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Something Better Than Forever

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Chapter 1- Meeting The Volturi

I didn't have to look to know who it was; this was a voice I would know anywhere — know, and respond to, whether I was awake or asleep… or even dead, I'd bet. The voice I'd walk through fire for — or, less dramatically, slosh every day through the cold and endless rain for.

-Bella Swan-

Isabella Swan would never forget that moment, heightened as it was by the intoxicating mix of fear and adrenaline that ran through her veins. Her footsteps echoed oddly against the ancient stone floors, the audible thrum of her heartbeat in her ears and the pleasant cool touch of a breeze whispering through the passage. Then Jane opened the largest set of doors she had ever seen and the world simply fell away. No longer did she sense that instinctive urge to flee that had risen in her blood mere moments before, nor the shiver of the unknown that plagued her mind as it created a hundred possibilities as to the contents of the room in which she now stood.

All she saw, was him

Aro Volturi

Ancient, lofty and supremely sure of his position in life he sat upon his throne, the middle of three. She would later notice and gaze upon them all like some dark avenging princes simply waiting to pass judgment with a single flick of the wrist or movement of the head. He radiated power. In that moment Edward Cullen and the vacuum of pain he had left within her chest lifted, totally, from her shoulders like some horrid half forgotten nightmare. Perhaps it was the sound of her soft gasp or the spoken introduction of the vampire called Jane but whatever the reason the world chose that moment to resume normal function.

All she heard was a deep threatening growl

Edward was snarling like some prized fighting dog defending his bone. Backing up far enough that Bella's nose was buried in his shirt, which he had acquired at some point in their walk from the tower. It was the first time in her memory the familiar scent of his cologne didn't spark a familiar ache or bring up a thousand memories best left in the hazy recesses of her mind.

"Ah, young Edward, welcome to Volterra"

Bella, even half hidden as she was, felt no shame in allowing her eyes to slide close. An entirely better way to drink in the sweet cadence of his voice, the caress of his mother tongue apparent even as he addressed them in her own. It made her long to hear epic poems or ballads in the sweet undertones of his voice. Shaking her head she frowned at her treacherous thoughts. It was just as well for at that moment Edward reluctantly stepped away from her.

"Ah, Miss Swan, welcome to you as well my dear."

Swallowing, Bella summoned what was left of her courage and raised her eyes, only to find herself drowning in a pool of crimson, rather like the feeling one gets if drawn to a rather expensive set of rubies in a shop window. In the blink of an eye he was there, standing within inches of her. Washing her senses in an exotic, and undoubtedly, very expensive brand of cologne. His skin was nearly translucent and gazing on him so closely she was forced to clasp her hands together tightly to keep them from reaching up to touch his perfect face. In that moment he was both a dark lure and a deadly temptation.

Struggling as she was for speech, her voice left her lips softer than she imagined.

"Many thanks Aro"

A soft rumbling from behind him prompted the elder to turn, giving Bella a welcome chance to breathe. His crimson gaze fell instead on his brother who sat in an attitude of detached boredom with long elegant pale fingers steepled as if in thought. His gaze shifted once from her to rest on Aro.

"How interesting"

It seemed to Bella an odd comment to make, but being human she merely supposed she had missed something, Indeed it proved to be so, as Aro allowed one elegant brow to raise before addressing his sibling.

"Anything you would care to share brother?"

"Indeed, a short private conference I think brothers"

Jane, as if with some unseen cue appeared at her elbow; as elegant as if she'd walked off the cover of a magazine. She muttered something quietly to Edward who frowned gently, the expression not at all suited for his angelic face, before bending to her ear to whisper two simple words.

"Come Bella"

Once more she found her feet obeying the command, veiled though it was and once again she found herself on the other side of those doors, so finely crafted it seemed a gift from above. This time however some compassion seemed to have been allowed for the mere mortal as plush seats now occupied the place where she'd been standing the first time. Gratefully sinking into one, Bella silently mused that whatever their faults one had to admit the Volturi had excellent taste.

She must have fallen asleep for time seemed to have no hold on this place, no clock beyond the silent tower and nothing to give the time of day beyond the sunlight outside the castle walls. Alice had taken the other seat next to her and was running her pale fingers gently through her tresses of long hair, pillowing her head in her lap as she dozed; her expression one of a tender compassion Bella had often seen on Esme's face.

"You know, you could be happy here Bella, Italy after all has a good deal more sunshine than Washington."

Here, Bella smiled sleepily, drifting on the gentle whims of thought between actual sleep and daydreams. Yes, perhaps she could be happy here. Beautiful city, excellent food, no snow. All considered a plus in her book, then her mind turned to Edward. He would never agree to such a scheme, clinging on to his belief that they were soul mates. Yet as Bella mused, it could NOT be so. Despite her rush to get here and prevent him from exposing their secret and ending his immortal life, she had meant what she said when the chime had gone silent.

"I can let you go"

His response was half muffled in her hair. Now, waiting patiently outside the lair of vampire royalty Bella made a choice, whatever the consequences or cost; she had cried her last tear for Edward Cullen. True, she might still care for him, remember their time together fondly, but the scars simply went too deep and the pain not worth the fight. She needed something more, something beyond what he could promise her.

Something better than just forever.

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