Author's Notes – Thank you so much to chylea3784 who had a copy of this part. I stupidly erased it and yeah if she hadn't had it in backup it would not have gotten posted.

For those who don't get the title it's from the song 'Froggy Went A-Courtin' first bar goes as follow – 'Frog went a courtin' and he did ride, uh-huh' look it up, makes the title funnier. Cuz you know Adam's the frog and…yeah never mind.

Summary – Adam and Tommy go out.


Froggy Went A-Courtin'



(Week 36)

"You're being ridiculous." Giving Kat a look as she straightens Tommy's shirt in a very motherly fashion, Jason rolls his eyes. "He's just going to the movies, it's not like they're getting married."

"Shut up, it's a big deal." I wish she'd stop saying that as it's clearly making Tommy a little edgy and nervous, not to mention myself. "So what movie are you guys going to see?" None if you don't actually let us get out of here in the next ten minutes.

Leaning back on the couch I check my watch discreetly before heaving a mental sigh at the time. "Ghost."

"That's a good one." Let's hope so.

"Here." Taking Kat's place, Jason helps my date into his leather jacket, completing the rather casual but stylish look. "There's a twenty in the left pocket, along with the cell phone, and house key. If you're going to be out later than eleven call us." Giving me a pointed look, the message is clear. 'I better get a call if you keep him out that late, if not from him than you.'

Seeming embarrassed by the over protective streak in his friend, Tommy gives a slight nod and sigh. "Okay."

"You have your communicator?" Geez Jason he's not five. He'll be alright.

"Yes." Showing Jason the device which is on his left wrist, it would seem his nervousness is being quickly replaced by exasperation.

"Good now if a monster attacks-"

"Teleport to the Power Chamber, same as if one attacks while I'm out with you guys during the day, I know, I know." Geez you'd think this was his first time out of the apartment with me with how they're acting. I am capable of keeping him safe, Jason.

"Shaking her head and smiling, Kat pulls Jason away. "Right, sorry, go have fun. Just be careful, alright?"

"And not too much fun." Giving me another look as I quickly grab Tommy and head out the door, Jason is no doubt going to be calling to check up at some point and time tonight with how concerned he seems to be. Great. What does he think I'll do? It's just a date after all.


(10 min. Later, Angel Grove Cinema)

As we pull up to the theater, I'm once again relieved that we decided to go to an earlier show as I have a feeling that if we'd waited to see the nine o'clock one, this place would be packed. Fortunately it would seem that most people are still doing dinner right now, leaving the area fairly uncrowded for the moment.

Glancing over at Tommy as we leave the car and walk up to the building, I make note of how he inches closer as two rather rowdy children begin running past us, a game of chase apparently in progress.

"Tom? You okay?" Lightly touching his arm, hoping to pull his attention back to me where I can keep him calm, it seems to work to a degree as he looks away from the kids and focuses once more on why we're here.

"I'm fine." Unsure who he's trying to convince more- me or himself –I nevertheless focus on the problem rather than his cover of it.

"We don't have to do this you know. Not if you're not ready. We can just rent a movie and go back to my place to watch it. It'd still be a date, just-"

"No." His answer is abrupt and certain, delivered in a tone that leaves no room for argument. Closing his eyes and taking a couple of breaths, he centers himself before looking away from the kids and towards the ticket stand. "I'm fine. I can do this."

Deciding to not try and detour him when he's so focused and giving such great effort to get something I know he wants, I decide to trust his judgment. "Okay. Let's go in than."

Moving to the ticket counter I request two for the desired show, before pulling out my wallet and paying. Handing one to Tommy we move to the concession stand and I can't help but be on full alert. It's more crowded here and bumping into others is easy to foresee.

Thinking quickly I try to get Tommy's mind on something else before he has too long to get himself as concerned as me. "So do you want popcorn?"

"It's not a movie without it."

Raising a brow I nudge him playfully, "What is it than?"

"TV." I barely resist the urge to jump for joy as I see the glimmer of humor that shines in his eyes for a moment. Happily, these moments are happening more and more often and while he still has his bad days, each one is a little shorter and a little less difficult to get through thanks to his good.

Moving up to the counter after only another minute or so, we look over our choices before I order a large container of popcorn and two sodas. Reaching for my wallet once more, Tommy however beats me to it as a twenty is laid down for the cashier.

"Tommy I'll get it, its okay."

"Don't worry about it, you got the tickets remember. After all it's Jason's twenty and after the inquisition he put you through before we left I think he at least owes us this much."

Smiling with him as he's handed his change, I lead the way back to the showing rooms, before we enter room six, and are faced with our next problem of sorts. "Where would you like to sit?"

Looking between the seats nearest to the door, and those in the very back, I can see he's torn between where he'd like his wall of security. On the one hand if we sit in the very back he will have a literal wall behind him, assuring him no loud or possibly threatening people will be at his back. However if he chooses the door he's near an exit, a necessity for a quick and easy escape should something happen to go wrong or cause an upset. Decisions decisions.

"I, um, the back I think. If that's okay."

Assuring him its fine, I urge him ahead of me, letting him choose the seats that we'll be perched in for the next two hours.

Choosing carefully, he finally finds one to his liking before sliding into it and getting as comfortable as one can in these damn things. Waiting until I'm settled next he leans on the armrest nearest to me before taking a handful of popcorn. "Thanks for bringing me out. Jason and Kat are still a little leery about taking me to crowded places like the mall or movies. I think they're just a little worried I can't handle it yet."

"You said you wanted to go out, and I trust you to know what you can handle by now. Besides if you do want to leave it's no big deal, like I said we can always go rent a movie and watch it back at my place."

Nodding but not responding as the lights dim and the previews begin, we both settle in, his attention on the screen and mine on him.

Ten minutes into it I have decided that this movie while original is not really to my taste, and with how Tommy's fidgeting he's no doubt feeling the same. About to ask if he wants to wait it out or go watch something else, a different sort of movement catches my eye.

Reaching out his hand nearest to me, I watch from the corner of my eyes as his fingers barely grace my hand, before pulling back nervously once more. What is he…ah, okay, I see.

Watching as he does it again only to back out like before I lean over, deciding to give him a warning before making my move and running the risk of scaring him. "It's okay, Tommy." Taking his hand in mine, I rub my thumb over the back of his palm before offering up a reassuring smile.

Mimicking my warm look after a minute of hesitation, he laces our fingers together before going back to the movie. Maybe we'll stay just a bit longer.


(3 hours later, Park Residence…)

"So you liked the movie than?" Finish up with dinner and beginning to clear the table, I'm once more glad we decided to eat dinner at my apartment. Not that I would have minded taking Tommy to a restaurant or even coffee shop, but I could tell he was skirting the edge after the movie, as the Saturday night crowd had finally come out in full swing. Full, loud swing.

Recalling all too well how close Tommy had huddled up to me as we made our way back to my car, I'm once more reminded that he is not fully well yet, despite his and our best efforts to make him so.

"It was good. I thought it'd be scarier, but I liked the story." Handing me his plate and silverware, he remains by me as I put them in the sink, giving them a quick rinse before turning back to the table. "You're a good cook."

"Not with anything more complicated than spaghetti." Smiling and placing the last of the leftovers into the fridge for tomorrow, I turn back to my friend wondering what we should actually do now. It's not so late that I need to take him home just yet, but we're not exactly at a point where I think it's a good idea to actually do anything beyond that which would be considered friendly.

"Would you like to watch some TV while I finish cleaning up in here? It should just take a few minutes." A few minutes which I can use to figure something out.

"Okay, if you're sure you don't want some help."

"I'm sure, go on, I'll be right in." Urging him towards the main room, I only turn back to the sink when I hear the TV turn on and him muttering about Saturday night shows. Something that once more makes me smile as it is all too familiar.

Filling the sink and getting to work on the dishes, still mulling over what I should do now that we're 'dating' I have to wonder just how fast Tommy wants to go with this. Does he expect us to progress into more intimate contact anytime in the near future? Does he want to wait? Will he be unnerved if I tried to kiss him? I knew this would be complicated. Not that it's not worth it, but it's still a potential mine field that I will have to tread very carefully on.

Still doing my best to figure things out I finish up the dishes and wipe down the table, before grabbing a hand towel and heading towards the living room. "So Tommy did you find anything decent to wa…Tommy?"

Curled up on the couch, remote control still in hand, he is sound asleep.

Shaking my head in amusement and watching him sleep for a few minutes I finally make up my mind and pull out my cell as I wander back to the kitchen. Waiting through the first two rings, I'm unsurprised as it's quickly picked up on the third.

"What's wrong?" Jason's voice coming through the line, apparently knowing it's me, I can tell by the tone that he is not happy.

"Nothing." Own voice a bit defensive, I shake my head. If he was anymore over protective of his friend he'd be married to him, I'm sure of it.

"Then why are you calling? He's not still out is he? It's ten thirty. Where are you?" Don't hang up, Adam. Don't do it.

"I'm at my apartment, and again nothing is wrong. I just called to tell you that Tommy fell asleep on the couch."

After a fairly long pause and some hushed talking with who I will assume is Kat, Jason's voice comes back on a little calmer than before. "Well, wake him up and bring him home than." Nice.

"Actually, I was thinking that we could just, I don't know, let him sleep?" And more silence followed by even louder hushed conversation with Kat. This is not really going in my favor is it?

"He'll be sore in the morning if he sleeps like that. It's better to bring him home and let him sleep in his bed. Besides he hasn't slept away from us since we got him back, if he wakes up in a strange place he could react badly." Strange place? My apartment is a strange place now?

"Jason he's tired, he had a fun time tonight but I think it took a lot out of him. Don't you think it's better to just let him rest here, rather than get him up, drag him out to the car, and take him home? He'll be groggy and unhappy if we do all of that. Besides I can handle any nightmares he might have." At least I would hope I can.

"What exactly did you do tonight?" How did I know that was coming?

"I'm not even going to dignify that with an answer Jason. Now listen, if you really want to come over here, wake him up, despite the fact he's sleeping comfortably, then be my guest, but I'm not doing it and I'm pretty sure Kat would agree with me."

Pretty sure I'm right as the mouthpiece is no doubt partly covered once more so he can converse with his girlfriend, Jason finally comes back on, tone one of annoyance but defeat. "Alright, I'm only going to say this once, so pay attention." I think I liked the silence better.

"I'm listening."

"The man sleeping on your couch is my best friend, my brother, and for reasons Kat assures me are sweet he has chosen to like you very deeply. So here's my one comment on all of this. I'm happy as long as he's happy. I know you and I know you'll take care of him and give him what he wants and needs. However if you ever, ever hurt him, I. Will. Kill. You. Slowly. And it will hurt, a lot. Got it?"

Looking back in the living room I smile as Tommy shifts ever so slightly muttering something in his sleep, which oddly enough sounds very much like my name. "Got it."

"Good. I'll see you both in the morning. Early."

To be continued…..