That, and at lunch time, they clearly know each other since they were chatting amiably?!

'So what did your cheapskate mind come up with this time?'

'Oh, a lot! That river near my house is a treasure trove of fish I can make a lot for tonight too!'

'Oh really? But don't you still have that supply from last year?'

'I do but I'm saving them for just in cases. Oh yeah, Itachi-san said that I should come over tonight for some reason...'

'Oh, that? He says he's going out on many S-Ranks so I shouldn't be alone in the house. I guess he asked you to keep me company until he gets back.'

'Oh, OK.'

While they were talking, the other girls seethed.

'Who IS she?!'

'Why is she overly familiar with Sasuke-kun?!'

'He's talking to her, why not me?!'

'What does she have that I don't?!'

Were such thoughts. However, they cannot act on being 'offended' that the school hottie paid attention to the new girl and didn't even look at them because discipline in school was strict. Any misdemeanor warranted a 'chat' with the Disciplinarian!

The only way to make Sasuke notice them, is through their schoolwork!

Too bad for these girls that these two...were ANBU-trained...while everyone else was just starting out the basics.

Naruko and Sasuke are already physically drilled and grilled, and knowing the basic punches and kicks, as well as knowing chakra training...and the many releases they could study.

Sasuke chose the family arts, and Naruko chose Yin-Yang release out of interest because of being able to create something from other words, bringing imagination to life. She found it interesting.

The weeks...months...went by.

While Sasuke and Naruko are physically ahead along with chakra, they were the same with their peers at everything else, forcing them to work harder alongside their classmates.

However, being physically-trained by ANBU instead of school standards wherein during 'Civilian Academics' had arduous them ahead in class.





Disguise and Impersonation.

Concealment and Escape.



Chakra Training.

Academy Ninjutsu.

Anti-Genjutsu Training.


Tools and Tools Usage.

Simulation Exercises.

Combat Exercises.


Survival Training.

Medical Field Training.

All that, in two years flat...along with a special but DREADED course...

And now, Final Exams came...

The best students were selected based on the two year training results.

The Hokage looked at a sheepish Iruka. The man looked very sleepless. 'You look like you need coffee and sleep, Iruka-kun.'

'Since we changed the curriculum and fixed the Academy, it got real hard to put who with who in a three-man team I really haven't gotten much sleep...but it's for the best anyway since compared to my time in the Academy, the girls aren't as annoying when it comes to boys I just wish it happened sooner.' he said. 'Coulda spared my poor ears from their loud squealing.'

The Hokage snorted. 'This is this and that is that. But are these teams your final answer?' he asked, looking at the separate numbered folders containing information about its members.


'Mm. I'll look into it as well before Monday begins. You'd know by then if there are any changes.'

'Hai. Well then...' the man fell backwards...snoring.

'...somebody take him home. He really lost sleep just forming teams. Yare yare.'