The First Don In Liberty
Chapter 4 - Blood Runs Thicker Than Water

The attack on Salvatore's home hit the entire organisation hard, everyone was astounded. Not only were two innocents killed but a score of Salvatore's top bodyguards. For the next couple of months Salvatore hid away in his home, only Tony and Frederico would visit. In their numerous private meetings they'd established two things about the hit; it was done by the Triads and by someone on the inside. Tony remembered back to the weeks before the incident and to seeing Chinese keeping surveillance of the Saint Marks area. Some of the bodyguards that were slain also showed no sign of struggle meaning they knew their killer and weren't expecting an attack. This enraged Salvatore, not only were citizens off the street becoming informers but some bastard he'd trained and nurtured had killed his family. An infamita!

It was another of the Don's meetings, Tony and Frederico would have their work cut out for them, both were assigned with questioning everyone in their regime for any clues. "I want everyone on our payroll questioned, it's someone we know" Salvatore commanded. "All we know is that the bastard was in a grey kuruma and that he lost our men by the docks near Chinatown." It had took all of Frederico's effort to mask his shock at that disclosure. Sonny! He remembered spotting his brother stepping out a grey kuruma while on a stakeout on Staunton Island that very night. It all made sense, Sonny must have lost his tail by Portland bridge then sped over to the city. Frederico wasn't the only one who saw Sonny in the car though, a hood of his called Antonio was on that stakeout with him. Damn. He needed to get to Antonio before anyone else and shut him up then get to Sonny to sort this god-awful mess out! He felt himself panicking.

Antonio had been with the Leones for about a year and had impressed Frederico. He rose from being his driver to being the right hand in his regime. It was his merciless manner and the swift dealing of a fellow hood-turned-informer that had impressed Frederico. He'd heard about the attack on the Don's family and it sickened him, the people targeted were innocents. He lay on his bed smoking idly, he started his patrol in a couple of hours at dusk. KNOCK...KNOCK He shot up. Who the hell could that be? Only Frederico knew where he lived. "Come on kid, I don't have all day!" the voice boomed. It was Frederico. Antonio relaxed and staggered to the door while fumbling with a cigarette, he was that busy trying to the light the thing that he never noticed the silenced pistol Frederico was pointing at him.

With the money Sonny was paid for his job at the Leone mansion, he'd purchased Marcos Bistro along with his brother. It was a secret that the Don didn't yet know. It was a family thing and would be used to help him and his other Forellis. They were all flying through from neighbouring Carson City to settle in Liberty. Fredo had approached him about a month after his hit for the Triads and told him he knew it was him. Luckily his brother had covered it up by whacking a hood of his. At the time he wasn't sure how Fredo would react, he and the Don seemed to be more like brothers than they were but Fredo had simply replied, "Blood runs thicker than water." With the Don now weakened and a small foothold in the middle of his territory Sonny began planning the forming of his only family, the Forreli mafia. All it would take is a bit of persuasion and Fredo would leave the Don high and dry with just one caporegime. Sonny didn't think highly of Tony Cipriani, they'd been business partners because Tony was just muscle and he'd manage to call all the shots. With just Tony by his side the Don would be a pushover.

While Sonny was plotting his mutiny, Salvatore was busy investigating. News got to him about Antonio's death, quite a loss. Frederico was in such high praise of the boy, and would tell him about his success on his operations. He also told Salavtore that Antonio was valued that greatly he'd been stationed somewhere only Frederico knew. Jesus! Salvatore began to run that idea through his mind, if only Frederico knew where he was, how the hell had he been whacked? Why had Frederico whacked his right hand man? He didn't yet know the answer and wasn't sure if he wanted to know the answer.