Well, this story is back. I deleted it a awhile back because i just felt unsatisfied with it but im reviving this beast from the dead.

in case you don't know the premise from the original, this story is about Ash having a role model in his early years, that model is Goku from Dragon Ball! before anyone comments, No Goku will not appear, merely the franchises exists in this world like it does in our world. So only references to the show will appear, that's why this story isn't marked under crossover. I was inspired by another fanfic which i can't remember the name of, it was a Naruto crossover that had Naruto discovering the dragon ball Z manga and trying to literally become Goku, while Ash is merely inspired by him.

with that outta of the way, here comes the warnings!

Pokémon belongs to Gamefreak and Dragon Ball belongs to Toriyama, my lord and savior! I own and profit nothing from these franchises

-Chapter Starts-

"Can't you just leave me at home with Mr. Mime?" Ash whined out to his mother, the eight year old pouting his lips at her with the best puppy dog eyes he could muster, trying to pull his hand away from her ironclad grip she had over it. Anything would be better than the place of torture she was dragging him to.

Delia sighed at the antics of her son, he was sometimes too energetic and youthful for his own good, and her own. "Last time I left you with Mr. Mime while I went book shopping, I found you in Oak's lab covered in pokemon food and being chased by a snorlax," she reprimanded him, she still couldn't fathom how that situation happened, something to do with Ash trying to feed the ranch's pokemon. How he got into the locked foodshed still mystified Oak to this day. "It will be ten minutes sweetie, I just need to a few books for my book club next week. If your good, I'll ask Mrs. Green to bring Leaf along so the two of you can play together," she offered with a smile, she was hosting next week's club meeting and was sure Kan would love to bring her daughter for a play date.

Ash's face puckered up at the mentioning of 'that' incident, like he took a bite from a raw lemon, it wasn't even his fault entirely. Gary unlocked the shed for him and pushed him into the pokémon's feeding trough after he put the food in. His best friend has been acting really mean spirited lately, this wasn't his first prank and surely not the last. His face noticeably brighten at her second comment, a play date with Leaf? "Okay! I'll be good!" he enthusiastically said, ten minutes of boredom was well worth getting an entire afternoon with his only girl friend in the entire town of Pallet.

Delia smiled at that, she was sure Kan would enjoy the reprise herself. After walking down the dirt road for another two minutes, they finally arrived at the bookstore, 'Oak's favourite bookstore' sign hung proudly in the window. "Oh Philip, you're the only bookstore in town, hehe," the woman giggled softly, it seemed like every store in Pallet town wanted Oak's seal of approval. To be fair, he was the biggest celebrity in the entire town, she did enjoy his pokémon poetry from time to time.

The duo walked inside, the ringing of a bell notifying the owner at the desk of their entry. "Ah! Delia, and Ash! Good to see you, book club right?" the aging man said with a knowing smile on his face, the man was older than Delia, the tips of his blonde hair turning grey and his hairline partially rescinding. "Kan came by near half hour ago. Martha half hour before that, your club sure is clockwork, haha! Aisle three near the back and isle seven near the front, oh and I got some new cook books you might be interested in, aisle six," Philip pointed out, lifting his arms and pointing them out to her, already knowing what books she wanted from serving the rest of her club.

Delia's gleamed at the comment of new cook books, she was always looking to try out new recipes, and her son very much enjoyed being her taste tester. She looked down at her son and gave him a pat on the head. "Stay in the store, alright?" she asked, getting a nod in return from her son, she walked into the aisles of books disappearing from sight from Ash and Philip.

Ash kicked at the floor and looked at the door, it was very tempting to leave and head to Oak's lab. No… I'll get in trouble and I'll won't be able to play with Leaf. He thought with an annoyed sigh, he needed to find something else to do here until his mom came back. He turned to look at Philip with a hopeful look. "Is Henry here?" he asked curiously, they weren't friends per se, he was a bit too much of a bookworm for his personal liking, but at least it was someone his age he could talk to.

Philip gave him a sympathetic smile with the shake of his head, dashing the child's hope. "He's at home with his mother," he explained to the suddenly downtrodden boy, obviously the lad was disappointed at the lack of activity. "Why don't you head over to the kids section and read a book for awhile?" he suggested, pointing out the far more colorful area of his shop, meant for younger children.

Ash listened to the suggestion and pouted. "I'm eight years old! Those books are for babies!" the boy whined, he was too old for those kinda books now, his mom read those to him when he could barely stand on his feet.

Philip sighed at the boy response, it was a fair point. His kids section were meant for those five and younger, the boy certainly out grew them and probably heard them all anyways. He put his right elbow on the counter and rested his chin on the palm of his hand, thinking of something to entertain Ash. He needed something visually appealing, blocks of words would bore the child quickly, but also something more age appropriate than a picture book. His eyes widen when the metaphorical light bulb went off in his head. "I got something in from Viridian city just last week that you might like. I'll be right back," the man quickly got up and walked towards a door a few meters behind his counter, opening the door and disappearing from the young boy's sight.

Ash looked at the door Philip disappeared behind, did he have a book that the boy would actually like? The eight year old had his doubts.

Only a minute later, Philip returned with a stack of… books? They were very small, the aging man easily carrying four of them with just one hand. He placed the book on the desk and grabbed the top one, offering it to the young boy who grabbed it, noticing it didn't have a hardcover like the majority of books. "Give this one a shot," the owner told him, having a knowing smile that the boy would like it.

Ash looked down to look at the cover, noticing it had really colorful artwork on it, definitely catching his attention than any book before! Dragon Ball Z? Sounds fun. The title seemed alright to him. He opened it up and his eyes widened, their were pictures! Not the very simplistic pictures those picture books he had before, detailed and the character looked cool! Better yet, few words! The words were just for talking, the pictures showing the emotion and the state of individual instead of having to explain everything in words. The boys eyes were glued on the pages, flipping through them at a quick pace but never missing a detail of what was happening in the page. This was the best book ever!

Philip chuckled has the boy read silently the manga, it seemed he finally found a book the boy could appreciate! He's sure his mother will appreciate it as well.

Delia hummed delightfully to herself, both hands occupied by carrying four different books, has she headed to the counter to pay for her books. She certainly -Has some would say- hit paydirt with the cookbooks, she found a book on Alolan cooking and recipes, she was certainly gonna try them soon! Her happy mood however shifted to worry, she took longer than promised by carefully scrutinizing all the cookbooks in the store, what was suppose to take only ten minutes took half an hour. Despite that, her son hadn't come whining to her about her taking too long, has he would usually do. Not hearing a peep from him concerned her.

Did he leave the store?! Oh if I find him, I'm gonna give him- Her thoughts of punishment were cut off, the cash now insight and her son with it, making the woman let out relieved sigh. She walked towards him but something caught her attention about him, more accurately what the boy was holding in his hands. Is that… a book?! And he's enjoying himself! She had to stop in her tracks and perform a double take, not believing what her eyes were seeing. Indeed, her son was reading a book and had a wide smile on his face, a staunch contrast to his usual grumpy look when he's forced to study.

Delia lifted her right hand and pinched her left, believing herself still in bed. "Ouch!!!" she let out a pained yelp, looking down at her left hand and rubbing her the now aching hand tentatively, nope this was very much real. She looked back up and noticed her son looking at her concerned, seeing her in pain. She offered him a reassuring smile and made her way up to him, placing her books on the counter beside the cash register. Not noticing Philip around at the moment, she looked down at her son curious. "What book is that, sweetie?" she asked him curious, from what she could make out, it had many nice pictures in it.

Ash smiled at her question and in response closed the book, revealing the cover to her. "It's called Dragon Ball Z! I already read five books, Philip went to get more for me to read! It's so exciting to read!" the boy gushed about the book, wrapping his little arms around it and holding close to his chest. "I wanna be like Goku! He works really hard and gets stronger to fight strong bad guys! He even cooler than Lance!" Ash boasted excitedly, he'd rather wear a gi than a cape any day!

Delia's eyebrows shot up high at how much he read, the books were quite small and mostly filled with pictures, but she could hardly get him to read for five minutes, let alone a whole half hour. She opened her mouth to speak but was cut off by gentle thud, catching her attention.

Philip returned with a stack of the same thin books, already grabbing the top one to give to Ash but noticed Delia. "Oh, Delia? You found the books. I was just giving Ash something to read until you came back, he's taken quite the liking to it," he explained chuckling, holding the book in his hands up high preventing Ash's small reaching fingers from grabbing it. "I got hundred of these things from Viridian, I can barely believe a single brand can have so many books," he put the book on top of the stack, grabbing one of Delia's books and entering the price into the cash register.

"We'll take all of them!" Ash announced, shocking both adults at the claim, more so by the serious look on his face. "I wanna know how Goku beats Vegeta!" he whined, looking down at the floor and kicking it softly, he couldn't be left on a cliffhanger like that.

Delia placed a finger on her chin, a thought brewing in her mind. "I'll buy you five of these books now, and another five next week. But! You have to do more chores around the house, like you said, your hero works hard to get stronger so you need to too," she offered, it would be great to have him actually help around the house, poor Mr. Mime was getting overworked to the bone.

Ash looked up at her and gave her the widest smile the woman had ever seen. "I will! I'll work hard and get stronger like Goku, when I'm a trainer, me and my pokémon are gonna work hard together! We'll be the strongest in the world!" he boasted, lifting his tiny arms high, just imaging him and his future pokémon training together, beating Lance and every other champion!

Delia smiled at the fire that lit up in her son, reminded her so much of her husband. She looked up and gave a nod to Philip, who simply nodded in return and added the books into her order. The blonde put the books into plastic bag and handed it to Ash's mother Delia handing him the money and letting him keep the change. He somehow got her son to read, he certainly earned the tip. She grasped her son's hand in one hand with the other occupied by her bags, and she walked out the front door, her son's eager eyes watching the bouncing bags.

Delia stood in front of a stove, the smell of cooking food circulated throughout the house has she hummed a tune. The sound of the toaster going off caught the brunette's attention, four slices of toast bread sticking out of the machine. She moved away from the pan of scrambled eggs and removed the bread from the toaster, placing them on large stack of toast resting on a plate, the stack nearly a dozen slices tall. With the toast done, she returned to the stove, grabbing her spatula and quickly turning several sausages on a separate pain, making sure they were evenly cooked.

Today is my baby boy's biggest day! He needs a hearty breakfast before starting his journey! Delia thought determinedly, picking up the sausages with her spatula and placing them on a nearby plate, a large mound of them already in place. With the sausages finished, she focused on the scrambled eggs, the last part of the large breakfast she was making. She looked up at the clock near the door, she had about ten minutes before her son usually arrived from his milk delivery runs. That gave her time to think.

So much has changed in the past five years. Delia thought, it was almost yesterday that her son found his new interest, though it has evolved into a secondary obsession by this point. Her son hadn't changed much personality wise, he was still has youthful and energetic as he was when he was little, but that energy was used more productively than before. Her little boy actually went through with his promise, he did more chores around the house, tidied up his room -to an extent, at least it was navigable now-, helped with the laundry, and even helped her in the kitchen. At first he was more a burden in that department, but after enough trial and error he became quite the handy helper, he could even cook his own meals now!

It wasn't just at home where the changes could be found. That Dragon Ball Franchise her boy loved was more massive than she originally believed, a tv series, movies, action figures, posters, the list went on, and her son wanted all of it! Obviously, she couldn't afford so much unnecessary things, but her son always found a way to get what he wanted. He did odd jobs around Pallet town, from delivering MooMoo milk in the morning, helping out at Oaks lab, to name a few of the jobs he did around town to make extra money. This extra cash went to martial arts classes that her son took liking to, obviously to mimic that orange wearing hero of his. Even his grades improved in school! He went from a steady D minus student to a C and C plus student! It was better than nothing, he still didn't exactly enjoy reading most forms of literature, let alone a textbook.

She let out a content sigh, lifting up the pan and scraping off the scrambled eggs onto a waiting plate, the plate barely able to hold the sheer mass of the food on it. She was knocked out of her thoughts by the sound of the door opening, followed by thud, like someone dropped something on the floor. "Ash! How many times have I told you to put the milk containers outside?" she chastised the figure, already knowing who it was.

Her son walked into the kitchen, a glass bottle of milk in hand, the distinct milktank label on the front with the words 'MooMoolicious Milk' surrounding the pokémon. "Sorry, Mom! I'm just so excited for today! Loving the outfit you made for me!" Ash announced, placing down the bottle of milk in the center of the set table for two. With his hands free, he patted down his outfit and gave the woman a view of her work, it was quite the challenge hiding it from him.

The boy wore an orange and black jacket, the upper half being predominantly orange, except for a black pokéball design on the right breast, the lower half being mostly black, with only the entrances of the pockets being orange, the sleeves followed this pattern, every above the elbow was orange and below the elbow was black. Underneath the jacket was a plain white shirt. On his hands were orange fingerless gloves with black trimmings, matching the jacket. On his head was a brand new hat she bought, solid orange in the middle of it with ends being black, a another black pokéball symbol in the middle of the orange. He wore brand new blue jeans and new black running shoes with orange designs on them, finishing off the look.

Delia chuckled at his excitement, quite glad he was happy with her work, he was quite the handsome thirteen year old. She grabbed each plate of food and placed it on the table, toast, scrambled eggs, sausages, and even pancakes, in enough quantity to feed a family of six. Or this case, to feed one very hungry teenager. "I'm glad you like it, dear! I packed two more sets in your traveling bag. Now let's eat up, you only got a half hour before you need to be at the lab," she told him with a smile, taking a seat at the table and feeling her plate with a moderate amount of food, waiting for her coffee to be finished.

Ash nodded eagerly at that and quickly took a seat opposite her, filling his plate to absolute brim, a few sausages rolling off his plate and onto the wooden table. The teen quickly stabbed his fork through the escapees, raising the fork to his mouth and finishing off the sausages in two bites. He uncorked the milk bottle and poured the white liquid into a nearby cup, swallowing his food in the meantime. "Is Oak alright?" he asked his mother suddenly, grabbing a fork full of scrambled eggs and shoveling it into his mouth before grabbing two slices of bread.

Delia was taking a bite of her toast when he asked her, surprising the woman at the question, had something happened to the aging professor? She finished taking the bite of her toast and got up from the table, hearing the pinging of her coffee machine. She walked over to the cover and placed a coffee mug underneath the machine, the dark liquid slowly pouring into the cup. She swallowed before refocusing on her son. "I wouldn't know, something happened?" she asked back, seemed odd he'd be worrying about the professor so early in the morning.

Ash swallowed what he had in his mouth, taking a swig of his milk to make the process more smooth, before explaining. "He wasn't waiting for his milk today, he's always there when I arrive," he explained, the old man was always there waiting for his delivery, offering Ash some cookies and to come inside for a break, he always declined but always took a cookie or two for the road. Now that he thought about it, there was another question on his mind. "By the way, where'd you go last night? I heard you leave the house," he asked her intrigued, his mom rarely left the house at night, preferring to snuggle up with a blanket and reading a book or watching her favourite late night shows.

Delia gave her son a knowing look at his second question. "You heard that? Didn't you say you were going to bed early so you could be ready for today?" she fired back taking a calm sip of her coffee, seems her son stayed up late last night.

Ash blushed at getting caught, he didn't think things through when asking that question. "Okay… I stayed up past midnight to watch finals of the Unova league, it's not my fault for time differences. I didn't wake up late or anything..." he mumbled quietly the last part, stabbing a single sausage with his fork and shoving it into his mouth, chewing slowly. He swallowed before pointing his fork at her accusingly. "Okay, I fessed up but you haven't!" he fired back, she still hadn't answered his question.

Delia chuckled at the accusing utensil pointed at her, it seemed her son was quite adamant on knowing where she went last night. "Oh, I just went to have a late night chat with Oak is all," she explained with a shrug of her shoulder, remembering that conversation she had with him about a concern she had.

Delia rang the doorbell to Oak's lab, that doubled has his home, gently tapping her heeled foot on the stone steps has she waited. Soon enough, the door to the lab opened revealing the renowned professor, the elderly man wearing grey pajamas and toothbrush in his hands. Seemed he was readying to go to bed.

"Delia? Is that you?" The professor asked with a surprised look, though it quickly morphed to a smile at his former assistant. "It's good to see you my dear. But what brings you here at this hour? I was about to hit the hay myself, but you could probably already tell," the old man let out a chuckle at that.

Delia didn't join in the laughter, she had her objective and she was sticking to it. "I just came here to remind you, I know you can be forgetful at times," she explained why she was here, her statement catching Oak off guard by her no nonsense attitude she was taking with him.

"Remind me of what my dear?" Oak asked, placing his unoccupied hand underneath his chin and rubbing it in confusion, what could she mean by that? What could he possibly be forgetting about?

Delia sighed at that, it seemed he was clueless about what was going to happen tomorrow or maybe he actually was prepared, but she doubted. "Tomorrow, four young inspiring trainers are going to arrive here to receive their starters and start their journeys, one of them my son. Its tradition to have three starter pokémon, and that's the problem," she took a step forward, the distance between her and the professor disappearing in a second, the woman jabbing a finger into his chest. "My son wouldn't mind not getting a traditional starter, the boy would be satisfied to get a magikarp. But I won't be," she explained, the eyes of the professor widening in realization of what she meant, his facial expression letting her know that he didn't get four starters.

"If my son steps out of this lab with a pokémon that you caught in a single morning has his starter, you can consider yourself uninvited from eating at my home. For life," She warned him, removing her finger from his chest and crossing her arms, taking a few steps back. Oak frequently ate dinner at the Ketchum household and loved her cooking, she knew losing that privilege would devastate the professor.

Oak was shocked at the ultimatum his former assistant threw at him, her cooking was the envy of Pallet town, once you've tried it, there was no going back. "Me forget? My dear, I'm one of the top minds in pokémon research! All the trainers will have unique starters, even if they aren't traditional ones. Me forget… such a joker you are, haha…" the professor let out an awkward and unconvincing laugh, his eyes darting to the nearby video phone in his lab. "Anyway… thanks for stopping by Delia, good chatting with you! I need to make a few phone calls, you know how it is! Goodnight!" the aging professor said with strained smile, quickly closing the door and speeding off to the video phone, rapidly hitting keys for the number of the closest pokémon league approved breeding facility.

Delia let out a genuine chuckle has the professor disappeared, she turned around and slowly made her way down the stone steps, her work was done so time to head home. He was probably gonna be up all night making phone calls.

She chuckled to herself at that memory, getting a raised eyebrow from her son at not getting what was funny, who simply ignored it and returned scarfing down has much good as he could into his mouth. With his questioning done, Delia returned to her seat and started to eat as well, but at far slower pace than her son.

It took only fifteen minutes for the entire meal to be finish, Ash patting his full stomach and letting out a content sigh, he was going to miss his mother's meals. He got up from the chair and looked at the clock, ten minutes until he was suppose to meet with the others at the front of Oak's lab. "I'm heading out, Mom! Don't forget to bring my bag, I know you're gonna check it anyway!" the teen announced, speeding out the door and jumping over the steps of the porch, placing one hand on the fence gate before leaping over it, landing on the dirt road that went through the entire town of Pallet. He gave one more wave at his house before running down the road.

I wonder what pokémon I'm gonna get?! Bulbasaur learns a lot of utility moves, Squirtle got some good defense with that shell of his, or maybe the future powerhouse that is charmander! Or the mystery fourth pokémon?! Ash thought excitedly, waving at the townspeople he ran by, most knowing him due to his milk delivery. The young teen was gravitating towards the mystery choice. Sure, he didn't know what he was getting and it wasn't bas safe as picking the traditional ones, but he was a risk taker and, isn't that what a trainer needs to be? He wasn't going to break new ground by sticking to the safe and assured strategies, you had to take those risks to break stalemates in a battle.

Ash's thoughts on that matter ended when Oak's lab came into sight, a familiar sight and almost a second home to him, Oak being a surrogate grandfather for him in his youth. At the top of the steps, were three figures that he knew all too well. "Leaf, Henry! Gary…" the boy shouted reaching the bottom of the steps, getting noticeably quieter at acknowledging his former friend and now rival, he already was bracing himself for flurry of insults. He quickly reached the top and took a seat of the wooden fence that surrounded the lab's porch. "You guys excited for this?! We start our pokémon journeys today!" he told them excitedly, a wide grin splitting his face has he thought about what pokémon he was going to catch.

Leaf returned the grin, glad that her friend had finally joined them, she was getting tired of Gary by his mere arrogant boastings of becoming the youngest Kanto champion. "I'm excited too. I wonder what pokémon we're gonna get? I'm even more curious about that fourth pokémon, I've been asking around but not even his assistants know," she placed a delicate finger on her cheek and closing her eyes, trying to visualize what the mystery pokémon could be. "Which one are you going to pick, Ash?" she asked him, opening her eyes to look at him curiously, her friend can be a wild card at times, she honestly had no idea what he would choose.

Ash opened his mouth to respond but was cut off.

"Doesn't matter what pokémon he chooses, a pokémon is only as good as their trainer. And we all know Ashy is the dunce of Pallet town!" Gary cut in, letting out an arrogant chortle at his insult, only getting a glare from Ash and exasperated sighs from everyone else. "I'm honestly impressed Ashy boy, you somehow passed your trainer license exam. I thought the written portion would stop you dead in your tracks, but I'm thankful that it didn't. So I can smack you and your pokémon around personally!" the brunette wrapped one hand around his stomach has another round of laughter kicked off, like his stomach was hurting from how much he was laughing.

Ash was fuming at his arrogant rival, he was insufferable to be around for everyone in this group, even when they weren't on the receiving end of his verbal assaults. The raven haired teen glared but didn't say anything, he knew no matter what he said, Gary will twist it around somehow. Ash beat him in martial arts and actually scored higher than the brunette in the practical portion of the trainer exam, but he'd simply say he was just some meathead or whatever. The only way he can deflate that ballooned ego of his rival was with a pokémon battle, soon enough he'll get his shot to do just that.

Before Gary could continue throw insults, much to relief of everyone else present, the door to the lab opened revealing the aging professor. "Good morning children… ready to receive your partners?" Oak asked tiredly, noticeable bags could be found under his eyes and his eyes were slightly bloodshot, under his lab coat was grey pajamas instead of his usual attire and he even had slippers on, it looked like the old man didn't get a lick of sleep last night. Before anyone could mention the state of the professor, he walked into his lab and gestured for everyone to follow inside.

The group looked at each other mildly confused but merely shrug their shoulders, following the professor into the lab. Their were greeted by a large amount of machinery and flickering lights, a number of desks scattered around for Oak and his various assistants. Strangely, one of the desks had its video phone receiver hanging loosely on the side of the desk, seems someone forgot to put it back in place. Leaf and Henry were amazed by all the equipment, neither used to seeing the advance technology being used by the lab, while Ash and Gary were far more casual, both of them spending plenty of time around the lab. Though neither of the two boys knew what most of the machines actually did, the brunette would argue otherwise however.

The group kept following the professor until he stopped at a machine with a glass cylinder covering, obscuring from sight what was underneath it. "I must admit, it brings me great joy seeing you four here. I've known all of you since before you could take your first steps on this earth, I'm glad to be the one to give all of you the tools to take your first steps into the wider world beyond quaint Pallet town," despite how tired Oak was, everyone could tell how happy and overjoyed for this moment, maybe even more so than the brand new trainers themselves. The group couldn't help but smile at how honest and heartfelt his words were, even Gary gave his grandfather a real smile than the usual arrogant smirk that had acquainted itself well onto his face in recent years.

Oak pressed a button on the machine, causing the glass dome to split in half and rescinded into the machine, revealing its content. Three pokéballs rested neatly inside, containing the groups future partners but something wasn't right. "Uh professor… there are only three pokéballs but four of us. What's the fourth one?" Henry pointed out, using his right hand to comb back his messy dirty blonde hair, using free one to pointing to the stickers placed on the three shown. One with a leaf sticker on it, the other with a raindrop sticker, and the last one with a open flame sticker, making it obvious which one contained which starter.

Oak nodded at the inquiry, walking over to the desk with the hanging receiver and opening up a drawer with one hand, the other reaching in and pulling out another pokéball from it. Unlike the others, it had no stickers or any other visual cue to give away its content, it was just a plain pokéball. "Unlike the others, which you can obviously tell what pokémon is inside, I'm gonna keep what's inside this one a secret. Which one of you is adventurous enough to choose it?" he asked with a smile, he had a good idea who was going to pick it.

"I'll take it!" Ash shouted, quickly raising his right arm up high, catching everyone but Oak off guard by the speedy response, not even a hint of hesitation.

"Are you sure, Ash?" Leaf asked unsure about his decision. "You have no idea what your getting, you could be getting a magikarp or a ratatta for all you know!" she warned her childhood friend, he could be getting a seriously weak pokémon and would be putting himself at a disadvantage compared to the conventional starters. That wasn't guaranteed of course, but the possibility was still there and he was jumping in without hesitation.

Henry nodded his head in agreement, pushing up his glasses slightly before giving Ash one of his analytical stares. "I have to concur Ash, this is quite the reckless choice you're making. Though, it doesn't affect me in the slightest," the blonde said casually, despite trying to hide it behind a veil of nonchalance, he was mildly concerned for the brash choice. The two weren't truly friends but they have hung out more often in recent years, Henry even tutoring the raven haired teen for his trainer exam.

Ash gave both of them a reassuring smile and a thumbs up, letting them know it was going to be alright. "I know it's a gamble but it doesn't matter what's inside that pokéball. So long has it has a will to fight and get stronger, I'll work with it and make it the strongest pokémon it can be!" he announced, it didn't matter what critter was inside, so long has it wanted to improve itself, he'll help it reach its goals and his own with it.

Leaf smiled at his statement, Henry simply nodded in understanding, and Oak gave him a nod in approval. Gary simply looked away and snorted. "With that settled, who'd like to choose their starter first?" Oak asked curiously, focusing his attention on the remaining three, but he had a feeling who was going first.

"Me of course," Gary stated matter of factly, stepping up to the machine and grabbing the pokéball with the raindrop symbol on it, peeling off the sticker and tossing it over his shoulder. "Squirtle is the best one of the lot, the rest ain't up to snuff for my standards," he told the rest, returning to his spot and stared down at his new pokéball, thoughts of grandeur already circulating inside his mind.

Henry glared at the brunette and let out a frustrated sigh, stepping up to the machine and wordlessly grabbing the pokéball with the flame sticker on it. Obviously he wanted the water starter but Gary dashed that desire.

Leaf merely giggled at Henry's frustration before skipping up to the machine, eagerly grabbing the last pokéball and skipping back to her original spot. She turned to the blonde and offered him a quiet 'thanks' to him, she wanted the grass starter from the beginning and was glad he didn't take it. He merely nodded in return, still a little grumpy.

"With that out of the way… Ash, here's yours," Oak told him, the professor lazily tossing the pokéball to the teen, who caught it easily with one hand. "Release it in here, I've actually never seen this pokémon in person before," he requested, his tired eyes lighting up in anticipation at the reveal, he was quite glad his colleague Kukui had a pokémon to spare, getting a adequate pokémon to be a starter on short notice was harder and more exhausting than he thought. Kukui was quite the savior.

Ash nodded eagerly, he was brimming with excitement at what was inside the pokéball. "Come on out!" the teen shouted, tossing the pokéball up high into the air, nearly causing it to bounce off the ceiling. The sphere split open and a white light shot out from it, the light hitting the floor in front of him and slowly taking shape, the anticipation was killing the teen has the light finally disappeared, revealing his partner.

The pokémon was canine in nature, standing on all four and only reached up to Ash's knee. The animal was predominantly light brown in colour with its paws, snout, and the tips of its ears being a dark brown, the ears being kinda floppy. The creatures most noticeable features was its curly tail pointing upwards and a ruff of fur around its neck, kinda looking like a collar, studded with small stones, both features being a more grayish-white compared to the rest. The pokémon open its eyes, revealing large blue eyes, and looked up to its new trainer, tilting its head cutely. "Rockruff?" the pokémon asked, looking into Ash's brown eyes.

Ash bent his knees to lower himself, raising his hand and gently placing it on the top of the creatures, petting it gently. "Hi there… I'm Ash, and your my partner," he quietly said, the canine leaning its head into his touch, letting out content growls at the attention that put a smile on the teen's face. "What are you? I've never seen you around before," he asked curious, picking up the pokémon and standing back up, raising the pokémon to his eye level who merely let out happy barks, causing Ash's smile to grow.

"That's rockruff, the puppy pokémon. It's only found on the islands of Alola, quite rare around these parts," Oak explained with a smile at the interaction, it seemed Kukui was right, after explaining Ash's personality to him, his colleague knew the two would mesh well.

"Well I love him!" Ash shouted, hugging the pokémon to his chest, the pokémon returning the affection by nuzzling its face on his cheeks. "Ow, ow! That hurts, stop boy!" he playfully yelled, it tickled but also stung due to the pokémon's rocks on its neck grinding on his skin.

"Actually it's 'stop girl', haha!" Oak told him while laughing, revealing the true gender of his new pokémon. "But that's enough bonding, I still need to give you a few more essentials before all of you can begin your journeys," he told them, his laughter dying down while Ash pulled his partner away and held her near his stomach facing forward. He walked over to the desk from earlier and opened up a different drawer, pulling out four red objects and holding them up for all to see. "This is a pokédex, an essential for trainers nowadays. Not only can it scan wild poķémon for you, providing tidbits of information on the scanned pokémon, but it can also scan pokémon you own, telling you what moves they can learn naturally, through TMs, etc," he explained, handing one device to each of them, Ash now holding rockruff with one hand, who was smelling the pokédex in curiosity.

"It also acts as a secondary pokémon trainer license in case you lose your actual one and, it automatically transfers funds between trainers after battles which than can be used like a credit card at any pokémon league sanctioned stores or exchanged for physical currency. Technology is amazing, isn't it?" he questioned them playfully, all of them nodding silently at how versatile and useful the small machine was, even rockruff was nodding. He grabbed something else from the same drawer while the new trainers pocketed their pokédexs. "Finally, Six standard pokéballs for each of you. I think I don't need to explain those to you, correct?" he asked while handing out the shrunken spheres, getting shaking heads in response.

"That's good. I think you all can see yourselves out. I need to catch up on some much needed rest…" Oak told them, the last part muffled by a loud yawn, the professor making his way to a set of stairs leading to the second floor. He slowly but surely made it upwards, gripping the railing of the stairs with has much strength has he could muster, as if we was afraid of collapsing. Soon enough, he disappears from sight, leaving the group alone.

Gary quickly turned to face Ash and held up his pokéball, an arrogant and condescending grin on his face. "Hey, Ashy! Let's have a pokémon battle, hopefully you'll be a decent workout for my new pokémon, we could use a training dummy!" the brunette half challenged half insults Ash, he was confident that it would be an easy first victory

Ash returned the grin, rockruff growling at the brunette who insulted both her and her trainer. "Your on, Gary! I've been waiting for this! Let's go outside!" he fired back, dropping rockruff onto the floor and bolting out the front door, the puppy pokémon following behind him. Gary gave chase after him, leaving behind two exasperated trainers. The two follow in suit, just at a far slower pace than the duo.

The two trainers stood opposite each other on the dirt road in front of the lab, five meters separating them from each other. Standing between them was Henry, acting has the referee for the bout, Leaf sat on the first few stair steps to Oak's lab, her bulbasaur sitting beside her has she gently stroked its head, she was content of being a mere observer. "This will be a one on one battle between Ash and Gary of Pallet town, the winner will be declared when one trainer runs out of useable pokémon," Henry announced the rules, his eyes darting between the combatants, getting nods of agreement. "Please choose your pokémon," he told them, slowly walking over to Leaf and leaning on the fence next to her, he wanted to get away from the line of fire.

"Rockruff, your up!" Ash announced, looking down at his pokémon which stood by his side, who gave him a nod before trotting forward, standing a few feet in front of him. The trainer pulled out his pokédex from his pocket and flipped it open, pointing it at his partner and scanning her, he needed to know what he had to work with. Tackle, growl, and sand attack are her moves, not much to work with but I shouldn't expected too much. Rock type and ability own tempo, can't get confused. Neat. The ability was situational and he doubted squirtle actually had moves that could confuse an enemy right now, but it can come handy later. He put away the pokédex, that's all he needed to know for the moment.

"Done reading Ashy? Good, squirtle let's take this loser down a couple of more notches!" Gary shouted, throwing his pokéball into the air, the ball opening up and releasing the turtle pokémon in front of him. The starter looked around mildly confused, finally noticing it was in a battle and took a fighting stance.

"Begin!" Henry shouted, starting the match between rivals.

"Tackle!" Both trainers shouted in unison, using the only offensive move either pokémon knew.

Both pokémon let out a growl of acknowledgment at the orders before charging forward, both starters leaning their heads forward for the collision. The distance between them quickly disappeared with each step, until they smashed their head together causing a loud thud and tiny shockwave to be felt. At first, it looked even, but than squirtle threw its head back and let out a pained cry, backing up a little has it rubbed its aching head. Rockruff on the other hand looked fine.

"What?! How?! We used the same move!" Gary shouted angrily, he had to be cheating somehow!

"It's called rockruff is a rock type, normal type moves aren't effective against it!" Ash gloated with a smirk, it seemed his rival lacked the foresight to scan his pokémon to learn its typing. Now to finish off his opponent! "Hit him with another tackle! He ordered out, not wanting to give squirtle a chance to recover.

Rockruff leaped back in recognition of the order, making distance so it can get a running start and maximize its damage. When it landed, the rock type immediately charged forward towards the injured water type, Gary desperately telling it to dodge but to no avail. Just when it was about to reach it, she kicked off the ground and slammed her head right into squirtle's forehead. The force of the attack sent flying back, hitting the dirt floor back first and sliding across the floor until stopping at its trainer feet, swirls in its eyes and a big red mark on its forehead.

Gary ordered the pokémon to get up but no response was given, the pokémon was out cold. Henry lifted one arm and pointed it to Ash. "Squirtle is unable to continue, Ash is the winner!" he announced with a smirk, quite gleeful that the brunette lost, shows him for taking his desired starter.

Ash had the biggest smile on his face, not even acknowledging that Leaf was clapping at his victory, angering Gary further has he returned his pokémon, stalking away without a word. I just won my first battle has a trainer… he thought, beating Gary was mere icing on the cake of his victory, he was a real pokémon trainer now. "Good work, rockruff!" the teen congratulated his pokémon, this battle was pretty basic but she still did great.

Rockruff let out a happy bark at their first victory, running around in circles excitedly before charging at her trainer, leaping into the air has she got close, aiming for his chest.

Ash opened his arms wide and caught the pokémon, hugging the pokémon closely has she assaulted his chin with licks. "Haha! We're going to make the best team!" he exclaimed excitedly, petting the canine on the back has she barked out happily, nuzzling his neck getting a fit of giggles in return.

"At the very least, the two of you will be great friends," A feminine voice spoke from behind them, amusement evident in her tone.

Ash excitedly turned around at the voice, placing rockruff on the ground, who was confused at this new person. "Mom!" the teen shouted, running up to his mother before stopping right in front of her. However, he was nearly knocked over by feeling something knock into his legs, looking down to reveal it was his starter, who gave chase and rammed into him because of his sudden stop. "This is rockruff, my new partner! Isn't she great?" he introduce, the puppy pokémon walking forward and sniffing his mother's feet in curiosity.

Delia chuckled before bending down to gently pet the pokémon's head, placing a orange and black backpack on the floor which she was holding. "She's very adorable, and has nearly as much energy as you," she joked, the pokémon barking happily at all the petting she was receiving recently. "You need to take care of my baby boy, he can be reckless at times. Protect him and make sure he comes home one day in one piece," she requested the tiny pokémon, who gave a nod and a determine barked from the canine.

Ash blushed in embarrassment at what his mom said. "Jeez, thanks for the vote of coincidence, mom. I'll be fine and we'll be taking care of each other," he reassured, grabbing the backpack off the floor and placing it securely around his shoulders, humming softly has he felt the bag was off. "It feels heavier from last night…" he mumbled, he packed everything he needed the night before and tried it on, feels like it gained a few pounds.

"Oh, that? I just packed a few extra things you might need, your a strong boy afterall. I packed some sandwiches for you, an extra canteen, and some extra underwear!" she explained, getting a massive blush of embarrassment from her son at the mention of last addition.

"Thanks! Love you, goodbye! Let's go, rockruff!" Ash yelled, planting a kiss on her cheek before darting down the road towards route one, he needed to get outta there before she said even more embarrassing things!

The puppy pokémon was surprised at the speed of her trainer, why was he in such a sudden rush? She couldn't question it, he was getting further away from. She let out one more bark at Delia before giving chase to her trainer, before he disappeared entirely from her site, leaving behind a giggling mother.

"Wait, Ash! I thought we were traveling together…" Leaf trailed off, seeing the boy disappear on the horizon, she still had to do some packing before she left. That boy sometimes...

-Chapter Ends-

Hopefully that's a good start. I know people would like a different region start, and I'm no genwunner purist, but i know Kanto the best. But! I promise you a diverse team for Ash, not just Gen 1 pokémon, rockruff will certainly not be his only none Kanto pokémon.

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