My Heart My Home - By Darlin

Summary - Wolverine's come back from yet another attempt to find out about his past but this time he has some clues. Storm along with Nightcrawler and Xavier, tag along but things aren't always what they seem. Logan and Ororo may find more than they bargained for including the true meaning of love.

Disclaimer – Of course I don't own or make any profit from writing about the X-Men who all belong to Marvel Comics. It's just a fun hobby.

Chapter One - Back Again

"My X-Men, please meet me in the Ready Room as soon as you can," Charles Xavier's telepathic voice spoke gently within the minds of the few remaining X-Men's minds all at once.

Jean and Ororo looked at each other wondering what was going on as they got up from their lounge chairs on the veranda and started for the ready room.

"Vas up?"

The women held their breath as the smell of brimstone settled around Kurt who had appeared out of nowhere.

"The professor just asked us to meet him in the Ready Room," Jean answered.

"Ja, me too."

"He didn't sound as if it was an emergency at least," Ororo offered.

"Still unusual, nein?" Kurt asked just as they reached the Ready Room.

"Oh no," Jean muttered as Scott opened the door and she saw Logan standing behind him as if he was ready to leave yet again.

"Logan, you're back! So great . . .!" Kurt caught himself speaking German and hurriedly switched to English for all to understand. "It's so great to have you back!" He slapped Logan on the back, obviously pleased to see his friend.

"Hey, Elf, what's up?"

"Not much but mein freund, how are you? Did you discover anything?"

"Yeah, loads."

"Is this why we were summoned?" Jean asked.

"Yes, Jean," Charles said. "Scott please close the door behind you if you're leaving."

Scott turned silently and stared at the professor. He shut the door but remained in the room. Jean glanced from Scott to Logan and wished for a moment that Logan hadn't returned.

"I don't think Wolverine's business concerns me," Scott said frankly.

"Scott, are we all not family here?"

Scott remained silent.

"Scott, honey, it's okay," Jean whispered through the unique telepathic link they shared. She slipped her hand into his and squeezed it gently.

"Whatever," Scott muttered as he pulled his hand away from Jean's and crossed his arms firmly over his chest.

"Logan, it's good to see you," Ororo smiled brightly and offered him her hand.

"Yeah, same here," Logan grinned back at her. He took her hand and noted the softness of her skin.

"So Logan, what's going on this time?" Scott demanded.

Logan released Ororo's hand very slowly then he turned to look at Scott. "Why don't you just ask Chuck?"

"His name is Professor Xavier."

"Well actually my name is Charles Xavier which you well know, Scott but I don't mind if Logan wishes to call me Chuck. I do let my friends call me that sometimes," Charles said with a twinkle in his eye.

"Is everything alright, Logan?" Ororo asked, her hand resting on Logan's arm.

Logan looked at the slender brown hand and then his eyes trailed up to Ororo's face. He saw she was sincere in her concern for him and it made him pause.

"Logan has discovered that he lived in Japan for some time. He will be leaving for Japan this week and I thought I would accompany him. I called this meeting because I wondered if any of you would care to join us in this expedition, after all school is out for another month."

No one said anything for awhile. Jean and Scott glanced at each other then quickly looked away. Kurt was murmuring thoughtful to himself and Ororo smiled as she looked at everyone in the room.

"If you wouldn't mind the company, Logan, I'd like to go," she said.

"And I vill too, mein freund," Kurt volunteered.

"Wonderful," Charles said with a smile. "We leave in two days."

"Professor, I don't think that's wise," Scott stated flatly. "Following Wolverine on a wild goose chase is risky at best and Logan should've known better than to ask you to go with him!"

"I've had about enough of your crap, bub!" Logan roared.

"Excuse me, Logan," the professor put a hand up to silence him. "Scott, I actually have a conference to attend in Japan next week or did you forget? I thought that I might be able to use my contacts to help Logan in his search so it was my suggestion. Now I won't be in the field in a combat situation and with Ororo and Kurt coming along I should be perfectly safe. Let's not forget that I have some skills of my own."

Scott starred, as the professor laughed at his own wit in an obvious attempt to keep things light.

"I still want it noted that I disagree, Professor."

"Noted then but, Scott don't worry-I'll be fine. And now if you'll excuse me I have some reservations to make. Thank you all for coming."

Scott stepped aside to let the ladies and Kurt pass as everyone started to meander out behind the professor. However, when Logan started to pass him, giving him a feral look, Scott grabbed Logan's arm and swung him around.

"If anything happens to him you're a dead man," Scott spat out.

Logan yanked his arm away his claws already extended. "You wanna dance, boy? Huh?"

"Wolverine! Cyclops!" The professor, half way down the hall, was yelling in their heads. "That will be enough!"

Logan realized that the professor wasn't above using his exceptional telepathic skills to curb a brawl between the two men as he could feel the professor's telepathy forcing him to sheath his claws. Scott, feeling somewhat guilty, didn't resist as the Professor persuaded him to pull his hand down from the controls on his visor.

"Boys!" Ororo stepped between them and slipped her arm through Logan's. "Or should I say 'men'? Please behave!"

Logan's deep growl could be heard by everyone in the hallway but Ororo simply ignored it and led him out of the room.

" Sag mal, ist sie verrückt?" Kurt asked without thinking but no one paid any attention to him.

Jean had no idea what Kurt had said but she was actually wondering the same thing, was Ororo crazy? Or was something else going on?

A few German Definitions per the help of reviewers & an online translator

Ja – yes

nein - no

mein freund – my friend

Sag mal, ist sie verrückt – Is she crazy?