to do this again sometime". Izuku asks somewhat nervously.

"I-I would like the same Midoriya-san". Yaoyorozu blushes.

"Have a good night Yaoyorozu-san". Izuku smiles and was about to turn to exit.

"Momo". She responds.

He's confused. "Huh?"

"Momo. Call me Momo." She said looking into his eyes smiling.

He just stares at her admiring her beauty.

'Fuck it'

Izuku approaches Momo mere inches away from each other and leans towards her looking down slightly brushing a strand of hair behind her he still has the nerve, he cups her face tasting her lips for the first time.

Momo is shocked briefly and then responds with snaking her arms around his neck kissing him back.

Izuku puts his other hand on her lower back kissing more fervently.

Momo is pleasantly surprised when she feels something wet brushing up against her lips which she can assume to be his tongue. She opens her mouth slightly to allow access. Their tongues dance and snake around each other in her mouth which she enjoy because of his assertiveness.

Izuku slows down a bit and exits her mouth and kisses her once again before pulling away holding her smiling ear to ear. She returns his smile with a warm one of her own.

"Only if you call me Izuku, Momo". Izuku lets go of her albeit reluctantly.

"I can do that, Izuku~". She responds flirtatiously.

He really like the way she said his name.

"I will text you later tonight, Momo. Have a good evening". Izuku walks off turning around to wave.

"You too, Izuku". She waves back closing the door.

Once she closes the door Izuku practically jumps in the air in excitement celebrating his first kiss especially with a gorgeous girl like Momo.

Momo leans against her front door smiling.


There's the chapter. Sorry for the longish pause from my last update. Had to do some spring break activities with family, so I put much more effort into this chapter especially since it's a turning point in the story.

I experimented with honorifics so hopefully it wasn't unbearable. I don't have any practice with using them in stories. Also, the underline texting dialogue is something I wanted to try out. It should be easier to read.

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Will they fight each other for the confident cinnamon roll or will they lose interest because they think he is some sort of player? Find out as we countdown the chapters to the entrance exam!

Song Yaoyorozu played:

Fairy Tail (2014) (フェアリーテイル) Opening 16 - STRIKE BACK [Piano Arrangement]

I personally like the piano version of this song. Can't do links, but this is the youtube title.