Chapter 28: A Problem Like Albus

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We will speak about Chastity next chapter.

Keeping Albus unaware of Aurelius' whereabouts is now the name of the game. A trap is planned for Albus' spies and they unwittingly become the part of a massive cover up tale.

Gellert's POV

It all went off without a hitch. Eunice Brown's light show convinced Madam President Picquery that the Obscurus was destroyed. Though deeply angry over having to obliviate half of New York and spend hours unseen repairing the city, in the end it was a situation where no one could be blamed. Security was amped up around the city and Gellert had to deal with the makings of a brand new Division in his Division.

They were called the NMWD (New Magicals Welfare Division) focussed on monitoring those indicated to be witches and wizards that live among the no maj. Gellert of course could already see that this new Division would mean problems for him later. He wanted eyes off the muggle world for now while he and his Jem set their plans into motion. He would simply have to be more cunning it seemed.

They had another problem they had to deal with that took the firm of his old friend. No doubt what happened had been in the Prophet. It would hit to close to home for Albus. He would be a problem. The bastard would have them both dead to rights if he found out about exactly what happened to his nephew. So he snuck into Hermione's office at the end of the day. In spite of the stress, he couldn't help the smile on his face as he looked at her.

She looked irritated. Her hair was frazzled and her face was in her hands, her foot tapping the ground. "Why does the bloody stupid have to physically hurt!" he heard her groan causing him to snort. "I love you, but shut it! Or I swear to bloody Merlin I'll punch you square in the mouth!" she stated. He moved slowly into her space, gently removing her hands from her face.

"So violent today my Valkeryie." He stated softly bending close to her ear. She melted, like she always did. She heaved a sigh. "That piece of shite Gavin doesn't have to acost me to be a massive pain in my arse! He tried to get me fired and Eunice and Nicholas demoted! Said had we done our job the Obscurus would have been dealt with BEFORE he became a threat to the Statute! And I can't touch him because President Picquery has a soft spot for him!" she ranted.

The Darkness within Gellert swirled inside. "There will be a day my love when we will deal with him as we see fit. But for now we must bide our time. He will get everything he deserves when the time is right." he said. She took his hand in hers and kissed his palm then held it to her cheek a moment. " You look like you could use a drink or 5." He stated changing the subject.

She let out a laugh. "Gods yes, that sounds like heaven!" she stated. "Well.." he started, rotating her chair till she was in till she was facing him. " It just so happens that I have a bottle of Ogden's finest with your name on it at home. What do you say we go enjoy it?" he stated. He offered his arm with waffling his eyebrows at her and giving her a wink. She laughed and tapped her chin pretending to think. "I don't know. Is there perhaps some take away in it for me?" she asked.

"Of course there is!" he stated. She stood up and placed her arm in his. "Very well then my good sir. You have convinced me." she said. They walked to the exit arm in arm. They got a few cat calls and a few glared at his Jem. Mostly women who wouldn't have stood a chance even with the real Percival! It felt good to have her arm in his after the stressful last few days.

They apparated to the apartment, his Jem sinking into his sofa immediately while he fire called their favorite cafe for sandwiches. He poured her a tall glass of fire whiskey and then one for himself. In spite of just wanting one night to relax and get sloshed with her, the issue with Albus could not wait. They needed some sort of plan and they needed it now. He took off his robes, sank down beside her, set down his drink and loosened his tie.

"I know that sigh, Gell. Come on then, out with it love." she said. "We have to deal with what happened 3 days ago. Albus is likely already panicking. If he finds out about Aurelius he is going to cause problems for us. Its still to early in the game for us to leave our posts. So how do we keep that nosy scheisse out of New York and Aurelius out of his clutches? Its to late to stop the story from what happened here from spreading. He's not a fool!" he stated.

"Oh bloody hell! I had forgotten! If you think he is a pain in the arse now! You are right of course." she stated taking a long swig out of her Fire Whiskey. "You said he has spies here keeping an eye on the boy right?" she asked. He took a long drink out of his own. "Yes he does. They're good too. Cara has yet to get a hold of them and she as efficient as they come." he answered.

"They are the main source for Albus for information on the boy. We can't have them telling him that Aurelius is gone. Yet… they could be useful." She stated. She began to bite the left side of her lip, a habit when she was nervous or deep in thought. "What we need is a trap. A way to lure them all to be in one place at one time." he thought out loud. "Does Cara know when they come to check on the boy?" she asked.

"Only two visits. She thinks there are others sporadicly. That's the problem." he stated. "The house is empty. How good are you at illusions?" she asked. "Fair. You are thinking of a ruse. Yet, he did not intervene when that boy was being beaten. What kind of ruse would be enough to get them all in one place?" he asked. "Albus is highly unpredictable except for one thing. He fears dark magic. If he fears Aurelius may go dark…" she started.

"Like with Tom Riddle you mean." he stated. "You know, young Tom Riddle and Aurelius look remarkably similar." she commented. As she later had seen Albus' memories on the boy and he had seen her memories. They did have an eery resemblance to one another. "If he thinks Aurelius is going dark he will double up his little informants. He will want to confirm." he saw where she was going.

"It won't take much. We reenact one of Tom's memories. Nothing major. Making someone slip and fall. A random walk into the wall. When more come to investigate we spring the trap." she stated. "We need to modify the memories of the spies. They will be our way to mislead Albus and keep his meddlesome arse parked at Hogwarts and out of our hair." she said. "This is going to have to be done more than once Jem" he stated sighing.

"Exactly. It keeps his eyes there…" she raised an eyebrow and gave him a smirk. He smirked back. "And off us and any small moves we make." he finished. He raised his glass and she raised hers. "Cheers love! To keeping Albus occupied!" he said. They flunked their glasses together and drained the rest of their contents. "Now I do believe you said a drink or 5, Mr Grindlewald." She quipped. "Indeed I did." he stated.

"And we can talk about saving Chastity." Hermione stated.