In Hank's house...

"What are you doing, Hank?" Connor asked, looking confused.

"What do you think? I'm trying to hypnotize you," Hank responds, being the one to swing a pocket watch in front of his eyes. "You are now getting sleepy," he said with a monotone.

"No, I'm not getting sleepy with the watch swinging in front of my eyes," the android said.

"Fuck, it figures..." the human muttered. He knew that hypnosis wouldn't work on an android like Connor. "So much for android hypno."

"If you're upset, let me try using hypnosis on you," Connor suggested.

"Do you even know how that works?" Hank asked the obvious question.

"I may not understand what causes humans to follow instructions through suggestion, but I would like to see it happen myself."

"Fine, you can hypnotize me, but don't try any bullshit suggestions on me. Try something useful like my ass being stuck on the couch or something."

"Sure thing, Hank."

As he swings the watch in front of his partner's eyes, Connor is amazed by how Hank is being susceptible to hypnosis. It seems that using hypnosis through the old fashioned method didn't work on androids like him. At least he can experience what it's like to get hypnotized.

The first suggestion he tries is the first one his partner suggesting; leaving his butt stuck on the couch. As Hank tries to stand up, he couldn't. Connor couldn't help but laugh at this. Of course, being able to feel laughter for the first time is one of the best experiences he could have as a deviant. The next suggestion is having him act like a dog. Even Sumo looked puzzled on what his owner is doing, but Connor senses the amusement in him. Lastly, he has him try balancing an apple on his head while walking around the house. All the while, the object is still on his head.

After snapping Hank out of hypnosis, Connor would at least feel what hypnosis is like on humans.

Author's Note: What do you think? Just a hilarious hypnosis story.