Chapter One It Has Begun

A few months after graduation, Rikki eventually forgave Zane and returned to her job as co-owner of the café. Everything seemed fine for the girls that was until now.

In the morning at the Sertori household. Rose Kensington is Cleo's cousin who has been staying with them for the summer, before going to University in Belgium. Rose got accepted into the Royal Academy of the Fine Arts, in Antwerp. Cleo and her friends eventually found out, that Rose herself is a mermaid, and has the same abilities as her cousin, Cleo. Rose started dating Nate, soon after Nate found out the truth and it made them closer than ever. But that morning the girls woke up to a horrifying sound.

Rose POV

"AAHHHHHHHHHH!" A woman from outside the house was screaming, but she wasn't the only one.

"What was that?" Cleo asked. Rose got up from her bed and went to look out the bedroom window; people were running and screaming, Rose was starting to get really scared, she didn't like this at all.

"I-I don't know, there's people running around scream…-Oh my god!" I said, shouting the last three words.

"What is it?" Cleo said getting scared herself.

"Cleo? This isn't good. Ms. Matthews, the next door neighbor is eating another human." I said trying to hide behind the curtain, so nobody from below could see her. Cleo got out of her bed in an instant and looked out the window.

"Oh my god!" Cleo shouted. I grabbed Cleo and pulled her away from the window.

"Why'd you pull me away?" Cleo asked, freaking out.

"Cleo. If they see us, they could break in the house and eat us too." I pointed out. Then the door to the bedroom swung open.

"Girls, you alright? I heard screaming." Don said running in to the room.

"Dad? Look outside the window." Cleo told her dad. Don looked out the window and saw people running and screaming.

"Why are they running?" Don asked.

"They've turned into zombies Uncle Don. I saw Ms. Matthews eating someone, with my own two eyes." I told him.

"Dad you need to get away from the window before they see you, otherwise, they'll know there's someone in the house." Cleo said, once she said this, Don stepped back from the window, but not without seeing Kim outside the house.

"Oh no. Kim's outside." Don said, running out to go get his youngest daughter.

"Dad!" Cleo shouted. Cleo and I got out of their hiding place and went after Don, to try to get Kim back in the house and for them to be saved, but what they witnessed was more terrifying than the screams. Both Don and Kim, were on the floor bleeding out, being eaten.

"DAD!" Cleo screamed out, but the sound of her voice caught the eye of the flesh eating creatures. Don and Kim finally got up, making Cleo think they were ok.

"They're alive." Cleo said about to run up to them.

"Cleo, they're not alive." I told her.

"Yes they are, can't you see?" Cleo said.

"Cleo, they're one of them now, we can't do anything." I told her. Cleo knew I was right, they ran to the backyard and jumped into the river and swam away.