Hello everyone, I've been thinking about making a despicable me story combining with the TMNT 2012 mutant apocalypse episodes. But I still need some help with the characters attires.

I've already been working on the attire for Agnes.

Agnes: a metal mask in the shape of half a star. It covers almost her whole face.

But I still need help with the rest of her apocalypse clothes. She including the other characters could really use some special apocalypse clothes and gear. Here are the rules for it.

1: Margo's clothes must be almost entirely black.

2: each character is gonna be 3-4 years older.

3: their personality's must not change too much.

4: Avery must be alone with Margo at the begining of the story.

There you have it! If you wanna help me with their clothes and gear for the story, make sure to follow those rules.