The struggle is getting intensified 10 fold as the battle rages on. The ghost king blasts danny with all he got, knocking a hole in his suit leaving the energy drain going into overdrive as danny keeps on pushing his powers and abilities. Danny made fifteen duplicates just to confused the ghost king as each of the duplicates blast the ghost king with their ghost blasts, as each of the duplicates ghost blasts hits it knocks the ghost king closer to his coffin. Pariah Dark starts to grow angry as this half ghost seems to be able to hold his own against him, Pariah summons a large army of his servants to attack the ghost boy the ghost king puts down his mace and unsheathed his sword. As his sword started to glow he started to duplicate three times, each of the duplicates started to cut in half the duplicated Danny's, Danny started to feel the pain as they were cut down adding to his stress. Under such danger Danny started to unleash a ghostly wail the power knocked the ghost kings crown off and sent him into his coffin. The allies of danny arrived a bit to late as they saw him down on the ground gasping for air. Sam and Tucker parked the vehicle quickly while the ghosts that was heading over to help danny closed the coffin while vlad locks it up once and for all. Sam ran towards Danny as he was having an hard time breathing and moving, "guess i saved us all didn't I" he said, "yes you did Danny, don't talk you need to keep your strength". Danny shut his eyes for a while as vlad checked his pulse, "dear children we need to get him back to his parents his pulse is very weak".

Danny wakes up in his room as his family and friends looking at him with tears in their eyes as they all hugged him. "Welcome back" they all said. Danny went on his life as usual, fighting an evil version of himself, vlad became mayor and a giant asteroid was heading towards amity park and he revealed his secret to the whole world he was finally at peace no more struggles and he finally kissed sam and told her how he felt. He arrived at a greeting place that said welcome new spirits. Danny walked up to the booth in the middle of the welcome center, "where am i, what is this place?" he said, "this is the ghost zone every new inhabinate comes here we put a happy image in your head when you are passing just so it will be easier for you to let go of your old life, some ghosts are not that lucky and they cause trouble in the living world because some parts of their old life keeps drawing them there, some of use don't even know our true names over the years of being forgotten so we have a name chosen for us by our actions. I was waiting for you anyway you were rather famous around here when you were alive.". The attendant asked danny to move towards the door as they open as he saw the entire ghost zone cheer for him.

In the human world.

Sams pov

It has been two hours since we brought danny back, his parents, his sister, vlad, tucker and me have been by his bed waiting for him to wake up. Maddie hooked him up to check his pulse its getting weaker by the minute. Danny starts twitch and asking for me. I rush towards his bed with tears in my eyes. "Sam i love you i want you to know that." as i was about to say the same he kisses me and he dead on my lips.