The parents of Raven Baxter and Chelsea Daniels tearfully waved goodbye at their daughters as their cars traveled down a gravel road worrying about the future of their children. They expected this moment not to come so soon, but then again, they expected it to come at an out of state university, not a cattle farm.

Over a month ago, the two former high school students discovered a spell book belonging to Raven's psychic grandmother, Vivian. They used it to get invited to a Halloween party hosted by Raven's archnemesis, Alana, and to win the costume contest. However, their costumes ended up being more realistic than anyone realized, as Chelsea accidentally dropped a button in their spell concoction and turned them into cows. Despite their attempts to stop the magic, they failed and ended the spooky holiday naked and on all fours.

Ever since that fateful Halloween night, the two families had been hard at work taking care of the two bovines that were once human. They spent nearly half of their days preparing the animals their food, cleaning the yard of any dung, giving them kiddie pools full of water, and arguably the most humiliating task for both parties, milking them. Not only did it become incredibly difficult to manage with how long Vivian was taking with the spell, but Raven and Chelsea were no longer speaking to them. There were only moos coming out of their mouths.

With no way to communicate to them, the two families assume that their daughters are now complete cattle. While Vivian was still insistent that she could prepare the spell within a year to change them back to normal, a year felt like an eternity having these beasts at a San Francisco suburban house. Since Raven and Chelsea were physically and mentally cows, the best option might be to let them live like cows for the time being.

Victor contacted a close friend he met back in college who owned a cattle farm to let Raven and Chelsea stay at while Vivian continues preparing the spell. The parents left farmer Randall a list of what not to do with them. This includes not cutting their human hair, not letting them near the bulls, and not sending them to meet the butcher.

After the parents left, Randall wrapped two halters around the ladies' snouts and tied them near a fence near a bunch of washing equipment. They needed to be cleaned before joining the herd.

Chelsea: Hopefully he gets that spot right between my left back leg and tail. That's been bugging me for weeks!

Raven: The more you speak, the more I want to get out of here. How tight is this leash?

Chelsea: Rae, we talked about this. We need to stay here.

Raven: No, we don't! Our lives aren't here Chels! They're back with Eddie. Back with our parents. Back at Bayside High!

Chelsea: Back with Alana?

Raven: I'll take her over that terrible smell right now!

Chelsea: Rae, that's us. Even if we came back, nobody can understand us for some reason. Let's stay here until your grandma can change us back to normal, all right?

Raven: Sigh… fine. But he better use the right shampoo! I'm never letting Cory live that one time down…

Cows are very social creatures and have their own best friends. Thankfully, it is also one trait that Raven and Chelsea retain from their human bodies. Being able to talk with each other helps, though they are unsure why they cannot speak to other humans. Having Chelsea around made Raven slightly less embarrassed that her body just went through the animal equivalent of a car wash.

They were then led to a chute with a head gate. They were having an uneasy feeling in their stomachs. Chelsea went in first and the gate closed around all of her large body except for her head. She shut her eyes, only for Randall to stick a yellow tag in her left ear to give her a number. It was essentially an animal ear piercing. Raven went in more confidently and winced slightly after getting a yellow tag with the number 11703 in the middle of her left ear. She was relieved that she didn't have to be branded on her rear as she figured those numbers might still be on there once she became human again. If she became human again…

But the check-up wasn't over yet. Randall led the two livestock ladies into yet another small platform with borders surrounding it and motioned them to step on it. Raven put her hooves on top and stopped towards the middle. She was dreading this part the most. The scale came out to say 1014.6 lbs.

Randall: Quite the healthy girl Victor raised! I'll have to see if I can get in touch with that ranch he mentioned!

Raven was somewhat reprieved about Randall. Chances are, Randall wouldn't have believed her father if he told them the two cows he was taking were his associate's daughter and friend. The weight she was less than thrilled with. It might be healthy for a cow, but it's nearly ten times than what she weighed as a human. Chelsea somehow weighing nearly 200 lbs less added insult to injury.

Randall then took the halters off their snouts. Raven tried to use her long tongue to scratch the places where the rope had been to no avail. He then began guiding the two transformed teens to a blocked fence that would look easy to jump over if they were ten times lighter and standing on two legs. He opened the fence and allowed them to alternate their four hooves into the pasture before closing the gateway behind them. Raven and Chelsea awkwardly looked at each other, then turned their heads back to Randall.

Randall: Get used to the surroundings girls. Feel free to graze wherever until its time for your favorite part!

Despite Randall going mostly out of view, Raven still stood there wondering what he meant.

Raven: Favorite part? What does that mean? And what is grazing all about?

Chelsea: We basically walk around, eat grass, sleep, and that's it.

Raven: So basically, everyday here is like a Saturday for Cory? I'd appreciate not working if this wasn't ruining my life. What do you think Chel-

When Raven turned her head around, Chelsea was already munching on a mound of grass sticking out of the fence. She grew increasingly impatient.

Raven: Forget it! I'm gonna find something else to do!

Chelsea: Wait for me Rae! You know how much we're supposed to eat in a day, right?

Chelsea's heavy body and appetite made it take a while before she could catch up to her friend. Raven eventually gave in to her hunger after coming across a hay bale and began chomping down on it without a second thought. She tried convincing herself she wasn't starving, but it's hard when your digestive system was as big as hers. Raven heard munching alongside her.

Raven: Ok Chels, how much do we need?

?: How much of what?

Raven quickly turned around and came face to face with a Holstein cow. But it lacked Chelsea's distinct red hair and smaller stature. She was nearly as big as Raven, though she was standing more upright and continuously swishing her tail back and forth. Raven stepped back in fear.

Raven: Did, did you just talk?

?: Um.. yeah? Can't remember when I couldn't talk. You must be new here.

Raven was amazed by the other cow's speaking ability, but at the same time she came to a horrific realization. She remembered that she has this tendency to lean her head upwards when she was talking, and noticed that the other animal was doing the same. When cows are tilting their heads upwards, they tend to be lowing.

Raven thought she hasn't heard herself moo in a while, but she now knew the reason why. When she and Chelsea were talking, they weren't moving their lips like humans. They were mooing. They could now only speak cattle language and were no longer capable of human speech.

She may have realized this sooner, but has been in denial ever since her mother broke down asking her to say anything other than "moo." Now being able to understand this random cow she just met, she almost broke down herself, but kept her head straight up and continued to moo.

Raven: Yeah, uh, my name is Raven.

?: Raven, huh? Knew one a couple months ago before she left. My name is Beth. Nice to meet ya.

If the two of them had hands, Raven would've extended her arm to offer a handshake. For now, all she could do was awkwardly stand there and slightly nod her head and wiggle her left ear. She didn't want to begin thinking about what happened to the other Raven.

Chelsea finally catches up with Raven after making a couple of snack stops on the way.

Chelsea: Sorry I took so long. How's the hay?

Beth: Eh, felt a little rushed today. Could've been rolled slightly more.

Chelsea stopped eating to process the same revelation Raven had minutes earlier, but didn't take as long. When they were transforming, Chelsea quickly became more accustomed to being a cow than her friend. The same was true here.

Beth: Anyways, what's that weird fur on your guys' heads. And why are they different colors?

She was of course referring to the human hair still on their heads. It wasn't exactly a common site to see for both a human or a bovine.

Chelsea: Oh, that? Well, funny story, we're not exactly cows, we're…

Raven:… out of town! Yeah, rare occasion where our dads had different colored fur than our moms! The farmer was interested because of our rare hair and completely no other reason!

Even though, Chelsea was more used to being a cow, she was still prone to making the same air-headed decisions that Raven had to rescue her from. They couldn't let the others know about their peculiar past.

Beth: Well all right then… I'll let the other girls know we've got some new additions to our herd. Nice meeting you Raven and…

Chelsea: Chelsea.

Beth: Thank ya kindly.

Beth casually walked off while swishing her tail. The two thought they could hear some other women talking a short distance away, though they now knew it would sound like constant mooing through human ears.

Raven: Well that was… surreal. I mean, I know you've always wanted to talk to animals Chelsea, but I think there could've been a less weird way to do it.

Raven starts hears a splashing noise not far away from her. It may have been finally something beneficial to her enhanced hearing.

Raven: Do you hear that girl? Sounds like a massive stream or river nearby. That might be cool to check out. Maybe this place won't be so bad after all!

Suddenly the splashing noise starts getting softer. Raven then notices Chelsea's tail was lifted higher than usual and starts slowly descending.

Chelsea: That feels better. Sorry Rae, were you saying something?

Raven then starts picking up an unpleasant scent and reminds herself to check out some "other" salad bars.