RWBY: Age of Titans

Prologue 1: First Kaiju War

For nearly 80 years, mankind was at war with a new breed of lifeform: Kaiju, Japanese for giant monster.

A basic rundown on kaiju follows:

1. They are huge. Smallest is only slightly bigger than a sauropod while others are hundreds of meters tall.

2. Where they come. . . some you can blame humans for, others are actual aliens, and some humanity built. More keep coming out of the woodwork each year.

3. Most are capable of destruction to some degree and will destroy, cities, humans, smaller lifeforms, and mainly each other.

4. Most are immune to conventional weaponry.

First Kaiju timeline

1925: Prof Challenger of London got wind of an old colleague, Maple White, who had perished but left behind notes of a Lost World of dinosaurs deep in the Congo Basin of Africa. An expedition was launched to uncover this Lost World. It was revealed that a handful of prehistoric animals made their home there, including the Mokele Mbembe, a 20 meter long, 7 meter tall, 20 ton Titanosaur with toxic flesh. They managed to take one back through the Congo River, out to the Atlantic Ocean, and off to London. Unfortunately, the beast broke free of its restraints and curiously plodded about London before being wrangled and taken to the London Zoo, where it lived until the 1940s, dying to lack of proper food and stress. The remains now reside in the London Museum of Natural History.

1933: 1st Skull Island Expedition (See Skull Island Overview) (Can be located at Deviantart; username is same as on here.)

But it was the 50s that really kick-started the war. Due to nuclear testing, a total of 11 species of kaiju attacked the Americas.

1953: An atomic bomb awoke a giant Rauisuchid in the Arctic, dubbed Rhedosaurus. It soon made landfall in New York, where it causes untold amounts of destruction. Worse, when wounded it's blood contains toxic radiation. It was eventually lured to Coney Island where a radioactive isotope was launched into an open wound where it soon died and its skeleton was put on display in the Natural History Museum.

1954: Car- sized ants that were first seen in the Chihuahan Desert that spread to Los Angles before being wiped out by the local militia with flamethrowers, the tunnel now converted into a memorial and the remains of the ants were taken to Yucca Mt.

1955: Two kaiju attacked.

1. The first was an Oodako, giant octopus that came from the Philippine Trench and eventually attacked San Francisco Harbor and Golden Gate Bridge before being destroyed by an atomic torpedo.

2. The second was a mutant tarantula, unrelated to Kumonga, caused by nuclear testing in Arizona. It was killed by napalm bombing and body taken to Yucca Mt.

1957: 3 Kaiju attacks recorded.

1. The first was a giant praying mantis, unrelated to Kamacuras, was awoken by a volcano in the Arctic and decimates a few Inuit bases then some military bases in Canada before moving south to D.C before being killed by chemical bombs; its body was dumped into the Chesapeake Bay.

2. The second was a race of giant prehistoric scorpions awoken by a volcanic eruption in Mexico and the largest one is killed by an electric-harpoon in a soccer stadium in Mexico; remains taken to Yucca Mt.

3. The third were large prehistoric sea cucumbers located in the Salton Sea of California. They were killed using C02 fire extinguishers and automatic rifles and bodies taken to Yucca Mt.

1959: 4 Kaiju attacks documented.

1. The first is a 70 foot Gila Monster mutated by nuclear testing attacks Texas. After destroying a train, the massive reptile is killed by a car loaded with nitroglycerin; body taken to Yucca Mt.

2. Second was a group of mutated Killer Shrews on an unknown island in the Gulf of Mexico. The island was eventually quarantined and remains sanctioned off to this day.

3. The third is a giant nothosaur dubbed a Paleosaurus that is slowly dying due to the nuclear radiation constantly leaching out of its body attacks London before being taken out by an atomic torpedo to the mouth in the Thames River. Remains taken to London Museum of Natural History.

4. The last was a pair of man-sized leeches in the Florida Everglades that were killed by dynamite, leaving no remains.

But these were only tiddlers compared to the REAL monster that came in 1954.

In 1954, a mutated Abelisaur with powerful arms, 3 rows of dorsal plates, and a long tail torched Tokyo with super-heated radioactive vapor. The Japanese dubbed him Gojira, but the Americans called him Godzilla.

To date, the King of the Monsters has proven to be the most dangerous monster, ever. There have been a total of 3 specimens documented. The first was killed by the Oxygen Destroyer, created by Dr. Daisuke Serizawa. Unfortunately, the good Dr. died, burning his notes and taking the secret to his grave, along with the 1st Godzilla.

The second reigned from 1955-1995 and is the one most of the older generation are familiar with. During his time, Goji made several allies and enemies. Some like Anguirus and Rodan, he became close allies with; other like Mothra, he saw as a surrogate sister. His enemies like Gigan, Megalon, & King Ghidorah wanted him dead, especially Ghidorah. Eventually, he died to a double whammy. First, his heart- being akin to a nuclear reactor- was going to melt down and destroy the entire world. Second, a new monster was created: Destoroyah! Born from the same weapon that killed the first Godzilla, the Oxygen Destroyer. In the end, both monsters died; Destoroyah by freezing weapons and Godzilla's intense body heat, and Godzilla due to melting down, but the military used their freezing weaponry on Godzilla so that he wouldn't destroy the world. The world wept his loss.

The third is the most recent and friendliest, figuratively speaking. He reigns from 1999-2004. He is the most versatile in combat, knowing all of his ancestor's fighting styles. During his time, he fought monsters that had his genetic makeup, like Orga, Megaguirus, even the ghost of the first Godzilla! In 2004, Godzilla fought an army of monsters being mind controlled by the most recent alien invasion. Remembering his father's words, he knocked out those that were his allies and killed the ones that weren't. After defeating the alien's trump card, he returned home to Lagos Island aka Monster Island.

During the 2nd and 3rd Godzilla's lifetime, they met two other entities that helped defend japan:

1. Gamera, a giant, fire-breathing, flying turtle that is fond of children that reigned from 1965 to 2006 and is in hibernation.

2. The second are the Ultra Garrison, interstellar beings from the M78 galaxy that protected Earth from 1965 to 1981.

After Operation: Final Wars, something peculiar happened. Godzilla had gone off all forms of tracking and disappeared. It also seemed that several other kaiju, whether Godzilla, Gamera, and the Ultra Garrison, had met them or not also disappeared. The Ultra Garrison departed for the M78 galaxy but left a grave message:

"A second Kaiju War will come, and it will be far more apocalyptic."

This prompted the new kaiju defense program, GDF or Global Defense Force, to begin reconstruction on several kaiju fighting Mecha units.

2006. This is where my story begins. . .

1. I've had this idea swirling about in my head ever since middle school; I tried to start this once or twice but lacked the creative skills I do now.

2. This is one part of a 3 part prologue. After I complete a phase of skull island life, I'll submit a new part of the prologue

3. See if you can spot all the references in this and the the Skull Island Overview.

4. It will be revealed how this crossovers with RWBY in part 3

5. This is going to be a big kaiju crossover of the following franchises: King Kong, Godzilla, Gamera, Ultraman, Primal Rage, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Pacific Rim, & Colossal Kaiju Combat; as well as Kaiju I've created.

6. The two people I will be consulting for advice the most are Daizua123 and Sideswipe217 as those two are the ones I feel most comfortable with sharing ideas with. I've also decided to add DINOTASIA123 as they have helped me with my Creatures of Grimm.

7. This will be going up on here as well as Deviantart while data files on the kaiju, aliens, mechs, and skull island life will be only Deviantart.

8. Part two: First Kaiju battle. In this corner, we have the colossal crustacean! And in this corner, the adaptable android!

I only own the things I created.

Until next time!