Hi! So here is the next part of Shadow's adventures!
This is going to be difficult to read without having read at least 3.0 before, be warned!
Because Shadow didn't die, and as such is already powerful, not to mention Yuusuke's very different comportment compared to Kagome, things are of course going to be different.
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"Heading back home right away again?"
Souta smiled helplessly at the question "You know how it is..." he shrugged helplessly "I've got to go to cram school..."
"It's not as if you really need it!" his friend pointed out "You're top of our grade like always." a small frown "You've really become way too serious ever since your sister went and got married directly out of high school!"
The adolescent shrugged once more – there wasn't a way to make his friend understand the situation, he knew that much...

"But still...Marrying the youngest Taishou brother, going to Mahoutokoro did her some good!"
He smiled blankly at the admiring comment – to tell the true, he had problems realizing it himself sometimes, that his sister had gone and married InuYasha, tying their family with the House of Moon, which explained why Sesshoumaru himself had looked after the shrine ever since...
Ever since his sister and the inu daiyoukai's brother had disappeared, centuries ago.

But that wasn't something that could be told to just anyone, so to the regular world, it was only said that Kagome had gone and married InuYasha just after high school, and that the two had gone abroad to help with charity work.
Not a word about the great adventures both had in the past, gathering back the Shikon no Tama and battling the powerful but evil hanyou Naraku, not a word about how InuYasha had become the first hanyou to rise through the ranks of a great House on his own merit, not a word on how Kagome had become a powerful miko loved by all, capable to heal even the worst wounds and sicknesses...

After all, people nowadays had forgotten all about the days when it was normal to see youkai walking among humans, about the days when miko and houshi were true pillars of power rather than forgotten spiritual guides, and wizards and witches could still sell their craft to whomever they wanted without problems.
But things weren't so anymore – and Souta knew that his friends wouldn't understand his need to study and become a powerful priest, to become a hunter and protect the unsuspecting, then eventually, replace his grand-father in the shrine, maintaining the centuries old wards that protected all of the hidden supernatural of Tokyo.

This was why he'd started to attend Mahoutokoro at twelve, just after his sister had gone back through the well for the last time – among the youngest of his grade, but there too at the top of the students, be it in the theoretical work or more practical courses.
The first months after Kagome's departure had been the hardest – which was why he'd thrown himself into his studies, making his mother and grand-father worry about him. But the first semester into his studies in the Holy Servant Main Course had been enough to make him realize that Tsukiko wasn't as complacent as he'd though, and really was looking for his sister and her own uncle – he'd simply not know enough about the inner workings of reiki and youki, of the supernatural side of the world, to understand...

He'd felt guilty, for lashing out and accusing his family and the young ookami who'd been by his sister's side ever since he could remember it to have forgotten about Kagome. He'd been easily forgiven by the hime with a smile and a pat on the back, making him, perhaps, feel even worse about his own stupidity...

He smiled at the familiar voice, thankful for the interruption – his friends weren't bad people, but with how much he was hiding from them, he'd found himself drifting apart from them without meaning too, and hearing them go on about a situation they knew nothing about could be tiresome after a while, even if he knew they didn't mean to annoy him.
"No Tsuki-chan?" he asked the violet-eyed boy
"Nope, she's on the continent for work. I was sent to pick you up for training!"

Souta nodded and followed the other after waving goodbye to his friends – soon they'd reached an inconspicuous looking door and left behind Tokyo's modern clamor to enter the more ancient looking magical district, brimming like always with activity.
With a shimmer, black hair receded to white, rounded ears became pointed as Hakudoushi let the glamour making him appear human fall.

"Alpha-chan organized a special training week-end for us, so I was able to get out of Mahoutokoro!" the young daiyoukai explained cheerfully – he was in his fifth year of attending the decade long Youkai Primary Study Circle, and already eager to get out of the large school to follow his alpha on hunts around the world
"Great!" Souta smiled enthusiastically "So what are we doing?"
"We're meeting up with Ryo-dono's pack, they're doing a routine sweep through the city."

Soon, human and daiyoukai had reached the House of Leaf entrance, where a lean red kitsune was already waiting for them, nine tails waving lazily in the wind with a second kitsune – a cheery female of brighter red fur sporting five tails this time – and a grumpy looking yama neko hanyou, sporting a tail too "Just on time." the elder son of the House of Leaf commented, greeting them with a nod
"Long time no see, Ayame-chan, Shinobu-kun, Ryo-dono. How was the fair in the Forbidden City?"

They laughed at the frustrated cry that was all the answer the kitsune gave, while his cousin had trouble containing her mirth "Elder Long bugged him all three days of the fair, it was hilarious!" she explained "I'd heard about their interactions, but seeing it is way better!"
"He's the only youkai I've ever met who complains about being a dragon's treasure..." Shinobu added with a put out sigh at his alpha's comportment
Soon the pack plus two was out of the magical district, glamour once more in place for all youkai, Souta and Hakudoushi added to a hunting party thanks to Chaos Game "We'll let you take care of the small fries," Ryo announced

Hakudoushi and Souta shared an excited look – while Hakudoushi had been present five hundred years in the past when Naraku had been defeated he hadn't participated a lot in the fights, still coming to terms with his own existence, and Souta had until now been deemed too young to fight.
But now, the young houshi in training was fourteen, just a year younger than his sister had been when she'd fallen to the past, and had, contrarily to the miko, two years of training with his powers under his belt, while Hakudoushi himself had grown tremendously as a person ever since he'd came to the future. And now, both were deemed responsible enough, and sure enough about their choices that finally, they had been declared good enough to not only shadow but also help the hunters patrolling Tokyo on a daily basis to hunt the corrupted beings that were inevitably more numerous in the large city that the countryside...

Two grueling days later, Hakudoushi was back to Mahoutokoro and Souta to his own middle-school.
"Rough week-end?"
The young houshi could only groan while dropping his head to his desk at the sympathetic question – while his friends didn't know what he was truly doing, they'd deduced that the martial training the boy was following along his formation to take over the family shrine must be grueling – something that wasn't completely false anyway...

Of course that was a better explanation than the fact the boy was exhausted after two days of hunting the abnormally high number of small corrupted beings in the city, something the latest reports had been pointing out regularly in the magical districts. He glanced at the bracelet around his wrist looking like a simple rank of praying beads – that was truly a simple sealing charm to keep his spiritual powers from being sensed out, something every young magical was encouraged to wear until they'd learned to do it themselves, as with the increasing attack they were all prime targets...
It was as he was heading back home that it happened – a spark of reiki fluttering, then a loud crashing sound, and suddenly, there was a small boy crying by the side of the road, and a body in the middle of it, already dead.

More importantly – there was the spirit of the just deceased adolescent that had saved the boy looking at the ensuing panic, non-plused.
He was about to go and inform the newly departed about his situation when he was beaten to it by a girl with long blue hair and purple eyes, floating on a pram and giving of a clear unearthly feel.
"Bingo, you're dead!" the girl confirmed to the disembodied soul that had just come to the only logical conclusion "I'm Botan, the gate-crosser! You can say I'm what Eastern cultures refers to as a Grimm Reaper!" she announced cheerfully – making Souta pause

From what he knew about the soul transit, shinigami were supposed to guide departed souls – except that ever since the Great Disappearance during which his sister had disappeared, among with lots of youkai and other supernatural beings, the traffic had become complicated around Japan, lots of souls disappearing before reaching the Other World, only to be found reincarnated in the country far too soon, or not according to the usual rules of reincarnation.
Something that made Tsukiko quite mad, now that he thought about it – not that he knew why...


"Urameshi Yuusuke, age fourteen, has a violent character, is brash, impatient, and very naïve, not to mention stupid!" the non-human girl read out of a small notebook "Lazy, likes to use others, smokes, drinks, gambles... and a whole list of other problems way too long to read through..." she eyed him with a cheerful smile "Looks like you're better dead than alive to me!"
"Bah!" he muttered, visibly rather used to harsh judgment about him "Say... How's the kid doing?"
"You're worried?" Botan asked, surprised, before quickly suggesting "Wanna go and check on him?"
Souta followed from afar as the grimm-reaper and dead soul flew toward the nearest hospital, rather thankful for his accurate knowledge of the city – as he managed to arrive just a few moments after them, texting at the same time. Something fishy was going on, and he just knew that Tsukiko would want to know about it.

"Uh, so he's safe and sound." the delinquent nodded, satisfied "Well, I've got nothing on my mind! Botan, was it? I'm ready, take me to heaven or hell, I don't really care!"
A giggle.
"What's so funny?" the unamused dead soul asked, ticked off by the far too cheerful grimm-reaper
"We"ll, truth is, I've not been sent to make you cross over!" she announced "I'm here to offer you a chance at a revival test!"

Souta was rather happy that the dead delinquent had been so loud – as it masked his own surprised reaction.
"See, your death was unexpected by the Reikai, the Spirit World." she explained with a shrug "Nobody believed you'd sacrifice yourself to save a kid given your personality. So currently, there's no place for you, be it in heaven or hell."
A hand on his shoulder made Souta glance, and he realized that a familiar face had arrived while he was focused on the exchange – and from the way he could see the triple rank of praying beads crackling with energy, he could guess that the just arrived hime wasn't happy about the situation...

She nodded as he explained rapidly what had been going on, smiling "You've done good, this is the first time I've managed to see one of those grimm-reaper..." her eyes were gleaming a deep emerald green as she said that, and he just knew he'd stepped on something big "After all, whomever is leading them, he's learned to hide himself very well since the last time I put some order to hell..."
Her feral smile made Souta shudder – it was at times like these that he remembered that youkai, especially powerful daiyoukai like the Moon Hime was were completely different from humans, with instincts far wilder.

"I'm not interested." Yuusuke finally interrupted the grimm-reaper that was explaining how rare such a chance was
"What? But if you don't revive you're doomed to become a wandering ghoul!" the blue-haired girl protested
"I'd rather be a wandering ghoul." a shrug "I'm sure people are rejoicing about my death right now, and my mum is only twenty-nine year old. She might even find a good man without me around!"
"Such a dark view of life..." the surprised grimm reaper commented, a bit put out – Souta internally agreeing "Oh well, take a look at your wake, and think it over!" with that, she was gone

Tsukiko(Age 85/Level 218) at the end of chapter 20 of Game On 3.0

Stat/with specialty
Strength 118/118
Agility 146/153
Endurance 138/143
Intelligence 106/106
Wisdom 135/135
Charisma 109/109
Luck 138/150

Tsukiko(Age 88/Level 232) at the end of Epilogue of Game On 3.0

Stat/with specialty
Strength 120/120
Agility 152/159
Endurance 140/145
Intelligence 109/109
Wisdom 144/144
Charisma 111/111
Luck 140/152

Tsukiko(Age 121/Level 302) at the end of intro of Game On 3.1

Stat/with specialty/with restriction level 1/level 2/level 3
Strength 177/177/133/118/59
Agility 252/259/194/173/86
Endurance 188/193/145/129/64
Intelligence 144/156/117/104/52
Wisdom 186/191/143/127/64
Charisma 145/150/113/100/50
Luck 188/200/150/133/67

Yuusuke (Age 14/Level 14)

Stat/with specialty
Strength 60/67
Agility 26/31
Endurance 40/40
Intelligence 34/34
Charisma 19/19