Desperate Measures

In a time were Voldemort wins and Harry Potter is dead, Hermione Granger makes a bold move. She is going back in time to make sure Voldemort never rises to power. She is going to make sure Gellert Grindlewald wins his war.


Hermione's point of view

She had spent months coming up with this plan. At first she thought about going back to the Marauders time and stopping the attack on the Potters. She ditched that idea. Voldemort was at large and none of them were a match for him. Then she thought about going back to when dear old Tom was still in the cradle. Alas, even war hardened, Hermione couldn't bring herself to murder a child.

1 year after the death of Harry Potter, 6 months after Ron betrayed all of them she fled to the one place she knew no Death Eater would go. She fled to Nuremgard, once strong hold and prison to Gellert Grindlewald. She felt her recovered time turner him to life as she entered the grounds.

It was deserted now. Its infamous prisoner long dead. And now the safest place in the wizarding world. Here she would begin her task, study all she could. Bring this madness to an end. She clutched now yellowed blueprints of the prison in her hand. She knew what she needed here.

It was bitterly cold, she was starving, making the imposing place seem like the most welcoming place in the world. She went into the entry way, enjoying the solemn quiet. She opened her beaded bag as the door shut behind her, pulling out her meager meal for the night and things she needed to start a fire.

The place had not been abandoned to long. There was still candles in candle holders. Wirelessly she lit them all. Making her way to the waiting room she hunkered down on the floor with the blue prints.

She ate her sandwich in silence, the beginnings of a bold and desperate plan already forming in her mind. After the fall of Grindlewald there had been a massive power vacuum left behind. Many Death Eaters had parents and grandparents who served in his armies.

One of the things that caught her attention about his movement was it had nothing to do about pureblood. That would work in her favor. Voldemort had a ready made army left restless basically handed to him. It was his school friends that were all for pure blood supremecy.

And from what she knew about Grindlewald was powerful, far more than Dumbledore or Voldermort. He was tricked, taken off guard by the one he considered a brother. Now the point of this all. She had decided to go back, not to the Marauders or to kill baby Riddle. Not even to Dumbledore.

She was going back to Grindlewald's time for one reason. To make sure he WINS! Which means research into the time, knowing the man's tactics, how he thought. Find everywhere he went wrong. As to how to convince him to trust her? She looked over to the pensive memory she made when she snatched the time turner from the now abandoned Malfoy Manor.

She was going to show him and tell him the truth.