"Iemitsu-! Thank god you've finaly picked up the phone! Tsu-kun-" Nana blurted out hastily with tears rolling down her cheeks.

"Ah, Nana-chan, I'm sorry I'm busy right now. I'll talk to you later, okay?"



"….Tsu-kun is in the hospital, undergoing surgery." She mumbled like a broken tape-recorder, with the beeping –that reminded her of her phone call being cut off- as background noise.

Nana stared numbly at the phone in her hands with hurt in her eyes. She once again bit her lower lip as more tears rolled down her cheeks and a sob escaped her lips.

He cut off her call. Why did he do that? She knew he was busy, in fact, she never had called him during his working hours. She only called him now because it was an emergency. Why didn't he listen to her at all? Was his work much more important than their son's health?

She stumbled backwards towards the cool bench that stood in a corner, and stared dazedly at the closed doors of the emergency surgery room her tsu-kun had been rushed to immediately. Honestly, it still felt like a dream to her. Everything had been going well. Iemitsu had visited her and Tsu-kun, and he even invited his Boss! Nana had been surprised to meet his Boos, but she had to admit, Timoteo-san was a nice man –kind even. But there was something inside her that made her wary of him. She had dismissed that thought, thinking she was being overly paranoid for no reason.

(That was her first mistake.)

It had been a fun week. She got to spend time with her husband –who was usually away working overseas- and she got to see her husband and Tsu-kun interact –they really made an adorable pair- and she even get to know her husband's boss! What more could she want?

And then, just like that, they went back. She had been too busy helping Iemitsu pack and making sure Timoteo-san was enjoying his stay in Japan that she unconsciously neglected Tsu-kun. But since Iemitsu had been playing with Tsu-kun, she had relaxed thinking that he'll keep an eye on their son and happily went on to make dinner.

By the time she checked on him, it was too late. Tsu-kun was burning on a high fever and was breaking out in cold sweat. He was shivering a bit too much, and his breathing was getting weaker. Nana had panicked and called 911right away. Tsuna had immediately brought to surgery. She'd had been trying to reach Iemitsu ever since then.

But he isn't answering her calls.

And now, after three hours, when he had finally picked up her call, he didn't even listen to her before he cut off the call.

A lone tear splashed on her clenched fist as she once again tried to call him, hoping he'd pick up and at least listen to her this once.

… But he didn't.

Footsteps echoed in the empty hallway, and her dull eyes flickered upwards towards the nurse who walked out of the Operation room. In her frantic efforts to reach Iemitsu with her phone calls, she hadn't realized the surgery had already ended. Hastily, standing up, she rushed towards the nurse and grasped her arm urgently.

"Tsu-kun!" she gasped. "How is my Tsu-kun?!"

The nurse gave her a small smile and said, "the operation was successful. Your son is fine now. He'll be kept here for a week for recuperation, and after that you can take him home."

"Oh, thank god….." nana sobbed as she almost collapsed on the bench. Her Tsu-kun is fine. She didn't lose him. He didn't leave her. (Just like her parents did….. just like everyone does- one way or another.) Tsu-kun stayed.

And she'll never take him for granted ever again.





The Doctors said the fever affected Tsu-kun's brain and made him lose his memories. He didn't recognize her. At all.

And it hurt. It hurt her to know that her Tsu-kun didn't even recognize her at all. She was this close to bursting into tears at that very moment.

But she didn't. Because she wasn't the only one suffering. Tsu-kun was suffering too. As soon as he had woken up, he had screamed and flailed, and demanded to know where his crew was and insisted on being called "Luffy"they didn't know what he was talking about, and noted it as his crazy ramblings which might be side effect of the high fever. In the end, just so he could take his medicine on time, they promised that his crew was alright, and assured him that he'll meet them sooner or later.

And even if he –somewhat- obeyed the doctors orders right now –"You guys are so boring! Chopper is so much better at this doctor-stuff than you, you know."- and would even smile and laugh with her without any worry, she knew he was suffering deep inside. She knew, because when he thought no one was looking, he would curl his knees closer to himself and stare out of the window in a daze, mumbling names of people under his breath that she was sure he has never even met in his whole life.

Her Tsu-kun wasn't fine. Not by a long shot.

But that's alright. Because Tsu-kun was her son, and she would never, ever leave him alone –even if he wasn't her Tsu-kun anymore.

It doesn't matter if he was Sawada Tsunayoshi or Monkey D. Luffy. All it mattered to her is that he was her son, and that she won't have him any other way.