Based on a headcanon of primus-why on Tumblr, thanks to them for allowing me to "make them cry more" ^^

::{}:: is for binary language


What in the name of Primus is he doing here?!

That was the first thought that crossed the Vehicon's mind when they spotted a familiar spiky-haired head trying to hide behind the boulders.

For a nanosecond they forgot everything around them. They forgot about the battle, they forgot about the Autobots who had attacked the mine some seconds ago, they forgot about the blasters shooting death from everywhere, Pit, they even forgot about Megatron because the sparkling was there, in the middle of a violent storm he wasn't supposed to witness.

They couldn't be mistaken. It was him, the little one to whom they had taught binary during they first mission of infiltration on Earth. Yes they had been stupid enough to think that a baby human was the same thing as a sparkling and thus their basic programming had awaken when the little one had started to express worry after being left alone – what kind of creators would be dumb enough to forget about them ? The Vehicon had begun to speak in binary to soothe the sparkling and it worked because Primus, his little giggles were the most adorable thing they had ever heard in a long time.

Then it had become a habit. Every time they were alone with the sparkling they would talk to them in binary, and the little one would stare at them with wide shining optics that seemed to understand – and even though they had learned he was a mere human, an organic life without intelligence, they could not help but think that this little one was different, better than the others. So whenever he came they would beep and click and whirr, and seeing the little one with his beautiful smile was enough to warm their spark – oh wait they didn't have one, but whatever.

One day the little one had answered – yes he had tried to speak in binary! The Vehicon had been so delighted they had almost honked their horn. Thanks Primus they didn't or else they would have blown up their cover.

Sometimes the little one would climb onto one of their seat and curl into a ball and water started to leak from his eyes... The sounds coming from his mouth were so full of pain and sadness.

::{What is wrong, little one?}:: they would beep in concern. ::{Hush now, there is no need to worry. I am here.}::

And slowly the sparkling would calm down, until no more water came out from his eyes. Sometimes he even fell asleep on their seat, and the warmth his small body displayed felt... very nice.

Then the Vehicon was assigned to another duty. They had never seen the sparkling again.

Until today.

He had grown up. The little one had changed a bit, but he still had the same eyes – now filled with fear, trying to hide from the battle.

Why now? Why here? Of all the places, why here, where his fragile body could be easily destroyed?

The Vehicon could not betray their faction. They lived to serve Megatron, to obey. That was why they had been built and brought to the battlefield.

They were a war machine, only meant to kill and destroy, and they accepted it. But the little one – the little one deserved none of this. He was innocent and had a right to keep this innocence.

They were a mere drone. Disposable. There were plenty like them.

The little one was one.

And so they made their decision.

They ran from the battlefront, dodged a few shots – and one could have thought they were just trying to find a better place to shoot – until they were in front of the human.

They could see he was scared.

::{I am not here to harm you, little one,}:: they beeped, which seemed to surprise the boy. Before he could say anything they gently scooped him into their servos, trying not to harm him with their claws, then started to run again.

"What are you doing!" he screamed.

::{Safety. A safe place for Rafael.}::

The human gaped at them.

"How... how do you know my name?!"

Ah... Right. After all, the Vehicons were all the same. But they could not answer, because a well-placed shot tore their leg apart.

They howled in pain as they collapsed, but nonetheless tried to hold the little one tight against their chest, sparring him from the ruthless fall. Despite their nasty injury, they crawled until they were hidden behind a wall of rocks. Then they curled around Rafael, shielding him with their body.

"Why... are you doing this?" he dared to ask after a moment, even if he still looked afraid.

::{You deserve... to live, little one,}:: they weakly beeped. An endless flow of Energon was gushing from their damaged leg, and several warnings popped up in their processor. They ignored them and continued to talk :

::{You... probably don't remember me... I was the... the car your family 'owned' when you were younger... and was 'stolen' when you were three years old.}::

Rafael stared at them with flabbergasted eyes.

"That... That was YOU?!"

If they had a mouth, they would have smiled at his expression, but they could only nod.

::{Little one... used to sleep on my seat. Tried to speak in binary with me...}::

Their visor flickered. Rafael noticed it, then noticed the growing pool of Energon under the Vehicon's waist.

"You're hurt!"

The Vehicon gave a weak half-shrug.

::{Vehicons are hurt... and die every day. It doesn't matter... We have no sparks... no designations... It doesn't matter...}::

"Of course it does!" Rafael exclaimed. "Every living being has a right to live! Don't move, I'm going to look for help!"

But he could not even make a step, for the Vehicon pinned him down with one servo. He protested and struggled, but he was not able to even move the huge limb.

::{Do not, little one,}:: the Vehicon said with a calm, comforting voice. ::{Do not endanger... yourself for someone like me. Stay here till... the battle is over... then go back to your friends...}::


::{No buts.}::

Rafael pouted, but didn't add anything. They stayed silent and still for a little while, the fury of the battle echoing not so far away, the Vehicon becoming weaker and weaker as time went by.

Then Raf hesitantly asked:

"So, you... you don't have a name?"

The Vehicon shook their head.

"Then... Can I call you 'Agathos'?"

::{...If you want to... But... Why?}:: they asked, curious – and a little bit flattered – that he wanted to give them a name.

"If... If what you said is true... Then it is thanks to you that I learned binary. And moreover, you saved me. You are a Decepticon, but you are a good person. 'Agathos' in Ancient Greek means goodness, kindness. I think it suits you very well."

The Vehicon felt something throb in their chassis – a tingling sensation. Gratitude, maybe? They felt too dizzy to be sure.

::{Agathos... It sounds... nice...}::

No more shooting was heard. Had they been less weak, they would have heard footsteps coming closer and closer. Their visor kept flickering at a worrying rate.

::{Thank... you... li...ttle... one...}::

::{Rafael!}:: someone shouted.

Their visor shut down, and the world disappeared.