A/N: This is an idea that came to me recently. It's going to be a bit darker than my last fic with Peter and Tony. It will start out mild, but I intend to escalate things quickly in this one. The action will start at the end of the first chapter. While Peter isn't my favorite MCU crush (That's a close tie between Captain America and Iron Man), he is my favorite muse for FanFiction. His youth makes him the perfect character to play with and put through difficult situations. I see this as a time for Peter to grow and learn from the challenges and difficulties that a young superhero is bound to face. This story will explore what it is like for a superhero to be put at risk by some fairly average human adversaries. Not all enemies will wield high tech weapons, and even the average weapon will be bound to do some damage. So, my dear readers, sit back and enjoy the crazy places my mind goes. Again, I imagine this to take place sometime between Homecoming and Infinity War, but this will exist separately from my other fic and be a little more AU. For example, Tony is still working from Avenger's tower in the city.

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Chapter 1: The Bank Deposit

Peter hurried down the street, clutching his backpack so that it wouldn't get knocked off his back by the New Yorkers rushing by him. It was a busy Saturday morning, and Peter was in a hurry to get to the bank before it would close at noon. He had some time, but he had promised MJ and Ned that he wouldn't be late to work on their science project. He knew that the bank could get busy on weekends, and there weren't too many tellers in the bank these days with most deposits made electronically.

Peter smirked as he made his way down the sidewalk, thinking about the way Tony teased him for being so old-fashioned with his money.

- flashback to earlier that morning -

"You know that deposits can be done electronically now, right? I can't even remember the last time I actually had to write out a check for someone to deposit. Why can't I just transfer the money directly to your account?" Tony had asked.

"Come on, Mr. Stark. I went to the bank with my uncle to set up this savings account. He told me that it was very important to save my money and prepare for the future. He wanted to make sure that I would be able to afford a quality education! I like taking the check into the bank and depositing that money just the way he taught me. Plus, someone has to help the bank tellers keep their jobs!" Peter argued playfully.

Tony looked at the young man in front of him. "I get that, Pete. It's very responsible of you, and I'm sure your uncle would be proud." Tony handed Peter the envelope with his check inside. "I have no doubt that you have a great future ahead of you, which is why I am choosing to invest in that future by giving you this check for your college fund."

Peter smiled as he took the envelope. "Thank you, Mr. Stark. This is really kind of you." Peter peaked inside the envelope to look at the amount on the check, $75,000. "Wait! Mr. Stark, this is more than we had talked about!" Peter protested. "I can't accept this!"

"You can and you will," Tony insisted. "You're worth more, but the way I see it, you'll probably get a full ride to MIT anyway. That money should help fund any projects or materials that you'll need to make me proud." Tony was beaming at his young protege. He had no doubt that Peter would make him proud. The kid could probably make a name for himself and make some of Tony's projects look like a middle school science project.

"I still have two years of high school left," Peter reminded his mentor. I'm not sure I need all of this right now. Peter stared at the check, seeming conflicted about the amount displayed there.

"Come on, Peter. Just consider it an advance for the work you'll be doing for me as my intern... aka an Avenger in training." Tony explained.

Peter looked confused, "You gave me a multi-million dollar suit, and I know you have another one - probably even more expensive than the first." He studied Tony for a moment. "Are you trying to spoil me, Mr. Stark? You know Aunt May doesn't want me to feel entitled to stuff like other kids my age."

Tony laughed a little at that. "Take the money, Peter. That's really no strain on my bank account, and I want to make sure that you will be set up to follow whatever dreams you have floating around in that head of yours. Spider-Man or not, Peter Parker will need to set himself up for retirement some day."

"Retirement? Let me finish high school first!" Peter said as he carefully put the check in his bag. "Thank you. I really do appreciate everything that you do for me." He closed his bag and put it on his shoulder, looking back towards Tony as he finished. He noticed his mentor looking at him with an odd expression. Well, one odd for Tony anyway. It was one of his rare expressions, reserved for the people he cared most about. Peter's uncle used to look at him like that, and sometimes Peter was still lost for words when that same expression was given to him from Iron Man himself.

Tony seemed to notice Peter's stare, and he quickly raised his eyebrows and plastered on one of his more cocky, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist smiles. "Just consider it a belated 16th birthday present from your favorite Avenger!"

Peter laughed and looked at his phone. It was already getting late. "Hey, I should go and deposit this. It will probably be busy today so I want to get going, I'm supposed to meet MJ and Ned later to work on a project. Happy said he'd drop me off near the bank."

"A project?" Tony asked, his interest peaked. "Anything I can help with? The lab is all yours if you need it!"

Peter shook his head as he walked towards the elevator to make his exit. He pressed the button to go down and looked back at Tony, "It's for our astronomy class. I'm not sure your lab has the tools we need for this assignment."

Tony shrugged as he watched Peter enter the elevator, "I could tell you what it's like to go through a wormhole."

"Huh?" Peter asked as he looked back from the elevator. Tony's words were a little mumbled, so Peter hadn't really heard him.

"Nothing." Tony called as the doors began to close. "Have fun banking in the 20th century! Tell Happy he can take the horse and wagon!" Tony teased. He watched Peter roll his eyes and shake his head at the comment as the elevator doors closed. He smiled in the direction in which Peter left. He smiled thinking about just how much better life was with the little spiderling around.

- end flashback -

Peter smiled some more as he walked, continuing to hold tightly to his bag. He couldn't believe that he was carrying a check for that much money. He briefly wondered if the bank would question him about it. He smiled more to himself and shook his head, knowing that Tony had likely pulled some strings and notified the bank ahead of time. The traffic had been heavy, so he told Happy that he could drop him off a few blocks away. The man had reluctantly agreed after Peter reminded him that he was more than capable of handling himself.

Peter was almost to the bank, and, if it was even possible, clutched the bag tighter. Not only was the check inside, but his multi-million dollar red and blue suit was also tucked into the bottom of the bag. He needed to be careful. He didn't want to have to chase down a bag snatcher today.

Peter finally arrived at his bank, the same one his uncle had taken him to open his savings account shortly before he was killed. Peter knew he didn't have to use this exact bank, but using this one somehow felt like he was honoring his Uncle Ben somehow.

He stepped inside and looked around. It was an older bank, one that had stood in the community for years. Almost everyone Peter knew trusted this bank and it's reputation. He found it funny that Tony found his banking old fashioned, and he knew Tony would tease him more if he saw the old building. It didn't have many of the fancy new technology that could be found in the newer built banks. Sure, it had a couple of ATMs, but mostly it was a big old brick building with marble floors and a good, old fashioned vault in the back. Peter knew that the bank had updated it's security protocols. After all, they needed to be able to ensure the patrons that their money was in safe hands. At the same time, he could imagine all of the ways Tony would want to secure the bank even more with his Stark protocols or something.

Peter smiled at the thought of Tony updating his bank and got in line. He was pleased to see the line for the bank teller wasn't too long. There were a good number of people in the bank, but it looked like others were there in lines to discuss loans or open security boxes. He figured he would be able to finish his task and be on his way to Ned's house in less than 15 minutes.

As Peter waited for the next available teller, he suddenly felt a tingling sensation from the base of his skull that continued through his limbs. His enhanced senses were alerting him to something. His hair begin to stand on end, and Peter took a deep breath as he prepared to assess what was coming.

He heard the yells before he could even turn around. He sensed others around him beginning to scramble as there was commotion at the main entrance to the bank.

Peter finally glanced over his shoulder towards the entrance, which also happened to be the exit from the building. Two men in black ski masks had slipped into the building carrying large handguns. The men moved quickly and efficiently, telling Peter that they were not new to this.

"Everyone stop what you're doing and get on the ground!" The first man yelled.

Peter noticed most people dropping to ground, while some others scrambled towards the back, likely to find a rear exit.

Peter could sense the one teller as she moved to press the silent alarm as he also sensed the movement of the bank's security guard.

Peter didn't drop to the ground. His senses were firing like crazy with all the excitement around him. He brought his fingers to his wrist and realized that he was at the bank as Peter Parker. Spider-Man was off duty, and it was unlikely that he would be able to go unnoticed and slip away to make a quick change. His mind was overloaded as he tried to determine his next move as he was sensing the movements of the others in the room at the same time.

His thoughts were suddenly forced to focus as the same man to originally shout the order to get down was now moving in his direction with the gun raised at him.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing you little shit? Get on the ground!" the man yelled.

Peter quickly brought up his hands and slowly began to drop. He hated this feeling... this feeling of helplessness. He was Spider-Man! He took down the Vulture on an invisible jet. Was he really going to let some stupid bank robbers get the upper hand?

As Peter crouched down, the bank robber (he'd call him Curly since he saw a curly hair falling out from under the mask) looked past Peter to the teller now, seeming to think that Peter was ready to comply. Peter stopped mid crouch, and noticed the security guard go after the other robber (Peter would call him Moe... he looked more like a Moe than a Larry. Sure there were only 2 stooges in this scenario, but that hardly seemed important at the moment).

The security guard had a taser and managed to get a shot off at Moe. It must have worked because Moe dropped with a grunt. This caught Curly's attention and Peter could see him raise his arm to take a shot at the guard

Everything was happening so fast. Peter knew he wasn't in his gear, but surely even Peter Parker could stop a man from getting shot.

Peter quickly jumped into action. He burst up from his crouching position and grabbed Curly's arm, pulling down as the man fired a shot meant for the guard.

In the back of his mind, Peter figured the silent alarm must have gone out by now and hoped the police were on their way. He couldn't afford to draw too much attention to himself. At the same time, he could not and would not let anyone get hurt by these morons.

Curly screamed out in rage and pushed back to try to loosen Peter's grip on his arm. "What the fuck?!" he yelled. "Get off of me, kid! You have a death wish or something?"

Peter was trying to think fast. He knew he could easily defeat the man, but that would raise suspicions. He decided to let go of Curly's arm and switch tactics.

As he let go, Curly was trying to bring down his arm and backhand Peter (no doubt to force him to the ground). Peter dodged the hit, hoping that seemed like a reasonable move for a teenager. As he dodged the arm, he reached for a post that was used with some rope to keep people in the proper line. Peter swung the post at Curly's legs, effectively taking out the legs from underneath the man and dropping him to the floor.

"Everyone get out of here!" Peter yelled to the people around him. "You too!" He called to bank staff. He began to hear sirens in the distance. "The police are on the way, let's meet them outside!"

People were running to the door as quickly as possible, and Peter was pleased to see how many of them were able to exit the building. Peter threw the pole at Curly as he was bringing the gun back up and trying to pull himself up. The weight of the pole dropped him back down.

The sirens came closer and Peter decided it was time for him to exit the bank and try to look like any other scared citizen. He would be one of the last to leave, but that was fine with him.

"Go, go, go!" Peter ordered some others out in front of him. He looked around to see the last employees exiting out the back, with only the security guard, Peter, and another man left to exit out the front.

"Go on, kid!" The security guard yelled. "Get outside and get to the police!"

Again, Peter wished that he was in this situation dressed as Spider-Man. He didn't want to leave the guard with the robbers, but he needed to try not to draw any more attention to himself.

Peter nodded at the guard, noticing the other man left in the bank also taking a step towards the door. He could sense Curly trying to get up again, but decided it was best to leave the rest to the police and the guard. As Peter was coming to the exit, he could see the chaos that was bubbling up outside. Police cars rolled up, people were scrambling, and others were stopping to see what the commotion was about. As Peter stepped through the door, he also noticed that some people had pulled out their phones.

He didn't have time to think about the phones or the videos and pictures being taken by the curious onlookers. His senses flared once more, alerting him that something was terribly wrong. So much was happening and again his senses were overloaded.

Two shots rang out almost simultaneously.

People screamed in horror as the young man exiting the bank fell to his knees with a startled cry. Inside the bank, police could see the guard on the ground with blood pouring from his head.

Peter was trying to understand why the ground came at his face so quickly. He felt the white hot pain tear through him, and belatedly realized that the source of the pain had forced him to the ground.

"They shot the boy!" he heard someone yell from the crowd.

Peter's head was swimming, trying to keep up, "Shit! They shot a kid?" Peter saw some red beneath his shoulder on the concrete and looked at it in confusion.


His blood.

"Oh shit!" Peter thought again, "I'm the kid who got shot! How the hell did this happen?"

Again, things around Peter happened quickly. And he realized that he was moving slower than usual, trying to pull himself up and towards the police.

He felt weak, weaker than a superhero should feel.

"This is ridiculous, get up! Come on, Spider-Man! Come on, Spider-Man!" Peter thought, trying to force himself up.

He managed to get his head up and look in the direction of the police. In his muddled brain, he tried to understand why they weren't helping him. Instead, they were taking cover, holding up their weapons at someone behind him.

Behind him?

"Oh shit!" Peter thought for the third time. He wanted to use his hands to pull himself forward and away from the presence he now felt coming up behind him. His senses screaming. He focused on an officer in front of him, noticing his mouth moving. Peter tried to focus on what the NYPD officer was saying. Was it something about put the boy down?

"Wait why is the ground getting further away?" Peter thought with much confusion. Then he felt the hands on him. Someone was using him as a human shield, pulling him back inside the bank. A hand yanked at his hair, forcing up Peter's head and providing further protection of his attacker's own face.

Peter yelped as the attacker pulled at his hair and dragged him backwards.

"Nope!" Peter thought again, "Not happening!"

He tried to dig in his heels and force the attacker's progress to a stop.

"What the fuck?" Peter heard behind him. "This kid has a lot of fight for a little guy!" He grunted.

Peter didn't have time to feel proud of that. The attacker suddenly brought down a hand and squeezed forcefully on Peter's gunshot wound, effectively stopping him from fighting back.

White spots danced in Peter's vision. He wanted to fight, but the pain was unbearable. Pain shot through him as the man dug his fingers into Peter's flesh, all while pulling him inside. Before someone closed the doors, Peter took in what was happening outside.

NYPD was yelling, victims from inside the bank were still scrambling to get out of the way, and onlookers held up their phones to capture everything. And wasn't that just peachy?

The doors to the bank slammed shut, cutting off Peter's access to any help.

Peter's head hit the floor as he was thrown down by his attacker, but Peter continued his fight - this time to stay conscious. He wanted to see what was happening. He hated the vulnerable and helpless feeling that came along with the pain coursing through him. He breathed heavily, fighting the black spots gathering in front of his eyes.

Blinds were pulled down.

The frosted glass security gates were pulled shut and locked.

No one could see inside the building.

Peter was alone, held hostage by bank robbers of all people.

He turned his head to the side and could see the security guard. Dead eyes stared back as blood oozed from his head wound.

Peter looked away and pulled his eyes up to the men standing over him.

An angry-looking Curly stepped over from securing the door gate, a panting Moe was back up and pointing a gun at Peter's head, and the other man...

"Huh?" Peter thought as the darkness pulled him under. "I guess there were 3 stooges after all."

Peter didn't have time to figure out who the third man was or where he came from. As he lost his fight to stay conscious, he figured he could get acquainted with "Larry" later.

A/N: Hopefully you all still recognize the reference to the 3 Stooges. It seems to fit in with the kind of "older" references Peter likes to make. We'll find out more about Larry, Curly, and Moe (as Peter will call them) in a later chapter. Just what will they do with Peter as their hostage? Will pictures and video of him being taken hostage make it to the news? Will his loved ones see it? Can anyone help him in time? Or will a weakened Peter be left to deal with this all on his own? Stay tuned and find out!

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