A/N: This was written years ago, and is only here to serve as a reminder of what I once was. And for cringe. That too. Note: Inigo was paired with Awakening MU in my most recent play through at the time, hence the mention of a kid(Morgan).

Odin's hands were still shaking. He had to find Selena, and fast. He spotted her, near the entrance to the west wing of the castle. He quickly grabbed her shoulder and led her to an empty room near them. "What do you want?" she asked in her normal aggressive tone. "It's Lazlow, no Inigo. He's…..he's dead." Odin managed in a whisper. "WHAT?" Selena replied, mouth wide open. "He was killed in the recent battle by Corrin's troops. Apparently he brought reinforcements to help Lord Xander and he was killed in the battle that followed." Odin explained, barely holding back tears. Selena was silent for several moments before asking, "Owain, why did we come here?" Owain offered no response. "We had no obligation to this world, and yet when Anankos asked us, we jumped aboard without hesitation. We left everyone behind, hell, Inigo left a wife and a KID for crying out loud. So why? Why did *sob* why would we EVER come here?" Selena could barely get her words out from behind her tears. Odin said nothing, tears beginning to fall down his face. "We should never have come" he said, his voice barely above a whisper,"We felt like we needed to help and now…*sob* now my best friend is dead." Selena looked down, "We need to leave." she said, in between her tears. "What are you doing in here?" a voice sounded from behind the two, spinning around it was revealed to be Leo. "L-Lord Leo!" Odin exclaimed, surprised to see the noble. "This is about Laslow, right?" Leo asked. "Yes, sir" Odin replied quickly. "You see-" Odin was cut off as Leo began to speak. "It's fine. I heard everything. You are free to take Laslow's body and return to your home country." "Lord Leo! I...um…..thank you sire!" Odin responded, shock evident on his face. "Thank you sire." Selena added, also thanking the Nohrian prince. "Ah Selena, I will speak to Camilla on your behalf. Now then, goodbye. I wish you safe travels." Leo explained to Odin and Selena before walking away. "C'mon. Let's go." Odin said, nudging Selena. "Yeah." she replied, and the pair set off towards their deceased friend, and then, home.

A/N: If you got through that without cringing, I applaud you.