Naruto Uzumaki was currently tied to a stump at his training ground. His teammates had just left him stuck here for 2 hours. Naruto has blond, spiky hair and blue eyes. His trademark characteristic are the three whisker markings on his cheeks. Naruto wore an orange and blue jacket with a white collar, a white swirl with a tassel on the left side, and a red Uzumaki crest on the back. He also wore orange pants with a shuriken holster on his right knee, blue sandals, and a blue forehead protector, given to him by Iruka after graduating from the Academy.

Naruto had lost hope that his 'teammates' were coming back. His teammates were Sakura Haruno, Satsuki Uchiha, and Kakashi Hatake.

Sakura has fair skin, green eyes, and long, pink hair. Sakura wears a red qipao dress at various times either with or without short sleeves with slits along the sides accompanied by a zipper and white circular designs. She also wears tight dark green bike shorts with a shuriken holster around her right thigh, blue sandals, and the standard Konoha forehead protector worn as a hairband.

Satsuki has porcelain skin, dark onyx eyes, and long spiky hair that reached her back. The Uchiha wore a white shirt and a black skirt. Under her skirt is the normal black kunoichi biker shorts. a shuriken holster around her right thigh, blue sandals, and the standard Konoha forehead protector worn as a hairband.

Kakashi Hatake has spiky silver hair often oriented to his left-side, dark Grey eyes, and typically a relaxed, heavy-lidded expression. he covers his left with his forehead protector. This, combined with the mask he has used to cover the lower half of his face for seemingly his entire life, prevents most of his face from being visible. He wears a flak jacket, dark blue pants, and a long-sleeve shirt. He also wears finger-less gloves with metal plates on the backhand and is seen with a chain necklace underneath.

After waiting for 2 hours, he finally heard footsteps coming towards him. He looks up to see the face of Satsuki Uchiha. He always had a crush on her, but never showed it.

"Hey Satsuki, get me down from here!" He loudly yelled. The girl looked at him and threw 2 kunais at the ropes. He was released from the ropes and he fell down. He looked up to the Uchiha heiress and threw himself to her. Satsuki was stunned from this action and let him do it.

'Naruto-kun is hugging me!' She inwardly squealed as she enjoyed the warmth of her blond.

Satsuki had a crush on Naruto for a long time, but hid it behind her persona. He was the only one who didn't treat her like a princess. He didn't care if she was an Uchiha. He tried to befriend her for only friendship. He was a hard-worker. He had lots of potential to become strong. He was able to stand up to the village as a child. He could help her find Itachi to see why he killed the Uchiha. He could also help her restore her clan. He was determined, loyal, kind, and him being good looking was just a bonus. She had seen him with his jacket off and she liked what she saw.

Naruto eventually let go of her with a slight blush "Sorry about that." He apologized. She nodded her head.

"Guess I'll head back to my apartment." He said awkwardly.

"No you won't, I've seen that place and you aren't staying there. You will stay with me at the Uchiha Clan's place." She said with narrowed eyes. He nodded and followed her.

Satsuki took them without being seen by the villagers.

Finally arriving there, they went inside the compound. Satsuki lead Naruto to her house.

"Where will I sleep?" He asked his crush. Satsuki thought about this. She didn't want him to sleep where her dead parents or her big other slept. The only other option was with her. This would also let her be close to him.

"You'll sleep with me." She answered with a smile and a light blush.

Naruto blushed brightly and started stuttering out a "W-W-W-What!?"

"I said you'll be sleeping with me." She said. After dinner, the two finally went to sleep. Naruto put on his pajamas that he got from his house. Satsuki took of her shorts and slept with only her shirt and skirt. They slowly went onto the bed.

(At the middle of the night)

Satsuki felt something poking her stomach and woke up. She looked down to see a tent in Naruto's pajamas. She silently woke him up and pointed at his cock.


"S-Sorry, Satsuki-Chan" He stuttered, not even realizing his affectionate suffix. However, Satsuki did and smiled. She then slowly stroked his cock through his pants. Naruto groans a bit in pleasure and has a blush on his face.

Then Satsuki slowly takes of his pants and underwear, showing his 8 inch cock fully erect. She slowly strokes it.

Naruto keeps on groaning at the feeling. He then feels something wet on his cock. He looks down to see his crush put her mouth over it. The enclosure of Satsuki's mouth made Naruto moan.

She then started humming her mouth with his manhood in her. "Oooooooh! Satsuki-Chan!" moaned Naruto.

Satsuki started bobbing her head back and forth. While she did this she put her two fingers around his shaft and did the same.

This action made Naruto go crazy as he felt something coming out of him. Without hesitating Naruto released himself into Satsuki's mouth. To his surprise, Satsuki swallowed Naruto's cum.

"Mm-mm, that was good" said Satsuki.

Suddenly, Naruto flipped Satsuki and himself over so that he was on top. He took of her shirt and skirt, showing her bare body to him. He saw her D-Cup tits on her chest and her pink pussy that was moist.

Softly crawling to her, he loomed over her, looking deep into her eyes with love and passion. Naruto kissed her neck, enjoying her soft moan that came from those supple lips.

"Oh Naru." She moaned heavily, loving the attention she was being showered with. "I've waited for this for so long." Satsuki admitted with a happy smile and blush.

Looking Satsuki in the eye, gently cupping her cheeks, Naruto gave her a warm smile. "I will always care for you. You have a place in my heart that can't be replaced." He reassured with a soft tone.

Searching his eyes, she saw he was telling the truth. Nodding silently, she gave him a lingering kiss. "Then," Leaning down, she spread herself, showing him her pussy lips.

"Make me yours forever." Satsuki pleaded.

Carefully placing himself between her spread legs, he held her hands. "I will." Dipping down, he captured the girl's full lips in a passionate kiss with tongues gently battling one another in a slow dance. As they kissed, Satsuki let her hands roam all over Naruto's strong back before locking in his hair, keeping him close to her lips.

When he felt Satsuki finally letting go and kissing him harder, he reached up and cupped of her sensitive melons, making her moan in his mouth. Taking advantage of the moan, he beat her tongue back, claiming her mouth as his own. He thoroughly enjoyed her taste. Rolling the hard nub between his fingers, before letting her lips go and captured her other bountiful jug in his mouth. The Uchiha girl moaned harder and arched her back up, pushing her tits deeper in his grasp.

"So fucking good. I love having you suck me." Satsuki moaned, enjoying the way he flicked her sensitive nub. "Iya!" Her black eyes widened in shock when she felt the hard meat of his cock brushing against her virgin hole.

Not being able to take it anymore, already soaking wet from his constant sucking, she pushed him back. Naruto, not expecting this, looked at her in shock. His breath was then taken from him when he gazed upon the erotic sight before him. The girl's hair was slick in a thin line of sweat, her chest heaving up and down, making her breasts jiggle, and her lips were parted in a slight moan.

"Naru make love to me. I want you inside me." Giving her a gentle nod, seeing her seriousness, he nestled himself between her uncultivated garden. Gently probing her maidenhood with his rod, both moaned at the pleasure of having their sex connected only a little.

Looking up one last time, he saw Satsuki giving him one last nod. Returning it, he gently lined himself up before pushing his twitching rod into her wet, hot, cunt. The feeling of Naruto's member slowly making its way to hymen was sending shiver up and down her spine. Her black eyes widened when she felt him hit her maidenhood.

"K-K-Keep going. Break through it." Satsuki pleaded, holding him close. Grunting a little, he jammed his rod against her wall, breaking through the wall. The warm liquid that was her blood spilled from her lady parts, coating him in blood mixed with female juice. Her eyes widened in a mixture of pleasure and overwhelming pain of having this new intruder inside of her. 'I-I-It-It's so big this-this is Naru-kun's cock.' Satsuki teared up.

Seeing the woman cry, he gently wiped her tears away with light kisses. This eased her pain a little, making her coo in pleasure as his lips sent searing pleasure up and down her loins. Naruto could feel Satsuki's inner walls drench his heat-stick he was so deep inside her. Naruto had to bite his lip to stop himself from ejaculating the moment he broke through. He could feel all of her from his pulsing rod, all her pussy muscles constricting against him.

After taking a few minutes to get use to the pleasure stick that she was sure ruined her for other men, not like she wanted anyone else doing this with her, Satsuki spoke.

"N-Naru you can move now. Please make love to me. Reshape me to only hold you." She pleaded. Giving a single nod, he began to slowly pull himself out of her tight cunt walls.

Satsuki found herself missing the pleasing heat of the prick slowly moving its way out of her. When he was just about to leave her hole, he jammed right back in, burying himself hilt deep inside the warm garden. Her eyes widened in shock, pain, and pleasure that racked itself through her entire being.

Naruto watched with wide eyes as Satsuki's entire body quaked underneath him. Her pussy walls closing tightly around his prick, milking it for the seed. Letting out a loud growl, he let his seed fly straight into the woman's tightening hole.

"S-Satsuki-Chan!" Naruto growled out in deep bliss. Not being able to control himself, he let lust take over his movements. Satsuki shook under the blonde who began to thrust into her flooded pussy walls.

Thrusting her hips up, she let out a silent scream as his prick hit her core harder than before. Her black eyes widened in pleasure of being pierced by a man. Satsuki was sure she couldn't live without Naruto's cock from now on.

"So good~!" Satsuki moaned throatily as she felt her world explode in pleasure with each and every hump. "Keep going, Naru! I love your cock!" She begged, bringing him closer so her hot breath was hitting his lips.

Easily complying, Naruto pulled out until only the tip was left in, before slamming back, pushing Satsuki deeper into the mattress. "Fuck!" Naruto growled out, thoroughly enjoying the newly concurred pussy's tight grip along his shaft. Grabbing her hips tighter, he rolled them over so she was now atop him. "Bounce on my cock! I want to see those juicy tits flail as I fuck you!" He demanded with a grin.

'Shit! It's so hot!' Satsuki moaned, almost cumming from his demanding tone. Slowly bringing herself up, she slammed herself back on his cock, moaning as her tits jumped up and down. A sultry smirk graced her ecstasy covered face when she saw Naruto's eyes firmly planted on her jiggling melons. "Touch them~!" She sang out, drunk on the pole she was riding with all her might.

"Play with your personal tits! Claim me as your own!" She begged.

Leaning up with a hungry grin, his lips and tongue met her left nub and sucked on it like a wild animal. Now sitting in this position, he thrusted up, messing with the rhythm.

Satsuki picked herself up and slammed herself back down on the pleasure stick violently, producing a loud clap when their soaked flesh connected. Her delicate hands wrapped themselves around his head, keeping his suckling mouth firmly on her, the room was filled with loud shout of pleasure. The bed creaked and groaned under the powerful pace the lover's had.

After lavishing her tit with his mouth while tweaking and pulling the other sweaty jug, he let his hand that rested on her delectable hips search around. Reaching her ass, Naruto's hand admired the plump flesh that was like the rest of her; taught and firm. It was an ass meant for an adult woman.

Satsuki's eyes widened in shock when she felt Naruto's right hand slap her ass. "N-Naru~!" She moaned hotly, loosening her grip over his hair. Her cunt walls tightened against his thundering shaft, making him groan under the pressure. The girl's mouth soon shoot open, her eyes rolling to the back of her head, when the blonde inserted two fingers in her unused rose-bud.

After a few more punishing thrusts, Satsuki's head flew back and she let out an ear-piercing shriek that many of the villagers heard. Naruto had hit two of her hot spots on her melons and a particular pleasing spot in her ass she never knew was there. It resulted in coating Naruto's power rod in female juice, making it easier for Naruto to get deeper into the hole. Her entire body shook in pleasing bliss as she fell limp against the love of her life, who was still pumping himself in and out.

A smaller orgasm racked through her system when she felt Naruto's semen explode dep into her tight hot walls. Face set in a snarl, Naruto let out a pleased growl as he shot ropes and ropes of cum inside Satsuki's cunt-sleeve.

Seeing Satsuki a little dazed, Naruto switched places. Now having her under him, Naruto sent his piston of a cock in and out of her walls. The Uchiha girl's legs wrapped themselves around his hips, as he pumped in and out of his third lover. Cumming hadn't diminished his thrusts at all.

He just couldn't get enough of fucking her pussy until she were screaming for him to stop. The feeling of Satsuki's walls milking his tower for its cum was addicting. The moaning and shaking woman under him was more than tight enough, tighter than her mother's cunt by a little, and her delectable heat and wetness was intoxicating pleasing for the youth.

'So good~! Brain turning to mush~!' Satsuki thought drunkenly. She had never thought having sex would be this amazing and it was all the more pleasing to know that Naruto was the one making love to her.

Looking down at her, Naruto's lustful blue eyes stared at those kissable pink lips set in a constant moan. Licking his lips, Naruto captured Satsuki in a passionate kiss that she soon reciprocated.

The loves stayed like this for endless minutes. Naruto pistoning his cock harder and harder into Satsuki's accustoming cunt lips, sloppily kissing with their drool spilling from the side, and Naruto's firm hands grabbing and playing with her milk melons.

Opening their eyes, they looked deep into each other s eyes as their pleasure organs began to twitch. Naruto's cock twitched heavily along the moaning black haired girls rippling cunt and Satsuki's cunt walls continued to tighten and massage his shaft with what knowledge she had of pleasing a man during sex.

Slender nails dug into Naruto's back, making him growl in pain mixed with pleasure, before humping harder and harder getting as deep as possible inside the girl's cunt. A few more powerful pumps later, he finally breached her cervix and into her womb. Feeling the constricting heat and tightness of it on his sensitive head, he finally let everything he had been holding go.

Satsuki squealed like a bitch in heat when she felt the hot sticky cum of Naruto's seed pour into her most precious place. Her entire body shook in rapture as she had the greatest climax of her entire life. She was sure she saw God just before her eyes rolled to the back of her head, white and black filling her vision, before she passed out, twitching all the while.

Leaving the kiss, panting with saliva connecting their lips.

"Goodnight, my hime." Naruto whispered in her ear. Then he also went to sleep.

(Lemon End)