(A/N: First chapter is super short, they get longer as you go. Absolutely NOTHING in this fic is supposed to be taken romantically, despite it being Valentine's Day-centered and full of affectionate gestures! In fact, my original title for this fic was going to be "Human Affection," but I discarded it because 1. spoilerish and 2. it could easily be taken the wrong way.)


"Sissel, I'm busy—"


Lynne yelped in surprise as the grown man standing beside her swiftly knocked a glass vial off the table, watching as it shattered on impact.

"What the heck, Sissel?!"

Sissel blinked slowly and casually. "It was empty."

"That vial still cost MONEY! I'm going to have to pay Inspector Cabenala back for that, you know!" Lynne retorted. Sissel looked confused.

"What's 'money?' You use that word a lot. Why is it so important to you?"

"Ugh…" Lynne groaned and facepalmed. She didn't have time for this right now. She still had to finish submitting her report on the (attempted) affects of neutralizing Temsik, which was a lot of scientific jargon that was really better suited to Kamila's brain than her own, but if she let her younger roommate surpass her then…

"Hey, Lynne. Lynne."


"Pay attention to me."

This short one minute of conversation basically summed up what the entire evening had been like: Sissel, like always, was carelessly clueless, and Lynne didn't have much patience for his antics.

Of course, in the back of her mind she knew it wasn't really Sissel's fault. After all, as his slit green eyes and furry tail reminded everyone, he was still, in fact, a cat. Although his Ghost Tricks had grown stronger over time, eventually giving him the ability to "project" his physical image like he did his ghost, they hadn't provided him with any useful information about being human. And nobody really had any time to teach him, either, what with the Temsik cover-ups still being carried out and a bunch of other boring legal work regarding Yomiel getting out of prison soon. But then again…

Lynne sighed as Sissel knocked on the door, then looked back at her patiently.

"Sissel, you don't have to knock."

"You told me not to scratch."

"Yes, but you can open the door yourself now, you know."

Sissel's eyes slowly grew wide as he processed this fact. His tail flicked back and forth like a whip while he carefully turned the doorknob with both hands. Then he turned back around, expression deadpan.

"I knew I could do that."

Lynne smirked. "Uh-huh. You go have fun, now. I have to finish up these boring experiment replications."

Sissel saluted (one of the few human motions he'd picked up on his own) and started to leave. Then he hesitated and turned back around.



His tail twitched. "Is tomorrow… 'love day?'"

"Huh? Oh, Valentine's Day? Yeah, I guess it is. I'd completely forgotten. Why?"

"Missile told me about it. He says it smells wonderful but you never share any of the food with him." He said this as a challenging statement, looking at Lynne like she'd better have a darn good explanation for why her family had been holding out on his friend.

"That's because chocolate is poisonous to dogs," Lynne explained. "It would kill— wait— ohh, no you don't!"

Sissel, with a cheshire-cat like grin, had already fled the room, almost definitely in search of some chocolate to sneak to Missile. For being species who were supposed to be rivals, those two got into some serious mischief together— including but not limited to sneaking out at midnight, guilting Kamila into not giving them their baths, and playing "how many dangerous situations can we throw Missile into before he's killed and Sissel has to use his almighty powers to bring him back to life?"

A bout of excited barking from the next room over told Lynne that the last item on the list was probably being carried out even as she mixed her test tube solutions. Oh, brother— and it was already time for Detective Jowd to come home. They'd probably leave a mess right before he arrived and Lynne did not want to be the one to clean it up.

Maybe it WAS high time she gave Sissel a few lessons on how to be a proper human.